Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2018 | 12:40 am


It’s been 10 years. Wow.

Who would have thought we will come such a long way? I certainly didn’t back then (and well, I mean 10 years ago)!

Thank you for all the memories. The good ones and also the less-than-good ones. Each of them are special, and have helped to shape the club in so many unique ways.

My only wish is for you to remain Resilient, Boundless, Knitted and Dedicated in the years to come.

生日快乐,Happy 10th Birthday.


weareone | Comments Off on Birthday Wishes from the Committee (Phyllis)

15 November 2018 | 12:35 am


Happy Happy Birthday!

Yet another year has passed and now we are into our 10th anniversary. We used to be counting to N years when we were younger but now that we are a decade, some things seem to be different, some words seem to be lacking. Words can’t describe all the ups and downs we have been through but I just wanna say thank you to everyone who were here and are still here ❤️

Let’s just, keep on keeping on. 💪🏼


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15 November 2018 | 12:30 am

Wishing RBKD Happy birthday!

Have a great and fun 10th anniversary celebration.. Let’s celebrate together.

Best Regards
Yee Ling (Singapore)

11th October 2018

Happy 10th Birthday RBKD! Wishing you more great years to come!

Ernie (Singapore)

28th October 2018

Happy birthday ! It’s been a long ride, and I’m thankful for all the things you’ve built me to become

Bihui (Singapore)

29th October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD! We have come a long way and really wish everyone a great and happy celebration. May we have more joyous occasions and memories as one!

Lionel (Singapore)

30th October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary RBKD! Such an important milestone for us, I’m privileged to be part of the journey with you 😊

Weijen (Malaysia)

30th October 2018

Happy 10th Birthday to RBKD!!!
Wa.. 10years is really a long journey and ‘altar’- deserving milestone (by star awards standards)

I wouldn’t say that I missed the voting, but I sure kinda missed the camaraderie times of ‘we are in it together’.
Let’s keep on fighting together 💪🏻
Be it happy times or tough times.

Many more blessed years to come

Ashley (Singapore)

30th October 2018

Indeed it has been a road less travelled, but we have walked in light and truth. Grateful for everyone who’s been a part of the journey at varying points and thankful for the opportunity to celebrate the tenth together. Happy anniversary! Have a blast!

Ming (Singapore)

31st October 2018

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15 November 2018 | 12:25 am

Happy 10th Birthday, RBKD!!! I’m more than proud of everyone for all these years. Thank you for all the hard work and to many more great years ahead!

Phallin (Cambodia)

8th October 2018

Happy 10th Birthday RBKD! Cheers to many more great years ahead!

Yanting (Singapore)

11th October 2018


Enjoyed all the moments. Thanks and happy 10th anniversary!

Angela (Singapore)

14th October 2018

Happy Birthday RBKD! Congrats on turning 10!~

Really proud of how far we have come. May RBKD have many great years ahead. Cheers ^-^

Akane (Singapore)

15th October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD! This is always the day we are waiting for to send in our well wishes. I wish RBKD to have many great years ahead.

Jasmine Lee (Singapore)

15th October 2018

Happy 10 years RBKD!!! Wishing us more years of fun and a growing loving family. Stay strong and conquer the world with a big heart. No words can express how truly grateful I am for this family and for Rui En who keeps inspiring me everyday.

Jochen (Philippines)

17th October 2018

Happy 10th RBKD. I think the fan club has come a long way supporting Rui En through the many highs and lows. Glad to be part of this journey of many more 10s soon.

Stay real!

Eugene Hsu (Singapore)

27th October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD! Thank you for the wonderful memories. May you continue to grow in strength and unity. To many more years ahead!

Lilian (Singapore)

29th October 2018

Dear RBKD,

Happy 10th birthday. It’s been 10 long years of supporting Rui En and thank you for being there through it all. I’ve had a really fun time attending events and bridging activities with everyone. You’ve provided us with a wonderful platform to meet new people and support Rui En together. Looking forward to another 10, 20 and 30 more years!

Eqsha (Singapore)

29th October 2018

Six years with RBKD is a special memory for me. RBKD is not just a fan club, it brings people together.

Happy 10th Anniversary, RBKD!

Keep being a great support for Rui En, and keep the strong unity because we are one!

Sufiana (Batam, Indonesia)

30th October 2018

10 years! What a feat. Although I’ve not been with everyone from the very beginning, the amount of pride is no less. Happy birthday little one! May you continue to prosper and soar to greater heights. #weareone, or should I say ten?

Lixian (Singapore)

30th October 2018


Sherwin (Malaysia)

30th October 2018

weareone | Comments Off on Birthday Wishes from Us! (Ordinary Members)

15 November 2018 | 12:21 am

Life’s a little weird. So when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible, we join up and fall in mutual weirdness. Here’s to more hard work, choices and persistence! Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD.


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15 November 2018 | 12:20 am

Look out for the combined video at 6pm on!

A total of 16 celebrities sent in their warm wishes for RBKD.

weareone | Comments Off on Birthday Wishes from Rui En’s Co-Actors!

15 November 2018 | 12:15 am

Elvin Ng’s Fan Club:

Dearest RBKD,

You’re 10! It’s such a wonderful milestone you guys are hitting and we are so happy for you. It has always been a joy and pleasure to work with you guys and we’re in awe of how much support you all have for Rui En. May there be more 10 years to come! May you always grow from strength to strength!

Sending you much love,

Huang Biren’s Fan Club:

Dearest RBKD,

Best wishes from HBRK, the official fanclub of Huang Biren!! You guys have built this fanclub from scratch, piece by piece and I’m sure it wasn’t easy! HBRK congratulates you, and all the best for all your future endeavours!


Jesseca Liu’s Fan Club:

Happy Birthday RBKD! May Rui En and the fan club attain new heights and have a joyous celebration.

Happy 10th Anniversary! Keep rocking on 🤘🏼!


Paige Chua’s Fan Club:

Dear RBKD,

Congratulations on achieving a milestone! Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes
The Paige Connexion

Pierre Png’s Fan Club:

Dear RBKD,

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary.

It’s been a long journey you have with Rui En on all the ups and downs.
Looking forward for Pierre and Rui En to collaborate again for new dramas.

All the very best to RBKD and stay strong!


Pornsak’s Fan Club:


Happy 10th to all of you!!
It’s been a long but wonderful journey isn’t it? Have lots of fun and stay together as one!

PFC wishes all of you an awesome birthday and to many more 10 years ahead!!
Wishing you the Happiest Anniversary!!

Best Regards,
Yvonne Tan
President of Pornsak Fanclub

Rebecca Lim’s Fan Club:

Dear RBKD,

A very big congrats on turning 10! Continue to spread love and positivity the RBKD way! And cheers to more decades!

The Beckers Team

Romeo Tan’s Fan Club:

In a blink of eye, it’s the 10th year.
Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD!!!

Cheers to your special 10th year and wish that you have a blast celebration filled with love and Joy🎉🎉🎉

The Juliet Club

Ya Hui’s Fan Club:

Zhang Zhen Huan’s Fan Club:

Dear RBKD & Rui En,

Happy anniversary!
It wasn’t easy coming this far.
While you celebrate another fruitful year,
We want you to know, our best wishes & support will always be with you!


weareone | Comments Off on Birthday Wishes from Other Fan Clubs!

15 November 2018 | 12:10 am


丽娜 (Shanghai, China)

1st October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD



二来是 这十周年之前
只是一点 , 就是变得比以前更爱她

这些年来 做为Rangel

一声瑞恩迷 一生瑞恩迷

就只因为我们都爱 瑞恩 💓

Happy 10th Anniversary!
Always Here With Rui En 💜 Muaks! 😘

Lynette Ng (Malaysia)

1st October 2018

RBKD has finally reached its 10th anniversary. In these 10 years, RBKD constantly supports and encourages Rui En, just like Rui En’s strong backing. Whenever (even at low tide), RBKD will still accompany Rui En through various difficulties. RBKD is really great, and it is also the warmest and powerful fan support club.

I am really happy that RBKD can persist until now. I hope and wish RBKD to go on, protect and support Rui En forever. And I will continue to support Rui En like RBKD. I hope that Rui En will always be happy and healthy. Congratulations again on the 10th anniversary of RBKD.

Jaseline Ng (Malaysia)

2nd October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary!! 🎊🎉

Keep going and do the best!!

Will keep on supporting Rui En’s drama 😁

Chong Jia Wen (Sabah, Malaysia)

4th October 2018

Dear RBKD,

You have been an amazing FC supporting En these 10 years. Congrats on your 10th anniversary. Continue being amazing.

Love you guys!!❤

Bernice (Singaporean in Victoria, Melbourne)

4th October 2018

Happy birthday RBKD! 💕 Thanks your updates about Rui En. 😍 Thanks for you doing everything to fans in other countries. 😘 Thanks for this fan group let me know more about my lovely idol. 😘 May God bless Rui En and this fans group. 😇 Thanks. 😊

Yun Jing (Malaysia)

4th October 2018

我爱你瑞恩❤️从你一出道一直到现在 都很喜欢你😍 永远的🌸

So Pei Yun (Malaysia)

4th October 2018

Happy Birthday RBKD ❣️

Chin Yanxin (JB, Malaysia)

4th October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary RBKD. Proud to be Rui En fan 🦄

Eloise Ng Lee Yan (KL, Malaysia)

6th October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD 🎉👏🎉👏🎉👏

Hope RBKD more than 10 years, 20 years, 30 years to forever, thanks you guys being with for Rui En many years. 💖

Yang Yoke Foong (Seremban, Malaysia)

6th October 2018




6th October 2018

RBKD is one of the best if not the best organised fan club of Rui En. Dedicated, enthusiastic and utmost loyalty to her. Rui En is indeed very fortunate to have such a supportive and active fan club all these years. May RBKD continue to grow in years to come.

Yong Pui Fun (Malaysia)

14th October 2018


Lim Jin Ru (Malaysia)

15th October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD! Keep going and look forward for the next decade, together with Rui En!

Joanne Yee (Malaysia)

15th October 2018

Happy Birthday 🎁 ~

Hanakiwa (Malaysia)

27th October 2018

Happy birthday to RBKD and thanks always be with there with our sunshine Rui En, hopefully one day I will be there to celebrate another 10th anniversary together😘😘😘😘

Lee Miao Si (Malaysia)

27th October 2018

生 R 日 B 快 K 乐 D

HeyheyC (Malaysia)

27th October 2018

Congratulations! It’s been a long journey. Thank you for always supporting Rui En. Wish you all the best ! 😍😍😍👍👍👍 祝福你们 💙

Betsy Chong (Malaysia)

27th October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary RBKD.

Eloise Ng Lee Yan (KL, Malaysia)

27th October 2018

Happy birthday RBKD 😍🎊🎉🎊

Lion (Malaysia)

27th October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary to RBKD! Wish Rui En and RBKD can go smoothly in the future! 😍✨🌹

Pei Chee (Malaysia)

27th October 2018

Another year has passed, and here comes the big day. Happy Birthday RBKD. May this fanclub always be filled with lots of love, laughter and happiness. Let’s continue to luff Rui En.😘

Carissa Lai (Malaysia)

28th October 2018

We are RBKD, we will accompany Rui En.

Suyani (Indonesia)

28th October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD!!!

It is not easy to form such a great team for 10 years. Thanks a lots RBKD for always posting the latest news about Rui En in different type of social media. Appreciate all the efforts you guys have put in, especially help to bought the magazine from Singapore for us recently 😍

Lee Kiang (Malaysia)

28th October 2018

Happy Birthday strongggg RBKD :3 lets get strongerrr

Dors Dots (Malaysia)

29th October 2018

Happy 10th Birthday RBKD !! Cheers to many more years !

Patricia (Adelaide, Australia)

29th October 2018

十年走来不容易,期待下一个十年的到来,Best wishes for RBKD and Rui En

Grex Tsen (Malaysia)

30th October 2018



王晓倩 (Shenyang, China)

31st October 2018

Hi Rui En and RBKD, happy 10th anniversary!

Proud to be one of Rui En’s supporters since 2008 😎 Thanks for being a kind and rational fan club who support and respect our idol unconditionally ❤️ I wish RBKD grows stronger and tougher each year. Anticipating for more great productions from Rui En too.

Jie En (Malaysia)

31st October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary🎉🎉

感谢RBKD让很喜欢瑞恩的我可以看到更多更多关于瑞恩的最新消息🎉 很期待瑞恩回归,更加期待她的新戏,阴差阳错❤继续加油,棒棒哒😚😘 10周年快乐,会一直支持🙌

灵敏 (Sarawak, Malaysia)

31st October 2018

Wow! RBKD has finally reached their 10th year anniversary! HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY! Continue to spread love and kindness all around and continue to be one of the best fan clubs in the world!!

Elisa Kueh Yue En (Malaysia)

31st October 2018


Angela Chang (Malacca, Malaysia)

31st October 2018

weareone | Comments Off on Birthday Wishes from You! (Overseas Fans)

15 November 2018 | 12:05 am


Hereby wishing you all a happy 10 year anniversary, wish you all have 10 more years to go. Continuing to support Rui En. Jia you RBKD.

Derrick Cheow

1st October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary, RBKD!

Goh Hui Wen

4th October 2018

I’ve been supporting Rui En since I was six (fell in love with her since 正义武馆)and since then I’ve been trying to find out more about her and what she’s doing, and RBKD really helped a lot, because you consolidate all the other celeb’s posts with her and you give us the latest news about her.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RBKD, WISH YOU A HAPPY TENTH (my birthday is on the same day as RBKD’s) it’s called 缘分 you know THANK YOU RBKD FOR MAKING ME LOVE RUI EN I LOVE YOU AND RUI EN SO MUCH HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope y’all can do more activities with Rui En, cos every posts that pops up on my Instagram from RBKD makes my day

Kai Yooi

4th October 2018

Woohoo! Good job and continuing to keep on the good work Rui En! Thank you RBKD for being a supportive fan club for the past 10 years. Let’s keep supporting Rui En all the way!

Tiffany Er

4th October 2018

Here’s to many more 10 years. May RBKD continue to make a difference & touch others in their own special way. Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD!


4th October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary RBKD!! No matter what happens, I will always back you up and always support you!

Stay the way you are cos I love Rui En only the way she is and the true self! She is a gem and I look forward to seeing her with more shows upcoming. She one of the many actress that not only have looks and have talent in acting, singing. Keep it up and will always support you 瑞恩,我永远支持你当你的默默粉丝

Madeline Goh

4th October 2018

㊗️RBKD 10 周年 快乐!祝贺你们不只是瑞不可挡,而因为爱❤️瑞恩,更加气势如虹!加油加油!

Tye Xuefang Sandra

5th October 2018

Hope RBKD will stay strong and stay and support Rui En Forever!

Bryan Lim Jia Yi

5th October 2018

Wow! Time flies! It has been 10 years since RBKD started? Thank you for accompanying and supporting Rui En all these years To many more 10 years~

Xin Le

6th October 2018

Happy Birthday RBKD


8th October 2018

Dear RBKD & Rui En, on your Anniversary, I’m sending lil sunshine, to sprinkle in your day, reminding you that you’re thought of in a warm & special way! Charge on~~ have fun, enjoy life!

Kai Leng

8th October 2018

Hi Rui En and guys, happy 10th anniversary to RBKD, keep up guys fighting!

Scarlette Ong

13th October 2018

I hope that you can have an enjoyable anniversary! Knowing that you will always support Rui En is the best thing I can wish for

Daniel Wong

16th October 2018

Happy 10th, RBKD! Here’s wishing you a smooth and fruitful journey another 10 years down the road, rooting for Rui En as ONERBKD. ❤️

Li Xuan

16th October 2018



18th October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary! Thank you for always having Rui En’s back and supporting her through thick and thin for the past decade. I really look up to you all for being such a bonded fanclub with admirable spirit and being so enthusiastic in organising as well as participating in all activities. May RBKD enjoy many more years of success!

Angel Foo

22nd October 2018

Happy 10th RBKD! I hope i can join yall one day and support Rui En!

Ng Yi Xuan Audrey

28th October 2018

Wish RBKD a happy anniversary!

Bryan Lim Jia Yi

28th October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary!! May y’all be happier!!!

Han Xing Xiu

29th October 2018

HAPPY 10th Anniversary RBKD ❤️


29th October 2018

Time flies, it’s the 10th year already. Wish all our members and Rui En a Happy Birthday! 10 years does not come easy and it’s great to see the fanclub growing every year! We can see RBKD is united as one as we are not only a fanclub but a family. Let us continue to look forward for many many many many years of celebration to come! 🎉🎊


29th October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary to RBKD and Rui En 😘😘❤

Ng Qiu Ju

31st October 2018


Hope that y’all can continue on forever!!! Let’s continue to support Rui En all the way!!


31st October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary!!


31st October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD, the most united and strong fan club. Wishing you guys best of health.

Bertram Soh

31st October 2018


Happy 10th anniversary!! It always makes me so happy that such a dedicated bunch of people will always have Rui En’s back! I really admire the strong bonds that the club has. RBKD has always been a constant despite all the happenings. 真心谢谢你们❤ 十年 过得真快,我希望 瑞不可挡 可以有更多,更好的十年。

31st October 2018

Thank you RBKD for standing by Rui En for the past 10 years and beyond! Wishing you a Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

You guys have come so far and truly, your dedication to Rui En is awe-inspiring! I supported Rui En since RBKD was established and I am just so heartened to see the unwavering support and how far RBKD has come!

Keep going and keep standing by Rui En! I can’t wait to see how Rui En will continue to shine and how RBKD will keep flourishing and growing Always supporting Rui En and RBKD!

Shi Min

31st October 2018

weareone | Comments Off on Birthday Wishes from You!

15 November 2018 | 12:00 am

10 years is no mean feat.

Like the bricks that maketh the house,
And the sailors who get the ship sailing,
RBKD is about each and every single person,
Whose universe aligned miraculously for us to meet.

From Rui En, to the members, to the fans,
Past and present, now and the future.

It is never a final product,
But always a work in progress.

It is a journey characterised by trust, warmth,
and more so, love.

Not an easy one,
But certainly a worthy one.

To friendship, to camaraderie, to RBKD & to Rui En.

Happy 10th Anniversary.

Loving Rui En Since 2008,
Your RBKD.

weareone | Comments Off on weareone: our tenth chapter

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