Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2019 | 12:26 am
Birthday Wishes from Us!

Happy Birthday RBKD!!!
And congratulations on being even more experienced than before
Every experience transforms RBKD into the fanclub we are known today.
May RBKD have many great years ahead.

Mei Ita (Indonesia)

Dear RBKD,
Time really Flies, It already the 11th Years!
Happy Birthday RBKD, and all the more memories and fun to the years ahead of us.

Jasmine Lee

Happy 11th Anniversary RBKD! Always STAY UNITED together as ONE


Happy 11th Anniversary RBKD! Thank you for all the wonderful memories! Continue spreading love to the community. Stay strong and united! Here’s to many more anniversaries ahead!


Happy anniversary to RBKD


Wonderful times together: blessings for health & joy RBKD!


Happy 11th Birthday RBKD! You are her 1 and only 1!

Joan Chen

Congratulations RBKD!
11 years and counting!
May we have more good years to come!


Happy 11th anniversary RBKD. May you stay strong and resilient in the years to come.


Happy birthday to you RBKD. Time flies super super fast: I thought I have just sent in my well wishes for 2018 but it has actually been a year since! Oh my god. May we all always appear as one to support Rui En in all her endeavours

Weijen (Malaysia)

Happy 11th Birthday to RBKD!
Be it happy times or tough times, let’s be together and keep on fighting.
Many more blessed years to come



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