Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
04 October 2018 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Chalet 2017

When: 28-30 July 2017

Where: Aloha Changi

Weijen, Participant:

It has been a year since I joined a RBKD event so meeting up with the members will always be something to look forward to, especially it is a chalet this round. I love it that the location was so serene, quiet and peaceful, with beach by the side, environment with this peacefulness is a good break for me I must say.

I miss the time when all of us sit down together and talk, catching up with each other and most importantly, it was the first time we watched a final episode of Rui En’s series together. There is nothing better than watching it together with fellow fans

Xinyi, Participant:

It’s been a long time since we last had a chalet, I think that was in 2013, during our weareone5. We used to have chalet almost every year before then but stopped after our favourite chalet was torn down.

So we wanted to do this again, and decided to tie in with the finale of “Have A Little Faith” because that just sounds like a good idea.

We had a steamboat feast while watching her show and a BBQ on the next day. Chanced upon the flag-bearing helicopters heading to NDP preview before we started our bbq. Nice.

After sweating it out from cycling at Pulau Ubin, having a round of chillax-ing while enjoying our ice cream was especially sweet. But I think the most fun activity must have been when everyone tried winning in a game of dai-dee so that they could avoid eating the leftover food as penalty. It’s really amusing seeing how hard everyone tries to not lose in this, as everyone’s really too full as the night goes.

What’s a chalet without late night chats after shower, or girl-to-girl talk in the room. What did we talk about? Who remembers and who cares, it’s the warm fuzzy feeling that remains

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12 September 2018 | 01:00 pm

What: 2016-17 Countdown

When: 31 December 2016

Where: Labrador Park

Bi Hui, participant:

What can my end / beginning of the year be like when there is no event to attend? That was probably my thought as I was too used to going to Rui En’s countdown event, and celebrating it with RBKD members for the past few years. Then came a message asking me, whether if I’m available to countdown with the rest at a park…

Fast forward to the day of countdown, the festive mood was there, and I am glad, I’m celebrating the New Year with RBKD members! It was a little special since it was my first time celebrating at a park, and going to a park around 10pm till 12am. I wouldn’t have done that in my life if it was just me hahahaha!

What really amazed me was how many people gathered at the same place to celebrate the new year, and the best was when we could see fireworks from 2 places…for free! As we started to settle down after taking pictures of the fireworks, suddenly, we heard an unfamiliar sound, and soon after we saw something that was shot to the sky (we could just see the smoke), then a few seconds later, a few red balls.

“What is that red thing in the sky?”….
B:”hmmm…I think it’s kites with lights on them”
C:”Wait…I think I saw some smoke trails…”
*after a long break and staring at the red balls”
A:”I think that is the SOS signal from the boats. Probably shot just for the New Year.”
B, C and the rest “Ohhhh….”

That was my first time seeing the SOS signal.

Xinyi, participant:

This was our first countdown in 10 years without Rui En or RBKD. So we decided to hang out together, for a quiet session, after so many loud ones all these years. Yea, where in Singapore can we find a quiet place for countdown? That’s what Rui En said too.

Nonetheless, we went to Labrador park as we thought it would be quieter and there’s still fireworks at midnight. True enough, the crowd present obviously thought the same as us. So the usual story goes for any “quiet countdown”.

The interesting thing was when we saw red lights rising steadily towards the skies, from where the yachts are berthed. “Is that a drone?” “What’s up? Why is the drone only going up?”

Took us a good few minutes before we realised they were red flares, shot from the emergency distress gun of a yacht owner, amidst all the honking at 12 midnight. Guess, we learnt something?

Ended with a quick supper at McDonald’s after a long walk in almost total darkness along the 1km boardwalk towards the MRT. Everything was so simple and quiet, it was just peaceful and perhaps, a little memorable too.

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23 August 2018 | 01:00 pm

What: Badminton IPC

When: 16 July 2016

Where: Ngee Ann Poly

Participants: Bi Hui, Clarence, Edith, Ernie, Rebecca, Shu Pei, Suwei, Vanessa, Yanjun, Yanping, Yeeling, Yvonne

Rebecca, Participant:

The recent IPC Badminton session was one that I have been looking forward for a while. As someone who is a huge fan of watching badminton games, I also enjoy playing on court.

Almost everyone who went for the IPC badminton event played like a professional player. From the way they smashed and served the shuttlecocks, I could foresee their chances of winning national competitions hahaha.

The courts at Ngee Ann Polytechnic were located at a humongous indoor sports hall and it is probably one of the more conducive environment to hold a proper game.

The funniest moments that we had on court were the moments when someone got smashed by the shuttles. (Not once, but multiple times. Hehehe)

To sum it up, I definitely enjoyed my time at the session and will be looking forward to the next IPC event.

Edith, Participant:

It has been a long time since I have touched my badminton racket. When I was searching for my badminton racket, it was in the corner of my room collecting dust and I was thankful that luckily the strings are all intact hahah.

During the badminton game, I could feel my muscles straining with each smash. It was also slightly challenging to block the opponent’s smashes as the shuttlecock was flying across the air like a rocket. However, to my surprise, I have caught most of them and i realised that my reaction was pretty fast too.

During the game, we were trying all types of funny rules. For example, playing with our left hand and serving the shuttlecocks in many different ways.

I really enjoyed my time at the IPC event and I cannot wait for the next one.

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26 October 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Bai Nian Tour 2016

When: 20 February 2016

Melissa, Participant:

This year’s CNY gathering was a cosy affair. Although it had a much smaller turn-out than previous years’, we still had fun and laughed a lot. We did our traditional tossing of the yusheng, and since there were only 4 of us, we each had to eat a really big portion! But, in true RBKD fashion, we went elsewhere to eat even more after that.

I hope that more members will join in for the next CNY Bainian as it’s a really joyous time to know each other more (and yusheng tastes better in smaller portions ). Thank you Bihui for “opening” your house to us this year!

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19 October 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD’s Reunion Dinner

When: 23 January 2016

Where: Mookata @ Ang Mo Kio

Weijen, Participant:

I look forward to dinner after activities because to me, dinner is a time when all of us can really sit down, relax, talk and bond. During activities every one of us usually has a duty to do so there is not really a proper time to just talk with our minds blank, we can have this luxury during dinner though.

The reunion dinner was fun as we laughed together while talking about the charity drive during the day. It is also about filling our stomach as we only had a quick and brief lunch break. I was really hungry because I missed my breakfast too

The dinner is a memorable way to end the day’s activity and I certainly look forward to participating in the charity drive in years to come.

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10 February 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: Railway Corridor Trekking

When: 10 January 2016

Where: Bukit Timah

Participants: Allan, Angel, Bi Hui, Edith, Eqsha, Jamie, Jiamin, Rebecca, Shannon, Shu Pei, Vanessa, Xinyi, Yanjun, Yanping, Yeeling, Yvonne


Shu Pei, Participant:

The weather was hot, sunny and humid and we were perspiring a lot from the short distance to the railway entrance. The trees along the corridor provided some shade from the hot sun. We chatted with each other while walking along the path. Some parts of the route were muddy and some of us tried to find the best way to cross to the other end to avoid getting our shoes dirty. We ended the walk at the old Bukit Timah Train Station by taking group photo.

Eqsha, Participant:

This is the first time I’ve ever met the members of RBKD. I was a little nervous at first as I didn’t know most of the people there, apart from some familiar faces. It was a time where us, non members, could meet the members to get to know them better.

It was extremely fun! While walking towards the railway, I still remember myself only talking to another non member as I knew her from previous events. After a while, both of us were asked to talk and mingle with other members instead. At first, it was quite shy but after a while, I started to realise that we were able to find common topics of interest. We talked about our studies and how stressed we were about school under the 36 degrees hot sun!

We also stopped at landmarks along the way to take photos and got many nice ones! At the end of the whole trip, I found that I got to know most of the members much better and it was a great experience!

I really enjoyed myself and I hope to be able to go for these fun bridging activities again

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11 November 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD’s Inaugural Durian IPC

When: 24 July 2015

Where: Whampoa Market

Participants: Bi Hui, Candice, Edith, Melissa, Rebecca, Xinyi, Yanping, Yvonne

Melissa, Participant:

I was so excited that Durian season coincided with my school holidays again this year!

A really interesting thing happened at the Durian IPC. We were happily chatting while eating, and watching Our Homeland live via an iPad (IKR? You only get to experience such life events with RBKD xD) when everyone looked at each other and went “this one is really good!” Of all the durians we’d bought, one of them stood out, and everyone agreed that it was the best out of the lot. That particular durian was devoured in record speed haha!

And it made me think “ah..this is why we are all in RBKD.” Like how when we go for durians, we go and have proper 猫山王 from reliable sellers – none of that 3 for $10 stuff for us – and agreeing on the best 猫山王 out of all the 猫山王s on the table, it’s because we only go for what (or who ) is the best, and we appreciate the best. It’s not a mere coincidence that we are in RBKD.

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28 October 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Basketball IPC

When: 19 July 2015

Where: Sports Hub

Participants: Bi Hui, Melissa, Vanessa, Yanjun, Yanping, Yvonne, Zhiqing

Yvonne, Organiser:

It was my first time organising an IPC and also the first successful Basketball IPC. I have always thought that renting a basketball court would be easy but I was wrong. The timing was either limited or place is too ulu. Luckily with the help of fellow member, Yanjun, we managed to book the court at the sports hub and it’s free of charge.

I was initially worried that the IPC would not be successful as the sky turned cloudy in the afternoon. Thankfully the sky cleared up by 3pm, but the scorching hot sun came out as a package too. With a group of 7 participants, we utilised only half the basketball court but we could hardly survive 2 games of it. After all we are not professional basketball players.

Despite the hot weather and my “need to brush up” basketball skills, I enjoyed the game with fellow members. I think we should organise more sports related activities to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

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21 October 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Sunset Walk @ Southern Ridges

When: 27 June 2015

Where: Southern Ridges

Participants: Allan, Bi Hui, Candice, Melissa, Peijun, Shu Pei, Vanessa, Xinyi, Yanjun, Yanling, Yanping, Yeeling, Yvonne

Allan, Organiser:

This is my first time organising an event for the FC. I have gained quite a lot of experience through this event. At first I was worried that the route I planned was too far. Moreover, that day’s weather was not helping us.

While planning, I estimated that we will take 2-3 hours, however everyone completed the walk within 1 hour. Next time we should take a longer route!

I hope that I will still have the chance to organise such events again. Really appreciate everyone’s time and effort for coming down!

Yanjun, Participant:

Not my typical Saturday evening but it feels good to be immersed in the beauty of nature after a week of work. The Southern Ridges – I’ve been there a few times but never in the evening nor in such a big group. It was a completely different experience with the beautiful sunset, the evening “breeze”, the companionship and the chance to have a hilltop view of snippets of the aircrafts segment of the NDP rehearsal.

I believe this calorie-burning walk has helped to cut off a small amount of guilt from the amount of food we have eaten during the buffet after Orientation, the week before

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30 September 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: The “Don’t Need for Reason” Korean BBQ Dinner Together

When: 9 May 2015

Where: Ssikkek @ United Square

Participants: Allan, Bi Hui, Candice, Daphne, Edith, Huiyi, Jiamin, Peijun, Phyllis, Rebecca, Shu Pei, Suwei, Xinyi, Yanjun, Yanling, Yanping, Yeeling, Yvonne, Xinyi

Edith, Ordinary Member:

Although it wasn’t my first time having dinner with RBKD, I was very excited for this dinner because it’s my favourite Korean BBQ!

Upon reaching the location I was kind of excited and found it rather cool to know that we actually have a private room for ourselves and of course we started cooking the food and eat and eat and eat!!

Apart from the good food, it was the company that made me really happy that day. Hope to have more of #noneedforreason #rbkddinnertogether soon!!!

Daphne, Ordinary Member:

It has been a long time since we had a dinner together. Also, it was a wonderful idea to go to Korean BBQ to catch up and fill our tummies. Because we have to wait for the meat to cook so during this time, we talked about what we had been doing and how our lives were going. I always have a great time catching up with them and would look forward to the next time we meet again!

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