Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2019 | 12:24 am
Birthday Wishes from You!

Yay RBKD have turned 11 !!💖 congrats u all 😘 also thanks for supporting and standing by Rui En u all are one of the sweetest bunch i’ve ever seen Rui En definitely is proud of you all continue to support Rui En and happy birthday <3

Yeo Rui En

Happy anniversary to RBKD


Hello RBKD! You are finally 11! I have been a fan of Rui En jie jie since i was 4 and now that i am 12, Rui En jie jie still never fails to be my number 1 idol along with Elvin gor gor. I love Rui En jie jie’s laughter, smile, friendliness, prettiness and everything about her! I am really glad to discover this awesome fanpage of Rui En jie jie when u guys were 9 years old! In this account, I not only see my idol being super happy in what she was doing, I also see the effort that you guys have put into. Thank you for being a fan of Rui En jie jie since 11 years ago! I will continue to support Rui En jie jie and RBKD for decades! ❤️😩 I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! 💓💞 You guys are just like Rui En jie jie , soooooo friendly and welcoming.


Happy 11th Birthday!


Happy Anniversary to RBKD wish u all alway have the support for Rui En

Derrick Cheow

Jia you Rui En for the upcoming shows and hope that RBKD will be here forever! Jia you! ❤


Happy 11th anniversary RBKD! I hope that RBKD can always stay forever and celebrate the 20th, 30th and more anniversaries. You guys are one of the strongest fanclubs!


Happy 11th Anniversary RBKD! thanks for always being there for Rui En ❤️❤️


Hey RBKD! Happiee Birthdae to you Thank you for your hard work, always got the Rui En’s latest updates at my finger tips.

Denice Ng

Wish RBKD with Rui En many many more years in future and happy birthday RBKD 😊


Happy 11th Anniversary to RBKD! Wish you all the best and Rui En too!


11年,又是另一个里程碑的开始,未来的22,33,都要继续哦。爱你,瑞恩& RBKD.


Happy 11th Birthday to RBKD! Have a great time!


It’s been crazy 11 yrs!!! Hope y’all continue to stay cute and united and all da best for the future of RBKD!!! Look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with u guys 😱😫❤️❤️❤️


May RBKD continue to be strong and united. Many more blessed years ahead! Also wishing Rui En tremendous success in her acting career and in everything she puts her heart to.

Li Wong

Happy Anniversary! Another 11 yrs to come!


Wishing RBKD a happy 11th Anniversary! Thank you for supporting Rui En all these years and you guys are one of the best fan clubs out there 💯🎉


May RBKD grow bigger and bigger in years to come !

Loretta Tay

Happy 11th Anniversary Birthday to RBKD! 😍😘🍻🎂 Cheers RBKD Forever! Always support Rui En! 🤗


Jiayou RUIEN! 💕 Congrats!!


Happy 11th anniversary!

Deon Ong

Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours. I am so happy to see you back on screen again, will never forget meeting you at the store at Plaza Singapura back when I was a teen and you were filming 微笑正义. Looking forward to more amazing films from you! 加油 我会一直支持你!


Happy 11th anniversary to RBKD and love you all 😘

Ng Qiu Ju

Happy birthday RBKD!


Happy anniversary RBKD. Have been a fan of Rui En since young. Thanks for all the updates on Rui En
Let’s continue to support Rui En for many years ahead together

Daniel Wong

All the best RBKD & always stay strong

Shin Yuh

Happy 11 anniversary! Can’t wait to see your show, see you


Happy Blessed Birthday RBKD!! May Rui En continue to be popular among Singaporeans and fans all over Asia!


Happy 11th Birthday RBKD, you guys are the most awesome fan club ever…

Bertram Soh

Happy 11th anniversary really happy to to be part of this big family and supporting Rui En together. Thank you for always being there for her and let her feel that she’s being love. Once again happy 11th anniversary!


In a blink of an eye, RBKD has a history of 11 years and still counting. This means that though I am not an official member of RBKD but as a steady fan, I have supported Rui En for 11 years, ever since her first show of 考试家族 on Channel 8. I also had an impromptu chance of taking a photo with her when I was 21 years old. I treasured the photo ever since and glad that I took the chance with her.

I hereby wish Rui En a smooth-sailing acting career and have a lot more great roles to enhance her acting portfolio. I will always look forward to her dramas and songs ❤️

Sin Ni

Happy 11th anniversary


Happy 11th Anniversary. 祝RBKD 长长久久。銳不可當

Jessica Chia

Hello Rui En! I have been watching your shows since I was 9. I’m 16 now and I still love you so much. Your acting skills are superb and all the best in the future. Jiayou!




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