Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
23 December 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: The Dream Makers 2: Melbourne Site Visit

When: 29 September 2015

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Melissa, Priority Member:

Even when I was in Singapore, I never had any luck with bumping into The Idol – even when we were actually at the same mall at the same time – so I was really lucky to get the opportunity to visit the ZZSF filming locations in Melbourne. I missed out on a location on the first day, but on the second day I managed to visit 2 locations!

One of the locations was by the Yarra River near Federation Square.. it was really early in the morning but they had already started work when I got there. I got her a bottle of juice since I thought she would have had her own coffee/someone else would get that for her. True enough, just before I pulled out the juice bottle someone else handed her a cup of coffee. I felt proud of myself (LOL) especially when she kept mentioning how tasty the juice was.

I wish had a photo of how her eyes lit up when I pulled out the Minion and Tim Tams. It was really cute when she distributed the snacks to the other cast and crew and never failed to mention “It’s from my fans! From RBKD!” *fuzzy feeling*. I really love how instead of always openly declaring her love for us, she shows it through touching actions like these instead. I could really feel the love and pride she feels towards RBKD.

I watched them film many scenes and I was constantly left in awe of how quickly she can get in and out of character. She’s absolutely incredible! Visiting the set also allowed me to see just how much time and work goes into a scene that could pass by in the blink of an eye on TV, and how many takes they do just to get the “perfect” shot. Sometimes the same scene also has to be re-enacted several times to be filmed from different angles too.

Throughout the day, we had many conversations and most of them were initiated by The Idol as I was honestly feeling quite awkward and in the way of people doing their jobs. We talked about how she found Melbourne and what else she intended to do there.. and I felt such a big sense of relief when she suggested that we should take a photo together because of course I intended to ask for one but really didn’t want to make her feel obligated. I’m glad that my suggestions of where they can go on their free time was useful as well. I was also super touched when while taking photos with other fans from Melbourne, she saw me return (I had left the area for a while..) and shouted “You’re back! I was looking for the girl in shorts!”. I had to try very hard not to die then.

Anyway, all these made me feel how genuine she is. You know, when it’s not about the words someone says but She kept asking me if I was cold since I was in shorts, but really, her words made me feel so warm and fuzzy I’d be ok even if it was snowing. This half a day of visiting the set and interacting with her made me feel that all the “missed opportunities” in Singapore was worth it. I don’t need 10 pictures or to see her 20 times because just one memorable picture and conversation is more than enough.

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14 October 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: The Dream Makers 2 Filming

When: 23 June 2015

Participants: Allan, Bi Hui, Candice, Edith, Jaslin, Jewel, Jiamin, Jonah, Lydia, Yeeling, Yingmei, Zhiqing

Candice, Priority Member:

It was the first time as a FC that we got to film with Rui En. We met each other and went to the location to wait for the green light to go up. While we were sitting along the lobby waiting, Rui En came and saw us so she walked toward us to say hi and said thanks for coming! We went up after getting the green light, and changed into the shirts provided. Then the director explained to us what the scene is about and started arranging us where we were supposed to be and what we were supposed to do. There were some funny moments. At some points in time, Rui En guided some of us what we were supposed to do.

It was probably a 5-6 hours shoot. At the end of it, we took a group photo. She was being concerned and asked us how was it and kept thanking us. Eventually we took solo photos after she said okay to our request.

It was a nice experience to be able to film with her together with the FC. It might appear on TV for a short while yet it took hours to do it. I think at the end of it, we all learnt something. It was nice of Rui En to guide us and take care of us. Even her on screen older brother came to talk to us. When we were leaving the place, she bade goodbye and kept saying thanks for coming and thanks for helping. Overall, I feel that it’s 大开眼界 to all of us.

Yingmei, Priority Member:

It was a really cool experience to be able to take part in ZZSF2’s filming through RBKD as Tonglin’s fans!! We made our way down to the filming place and there were all the other actors (and part timers) already. It was a great eye opener to experience first hand, how a scene lasting perhaps 5-10 minutes on screen, could take up a whole afternoon of filming.

I think no spoilers are allowed, but it’s pretty cool that we could know beforehand what was gonna be broadcasted haha. And some of our members will have appearances on tv (if it wasn’t cut out??)! Although we spent the whole afternoon just chilling, it had been super fun and there were loads of yummy food given the occasion

Towards the end we took a group photo with Rui En and even had the chance for individual pictures. Thanks for the concern too, Rui En.

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07 October 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Singapore Fashion Week 2015

When: 16 May 2015

Where: Orchard

Phyllis, Treasurer:

“We have less an hour till the start of the event and we have no bouquet. How ah?”

“Let’s make it ourselves!”

Yes, that’s exactly the conversation that we had 1 hour before the start of SGFW.

Armed with no relevant tools or equipment we had to walk the entire Ngee Ann City in search flowers, ribbons, cotton wool, scissors and tape for making a bouquet. Not only that, the only “available and appropriate” space to DIY a bouquet was right outside the shopping mall, with everyone walking past us and looking on with stares. Sounds like an impossible task eh?

Time was ticking by and it only got more challenging when we realised that we had a few minutes left and we had yet to tie the entire bouquet together! With all the odds stacked against our favour, I am amazed that we managed to put together a bouquet in the end. It might not be the fanciest bouquet we have ever given to Rui En but I still think it is one of the most meaningful ones.

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09 September 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Airport Send-off to Penang

When: 10 March 2015

Where: Changi Airport

Joan Chen, Priority Member:

After 3 wrong exits, a journey that should have just taken half an hour, took me close to an hour to arrive at the Changi Airport. Even though it’s a weekday, some members took time off from work and school to send Rui En off.

Clad in long sleeve t-shirt, short and slippers, and a pair of sunglasses, she looked fashionably chic. We were grateful that she went to the airport earlier to meet with us. During the course of our conversations, she assured us that she has found herself a personal assistant in Penang, would take good care of herself, and discouraged us from visiting her in Penang! She is always has the best interests for her members.

Before long, it was time for her to check in. We took a wefie and wished her well.

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27 May 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: Buffet Dinner

When: 27 April 2013

Where: Riverview Hotel’s Irodori Japanese Restaurant

Participant(s): Bengyan, Corine, Jean, Joanne Chong, Jolie, Lionel, May Yen, Ming, Phyllis, Ser Chee, Shirley, Squeen, Weijen, Xinyi

Lionel, Participant:

Our two overseas members (Squeen and Weijen) joined us for this dinner! A small cozy room for the 14 of us, we sure made lots of noise and ate lots of food during the 4 hours dinner.

To me, it was a kind of an old friend gathering, since the last time I saw Squeen and Corine was about 3 years ago and despite not seeing each other for a long time, nothing seems to have really changed. Kudos to friendship!

Tempuras and handrolls were the starters for the day, and sashimi were constantly brought in to fill up our hungry stomach. It was 4 hours of quantity (not really quality) food, and 4 hours of laughter and light-hearted moments.

Thank you organisers for arranging the meet-up!

Weijen, Participant (Malaysian Member):

Attending this dinner was one of the most anticipating nights in my 4-days trip to Singapore because spending time with Rangels, well the feeling is simply amazing, just like having a dinner with family members. Sweet and heartwarming. =)

Last year we had dinner at this same place and having witnessed how gigantic Jean was in terms of her food portion, I thought I would get used to this sight of her eating non-stop but I was still left amazed by the very same fact :o :o :o Yeah she is a bottomless pit in terms of food. With Corine, Jean has met her 最火搭档 in terms of food and language :D

Peals of laughter permeated through our dinner as we shared jokes and caught up with each other while enjoying the buffet dinner, sounds delightful huh? It was that delightful and I am so glad that, our pres initiated this so that we can just spend time with each other: Ming, Ser Chee, Bengyan, Phyllis, Xinyi, Jean, Lionel, Shirley, Sherwin, Corine, Joan, Joanne, Jolie…I try to remember all the names and faces because we do not meet each other often.

This is precious for an overseas Rangel like me, because I think it is these moments that define us as who we are, RBKD. <3

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22 May 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: Bumping into Rui En at Changi Airport

When: 26 April 2013

Where: Changi Airport

Weijen, Priority Member (Malaysian Member):

Yes people, don’t ever doubt this. To bump into her at the airport on touching down from Penang, the feeling is like striking a lottery! Especially so if you are an overseas Rangel and this is the best thing that you could ever dream of, isn’t it?? :o

I was due to touch down at 1:20pm and my fellow Rangels: Joanne and Jolie, who have already been at the airport waiting for my arrival, got the news around 12pm that “The Dream Makers” was filming at the airport.

Anyway, when I arrived, I met up with them, then immediately they hurried me to another terminal. I was in a daze, I didn’t know what was happening because I was still settling down. I just heard something about filming and so I thought Joanne was bringing me to the terminal where Rui En had previously filmed for other dramas.

Oh my god there she is!! She was busy filming and we stayed on for around an hour before we approached her personally. But here is the issue, all of us were very shy and we discussed for quite some time before deciding who should make the first step haha. She was in a rush, but she still took a minute or two to have a picture with us.

Then I passed her some 土产 from Penang and she kept saying 谢谢,谢谢你们。It was so sweet and 26 April must be my luckiest day. :D

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07 February 2013 | 10:47 pm

A small token of appreciation from our 91 members.

Star Awards 2013 Best Actress Nomination:
Rui En (Unriddle 2- Hu Xiaoman)

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23 January 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: Buffet Dinner

When: 15th November 2012

Where: Chiso Zanmai

Participant(s): Bengyan, Candice, Jean, Jia Min, Joanne, Ming, Phyllis, Ser Chee, Shirley, Xinyi, Yan Ling

Candice, Participant:

It has been quite a while since all of us had dinner together. Dinner wasn’t that good because most of the food was not hot but more towards warm or even cold!! The only fun was the company we had.

We chatted like there was no tomorrow and it felt like a class reunion dinner! A lot of memories came back when we were catching up with each other.

Phyllis, Participant:

This was a simple dinner for us to get together on the 15 of November, a very special day for RBKD. The dinner gathering might not be as elaborate as the celebration we had on 13 November, but it was still as heartwarming and enjoyable. I like it when all of us can just sit around together and have a good chat, enjoying each other’s company.

On a random note, the food served at the buffet was very average but thankfully the good company made up for everything :)

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21 January 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: Japanese Buffet Dinner

When: 1st May 2012

Where: Irodori Japanese Restaurant

Participant(s): Corine, Jean, Jiamin, Joanne Chong, Jolie, Ming, Phyllis, Squeen, Weijen, Xin Yi, Yan Ling

Jean, Participant:

It isn’t everyday that we get to have the Malaysian fans coming over to Singapore, not to mention having a proper meal with them. Hence, their presence was definitely a plus point during this dinner!

Squeen’s English limitation was somehow equivalent to my Chinese limitation and because of that, “英华有限公司” (Direct translation: English-Chinese Private LIMITED) was formed. Neither of us can catch what the other party was speaking. To me, Squeen sometimes speaks Chinese like the “speed of a bullet train” because most of the time I can only “catch” the last word of her sentence and my immediate reaction would be, “Huh?”. HAHAHAHA!

Because of Squeen, now whenever I see/hear the words, “无言的结局”, I will definitely be reminded of her. Hahaha! Well that is because she kept saying that during the dinner. Speechless ending? I guess that should be the meaning of it… Haha!

One of the most memorable dinner I had with RBKD simply because the company was great and there was endless laughter throughout. As much as Squeen and Weijien are thankful to us for meeting up with them, I guess we are also as thankful to them for having made the effort to come to Singapore.

Corine, Participant:

To me, this meal meant a lot, because I finally met up with Squeen Jie after 3 long years! The dinner was enjoyable with the sashimi galore! Just imagine thick slabs of fresh salmon, yellow tail, swordfish, dipped with heaps of wasabi and tinge of soy sauce! *drools. (ok I was kidding about the heaps :p)

And thank god we had a private room to ourselves, we created a ruckus with the unceasing laughing from the sharing of jokes. Great fun, RBKD gang! :D

p.s. dear Malaysian friends, Squeen Jie and Wei Jen, till we meet again (soon) :)

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26 December 2012 | 01:00 pm

What: Buffet Dinner

When: 20th October 2012

Where: Concorde Hotel’s Spices Cafe

Participant(s): Bengyan, Corine, Jean, Jia Min, Joanne Chong, Ming, Phyllis, Ser Chee, Shirley, Xinyi, Yan Ling

Jean, Participant:

It has been a while since we went for a buffet together so I was kind of looking forward to it. Other than the company, one good thing about buffet is that there is never-ending amount of food to eat!

Really, who isn’t happy at the mention of food? And better still is not every now and then we get to have dinner on a weekend together due to our busy schedule.

Thought of sharing something funny……… Haha!

Xin Yi and I was waiting to pick fresh cockles, clams and lala for the chef to cook for us so when the chef handed me a small bowl…

Me: *Seriously picking the various shellfish until the bowl was full and I was still carefully trying to pile on top if it*

Me to Xin Yi: 那个碗有一点小哦~ Hahaha! (English translation: The bowl abit small ah~)

Somehow the chef heard me and handed me a plate.

Both of us: Hahahahaha!

Me: *Continues to pick more food* Hahahahaha!

After the “main course”, it was dessert time. Dessert variety wasn’t that bad and the fruits were fresh and best of all, there was ice-cream :D

Love the food but best of all… Love the company :)

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