Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
17 October 2018 | 01:00 pm

What: Bridging 2018 Sessions

When: March 2018

Where: Function Room

Eugene, Participant:

My RBKD bridging experience could be referred to as a cosy one – there were only 4 of us in that particular session. I thought it was going to be boring. Thankfully, I was wrong. We had more opportunities to interact and understand each other better. That is something that could have been compromised to some extent if the session were to have more participants.

Attending such an activity brought me a step closer to understanding the role of a fanclub. It is not simply a platform to mindlessly cheer for our idol, but also a space where new people gather and forge friendships. It is also the tireless commitment of active members that keeps the club (and Rui En, of course) going (for 10 years already gosh).

You could say that the bridging experience is a first stepping stone to better understanding your roles as a fan of Rui En and a member of RBKD. I am glad I took that first step out that day.

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02 October 2018 | 01:00 pm

What: Bridging 2017 Sessions

When: June 2017

Where: Function Room

Xinyi, Club President:

We decided to scrap Orientation this year to focus on Bridging which consists of a smaller and more intimate group size, allowing us more opportunities to know the fans who are keen to join us.

This was also our new format for Bridging, where we introduced indoor activities instead of the previously outdoor ones. We mix around depending on the suitability of venue available.

Had 3 sessions in total over 2 weekends and the organizers were all brain dead after the sessions. But it was fun while it last as we got to know each other better and The RBKD Sit-down Foosball was obviously a crowd favourite. No less sweat even in an air-conditioned room.

For the committee, it was good to meet so many new people, after receiving hundreds of entries indicating interest to join us, we were glad that we got to meet some of them in person.

Bridging will always be evolving according to RBKD’s needs but the spirit to understand, interact and bond will remain.

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10 February 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: Railway Corridor Trekking

When: 10 January 2016

Where: Bukit Timah

Participants: Allan, Angel, Bi Hui, Edith, Eqsha, Jamie, Jiamin, Rebecca, Shannon, Shu Pei, Vanessa, Xinyi, Yanjun, Yanping, Yeeling, Yvonne

Shu Pei, Participant:

The weather was hot, sunny and humid and we were perspiring a lot from the short distance to the railway entrance. The trees along the corridor provided some shade from the hot sun. We chatted with each other while walking along the path. Some parts of the route were muddy and some of us tried to find the best way to cross to the other end to avoid getting our shoes dirty. We ended the walk at the old Bukit Timah Train Station by taking group photo.

Eqsha, Participant:

This is the first time I’ve ever met the members of RBKD. I was a little nervous at first as I didn’t know most of the people there, apart from some familiar faces. It was a time where us, non members, could meet the members to get to know them better.

It was extremely fun! While walking towards the railway, I still remember myself only talking to another non member as I knew her from previous events. After a while, both of us were asked to talk and mingle with other members instead. At first, it was quite shy but after a while, I started to realise that we were able to find common topics of interest. We talked about our studies and how stressed we were about school under the 36 degrees hot sun!

We also stopped at landmarks along the way to take photos and got many nice ones! At the end of the whole trip, I found that I got to know most of the members much better and it was a great experience!

I really enjoyed myself and I hope to be able to go for these fun bridging activities again

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04 November 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Soccer Bridging Activity

When: 5 July 2015

Where: Petir

Participants: Angel Lu, Angel Phua, Annie, Jamie, Jasmine Lee, Jeryl, Jiamin, Lilian, Lokyin, Mingsoon, Peiijun, Phyllis, Sam, Shannon, Vanessa, Xianling, Xinyi, Yanling, Yanting

Angel Phua, Participant:

It’s my first time attending the bridging activity and to be honest it was a really fun and enjoyable experience for me. Enjoyed myself getting to meet everyone that I don’t even know personally and spent time together having fun at the activity.

However before I decided to sign up for the bridging activity, I was still hesitating if I should attend because I don’t know a single person in the fanclub and I’m afraid I would feel awkward and left out. I made up my mind and decided to go for it, simply because I want to get to know the people and I thought I could have a slight chance of getting into RBKD too.

Definitely did not regret going for the bridging activity. I enjoyed the activity and the company of dinner thereafter. The bonding is way beyond strong, and I really love it. It’s a well-spent Sunday for me on that day itself. I’m looking forward to attend more of such activities organised by RBKD in the future. Thanks for letting someone like me who isn’t a member to join the activity. Lastly thank you to all the organisers for organising it! Appreciate it.

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31 December 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: Soccer Bridging Activity

When: 6 December 2014

Where: Petir

Participants: Adeline, Alberton, Bi Hui, Cheng Yee, Cindy, Jaslin, Jess, Jiamin, Kexin, Lionel, Mavis, Phyllis, Si Qi, Suwei, Xinyi, Yanling

Jaslin, Participant:

This is my second time participating in a bridging activity and this time we played soccer again. I must admit that I am not really a sporty person so playing soccer was quite a challenge to me. However, it was nice to see that everyone was very encouraging and supportive. There was an unexpected incident that happened in the middle of the game when one of the participants injured her leg. The other participant, Su Wei, immediately applied medicine on her leg and started massaging her leg. Another participant then went to search for ice for her. That was when I saw care and concern from all the participants, for both non-members and members alike.

Although I did not participate in the second part of the game, it was really fun watching the game from the side. Bi Hui’s 高球 when everyone tried to 闪, the times when Xinyi joked that one can kick the ball to Phyllis and it will end up to her instead, and the moment when Yan Ling was day dreaming and the ‘slow ball’ just rolled into the the goal post without her realising it. We definitely had a great laugh at those moments.

To sum up, I believe that everyone had an enjoyable time and I am looking forward to more bridging activities.

Lionel, Participant:

We started the ball rolling for the Saturday football session with the 3+1 introduction.

After sharing a few simple rules and techniques on how to pass and shoot the ball, everyone was off to a flying start. While seven-a-side football may not be the typical game, it brings out the great teamwork of the participants.

In the first match, the partnership of Xinyi and Cindy were lethal. Eventually, the game ended with a score of 6-3, in their favour. After a break, the second match saw some young talents like Si Qi as Ms Goalscorer and Adeline as Ms Safe-hands.

Not too bad for starters, and most of us enjoyed ourselves out there on the pitch.

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26 November 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: Bridging IPC – Hiking at MacRitchie Treetop Walk

When: 27 July 2014

Where: MacRitchie Reservoir

Participants: Adelyn, Allan, Angela, Bi Hui, Daphne, Edith, Jiamin, Kexin, Lixian, Madeline, Melissa, Phyllis, Rebecca, Sandra, Xing Xian, Yanling, Yun Teng, Xinyi

Lixian, Participant:

It was raining 2 hours before our meeting time and I was quite disappointed that my virgin hike in Singapore would thus be cancelled.. Thankfully though, it stopped raining at around 9.40 and true to the #rainorshinerbkdisouttoplay hashtag on RBKD’s Instagram posts, we were on our way to Macritchie from different parts of the island (aka our respective homes) after 2 hours of postponement.

To be honest, like how many new participants would have probably felt, I went for the Bridging IPC with much apprehension, from not knowing if I would be able to fit in with members who have known each other for years, to imagining all sorts of awkward situations and scaring myself subsequently.

I think I speak for all of us – at the end of it all, I was glad I took that step forward. Throughout the 5-hours long of trudging along the way, there were endless laughter, endless topics raised and it just felt warm and welcoming that everyone was making the effort to strike conversations with each other to better know each other.… It was a pleasant hike, really, despite the hot and humid weather that made the journey slightly more arduous.. :P

Thank you to the committee for coming up with such an atypical activity (I mean, who would think of going to Macritchie Treetop Walk for a hike as a FC) for us to know each other better and make friends, and thank you to Mr Rain for holding back your tears of joy/sadness for that afternoon. :)

P.S Something really interesting to share: a few of us were lagging behind during the last leg of the hike and we came across this troop of monkeys. I managed to take a clear shot of a monkey which I thought was happily flashing his teeth for my picture and was so proud of myself…. One week later my brother said that the monkey was showing signs of aggression! *oops* 笑里藏刀 is really the apt phrase for this cheeky monkey man.

Madeline, Participant:

I woke up to the worst sound you could possibly hear on the morning of a treetop walk IPC – really really heavy rain. But thankfully the rain cleared after a few hours and we could carry on with the IPC :) Armed with insect repellent, sunblock, food, drinks & a whole bag of bananas Xinyi bought for all of us, we proceeded on with the hike.

And as per RBKD style, it wasn’t long before the selfie stick came out and we were taking group selfies every time an opportunity arose. We even took one in the middle of the narrow suspension bridge & had to arrange ourselves by height so that we could all be seen in the photo haha.

The main highlight of the whole hike was the treetop walk, but in my opinion the actual treetop bridge was way too short and the amount of walking we did getting there & back was way too long! (cue chorus of ‘are we there yet’s and ‘I’m so tired’s from everyone) We did see pretty interesting things along the way though – monkeys, really scenic views of the reservoir, and even a random tower that Lixian & I climbed up (leaving the rest of the tired folks below).

Despite the really hot weather and seemingly never-ending walk out of the reservoir, I had a really enjoyable day meeting new and old members alike & getting to know everyone much better :)

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12 November 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: Soccer Bridging Activity

When: 6 July 2014

Where: Petir

Participants: Allan, Angel, Angela, Bi Hui, Ernie, Jiamin, Kelly, Kexin, Lixian, Lokyin, Madeline, Phyllis, Sandra, Vanessa, Xing Xian, Xinyi, Yanling, Yun Teng

Angela, Participant:

I was very excited knowing that we were going to play soccer because it was World Cup season! Immediately started to imagine that we could play like Messi, so cool ya? 3+1 introduction was an excellent ice-breaker and we split into 2 teams.

For the first half my team’s strategy of “just kick” did not work very well but we had lots of fun and laughter. As the goalkeeper, I felt the adrenaline rush when I successfully saved a ball. Although my heart sank a little whenever I failed to save, it was very heartening as I often heard “good try” and encouraging cheers.

There were so many funny moments, the most epic one was when Xinyi “kiap” or “clip” the ball using her legs in front of the goal post. Instantly many players from both teams dashed to her and started kicking furiously. It looked like a rugby game at that point! Amid this hilarious chaos Yanling scored a beautiful “World Cup standard” goal! Wahahaa .. We were laughing so much throughout the game that we had to take breaks from time to time!

Thank you organizers, all who made this possible and all participants. Although I just met most of you on that day and it was the first time we played soccer together, we got to know each other better, bonded, learned teamwork and sportsmanship. Enjoyed myself very much!

Xing Xian, Participant:

With the thought of going for a basketball game, I went for my second bridging activity this year. Met my fellow RBKD members at the void deck and we headed to the basketball court.

Due to a small drizzle before, the floor was still a little wet. We had to find a dry spot to put our bags. To our dismay, we were going to play soccer instead. Many never played or even watched soccer before, me included!!! We played with rules explained and tried to keep to the rules but ended up keeping to the only most basic rule “not to touch the ball with your hands”. This was the hardest thing for me to do. I am a ball catcher! Hands work better for me than legs.

I always wanted to kick like those players or actors on tv, be it a show or in real life, so I tried my best to do that. All parts of my body got hit by the ball! I was active with the ball and was huffing and puffing, out of breath all the time. Tired but it was a great activity for those who hardly exercise or have no time or no one who is willing to meet to play. I loved it very much even though I couldn’t walk properly the next day due to muscle ache!

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17 September 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: Basketball Bridging Activity

When: 1 June 2014

Where: CCAB

Participants: Adeline Tan, Amirul, Bi Hui, Cheng Yee, Jia Hui, Jiamin, Jia Qi, Kexin, Phyllis, Sandra, Shu Pei, Xing Xian, Xinyi, Yanling, Ying Mei, Yun Teng

Sandra, Participant:

It’s my first time attending bridging and it was a really fun experience.

Before the event started, I was feeling excited and nervous. As I was making my way down to the meeting venue, my nervousness intensity compounded as the negative thoughts started to sink in. I was afraid that I couldn’t mingle well with the participants, afraid that things would be awkward, afraid that my basketball skills would implicate the team’s performance etc.. However, after the game, I realised that all these worrying thoughts were redundant.

During the game, everyone was participating actively but at the same time, looking out for one another. There was loads of laughter as we braved through the sun and sweat together. It amazes me at how a simple basketball game could turn us from strangers into friends and I’m thankful for the new friendships I forged during this activity.

Heartfelt thanks to the organizers who took the time and effort to organize this activity which serves as a platform for fans to interact and gather together. Thank you to all participants who made this event memorable for me in one way or another. Overall, I had a fun day out and would be looking forward to more bridging activities to come!

Vanessa, Participant:

At last, there’s a Basketball activity that suits my schedule.. Being a Basketball player, I was surely anticipating the sport that I’m most familiar with. :)

When we finally gathered together, we split into our groups and started playing, even before our 3+1. Sure feels good to play again! As we balled, I realised that there were some good players as well, which pumped up the excitement during each match.

After a short break and (finally) our 3+1 intro, we came up with this rule that we have to shout out the name of our team member whom we want to pass the ball to. It really brought the game to a whole new level since we have to remember and shout out their names and to watch out for our opponents within that fraction of time. But this rule was good in the sense that we had to recognise and know our teammates, allowing us to get closer to one another.

Towards the end of the session, a ball accidentally rebounded onto my face, causing my nose to bleed. Though it was sort of a norm for me, people were repeatedly asking if I’m alright and asking if I needed tissue, it’s nice to see their caring side even though we just met. Good to say, my nose turned out alright (I hope) since it stopped bleeding.

I’m sure we had a good time playing and running about on court, giving everyone a chance to work out and have fun with one another.

Yun Teng, Participant:

The June holidays kicked off with a great start – 1st June and this would be my first ever bridging activity. Truthfully, I had mixed emotions for this. I was nervous yet somewhat excited to be able to meet so many rangels at once and the thought of getting to meet new people did frighten me a little. But we all start as strangers, don’t we? ;)

It was good of course, that there were people I knew who were there too. A few of us actually met at the L’Oreal Paris event earlier this year (15th March) and signed up for the bridging activity together. At first when we arrived at the station, it was kind of awkward and we were just standing there using our phones after a bit of self introduction. I expected there to be more people, but having a small group made it easier to communicate and there was more interaction between the participants. Yet, when we set off to CCAB, we began to talk even more and opened up a little. During the game itself, everyone was chatting away at ease and we had to do a 3 + 1 introduction, which meant giving 3 facts about yourself along with your name. KeXin and I were trying to memorise the names and we ended up getting called on to introduce everyone again, going around in a circle. It was actually pretty funny when we messed up and it helped us remember better too!

When we had breaks in the middle of the game, we would substitute members in and out and would sit down in the shade and just talk. We also bought drinks from the uncle who was walking around with his carton of chilled beverages and ended up finishing about 2 to 3 cans each. It was so much fun playing and getting to know each other through sports. It really helped with teamwork too! Making sure that we were spaced out properly so that there was space for the person holding the ball to pass it; ensuring that there was another member from your team catching the rebound, otherwise we would have lost an opportunity to shoot again. It was a friendly game filled with laughter and I enjoyed every moment of it. Of course, there were incidents that occurred throughout this activity and I accidentally injured one of my team members as I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. (Sorry, Vanessa!)

By the end of the day, most of us were sweating as we walked back to the nearest MRT station. We chatted along the way and there was no hint of awkwardness, as compared to when we first met. Some of us even stayed for dinner at a McDonald’s outlet nearby and met some others who were at the bridging activity there too! This activity has allowed me to forge new friendships and it is definitely something I would be extremely interested to take part in again! :D A big thank you to the organizers and everyone who was there for making this such an amazing and unforgettable experience :)

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16 July 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: Basketball & Captain’s Ball Bridging Activity

When: 11 January 2014

Where: West Spring Secondary

Participants: Adelyn, Allan, Cindy, Daphne, Edith, Huiyi, Lilian, Jasmine, Jiamin, Phyllis, Rebecca, Suwei, Xinyi, Xu Hui, Yanling, Yanting, Yingmei

Adelyn, Participant:

Even though I don’t usually play basketball and can’t play very well, I had fun on that day. I feel that it was very enjoyable as I got to know new people who share the same common interests as me. Also, I have learnt team spirit during court games which allows us to bond.

Suwei, Participant:

First of all, I would like to thank the organisers for organising this activity, no doubt it was another bridging activity where I reveled in the fun and excitement of meeting new people.

Throughout the game, everyone enjoyed themselves and all of us bonded well together. There was no miscommunication, and I really loved the feeling of playing the game as a team committed to a common purpose, which was to enjoy ourselves.

It was so heartening to see each of us helping out one another during the game even though we were in different teams, and this displayed the true essence of the statement ”enjoy the process rather than worry about the outcome.” I was gratified that all of us displayed sportsmanship and no one resorted to win the game through underhand means.

After the game, we went to have our late dinner and had small conversations. Even though the conversations were short, it allowed us to express ourselves and know others better. There was also a session to exchange our central bank of jokes, and we enjoyed many hilarious moments when we figured the jokes out.

To sum up, I feel that the purpose of this bridging activity was for us to realise that unity, trust and teamwork are required within a team, just like how a fanclub would brave through storms and overcome obstacles. Nonetheless, I definitely enjoyed myself and the company of the others. Looking forward to the next Bridging Activity and Orientation!

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19 February 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: Indoor Soccer @ Kovan

When: 18 December 2013

Where: Kovan

Participants: Cindy, Daphne, Edith, Jaslin, Jiamin, Lixian, Madeline, Rebecca, Phyllis, Suwei, Xu Hui, Yanling, Yingmei, Zowee

Xu Hui, Participant:

I have to say that my first bridging activity with RBKD was really fun.

Before meeting the participants, I was feeling uneasy and afraid. I was not confident of joining them in the games due to my lower limb weakness, and while everyone was enjoying themselves playing soccer, I was involved in taking pictures. And wow, I realised that Jia Min was a really good striker! :D Later on, Phyllis encouraged me to join them for the captain’s ball game. I was rather hesitant, but decided to give it a try.

Well… It turned out that everything went well! Everyone was having fun and there was loads of laughter. While everyone was engrossed in the game, they still kept looking out for me and did not mind that I wasn’t able to catch the ball many times. I was really enjoying myself and when the game ended, I felt that I didn’t have enough fun and wanted to continue playing! And of course, after a whole afternoon of playing and laughing, everyone had a great time during dinner, eating and talking and getting to know each other better. Overall, it was a nice day out with RBKD.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organising committee for planning this bridging activity and for giving me the opportunity to join them. Here’s to more activities with RBKD! :D

Rebecca, Participant:

This is the first time that I attended an event without knowing anyone, and I felt really excited yet nervous.

However, when the game started, it was better than I thought it would be and with the fun we all had, everything went very smoothly. Everyone felt comfortable with one another and enjoyed themselves there.

Thanks to all the organisers for organising such activities for fans to bond together! My first bridging activity was a very enjoyable and memorable one and I hope there will be more to come ;)

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