Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
19 July 2011 | 11:22 pm

Hello Everyone

We are here to make a short introduction of ourselves as we are still fairly new in this role. Some of you may already have received requests from us for a write-up for an event/IPC, etc. We are none other than your blogmasters for the FC blog, Bengyan and Ser Chee.

Just as you wonder what do blogmasters actually do. Extracted from tab ‘Committee’ under the FC blog: ‘The duty of the blogmasters is to ensure the smooth functioning of the ONE RBKD blog and to engage fellow members through the blog. The blog also serves as a platform for parents, media, fans and others to have a glimpse of how RBKD is as a society.’

Both of us only joined RBKD as a PM last year, and were already very contented with it. We never thought we could contribute to anything. But as time passes, through different forms of engagements, we come to realise this place is more than just a fanclub, it is a place where bonds exist, where new friendships are formed.

So we strongly believe engagement of members is very important. To us, it was the very first step towards this big family, so we hope that using this blog as a platform, we will be able to engage more people, thus making this family a bigger and a more bonded one.

Signing off,
Blogmasters (Bengyan and Ser Chee)

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28 May 2011 | 05:06 pm

Jean, Priority Member:

Just sharing a conversation between my Mum and I….

Mum: They are all older than you?
Me: Yup.
Mum: How did you get to know them?
Me: Just get to know lar (I really really didn’t want to elaborate so much on it initially…)
Mum: Fanclub ah?
Me: Yar….
Mum: At least they are of a good influence to you.
Me: Yup, I know
Mum: And your Chinese (in terms of conversing in Chinese) seems to have improved recently…
Me: Yar, I know Have been talking to them recently thats why. You should be happy right?
Mum: Definitely. At least I won’t be hearing you conversing with Chinese and English “here and there”.

This is just my mum I guess… To be honest, I was really surprised but at the same time very happy that she actually said that since she has a serious misconception of me knowing people who are older than me not to mention through the cyber world and a fanclub. She was happy that other then going for events, we are doing something meaningful (I was telling her about the food distribution which we did previously and the reason behind the cans of sardines and packets of bread in our house).

I thought I should share this really short text conversation as well…

Me: Thank you.
Mum: Sorry 4 this morning. Tell yr group keep it up. Gb. Mum learn something from you 2 n let share knowledge n ideal
(My mum ain’t good at texting at all….. )

I quarreled with my mum over the phone just because of the bread and sardines on Saturday morning actually. I have to admit, she was really unhappy about it initially. The reason why I text her “Thank you.” after placing everything in the house was that at least she was understanding and I was really thankful for that. Her reply just made my day even better

This post was first made on 28 March 2011.

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28 May 2011 | 05:05 pm

Kahyin, Priority Member:

My mum used to strongly object me of “chasing idol”, or even joining a fanclub. And when she knew tat I’m joining RBKD, she would always say:”U know it’s dangerous to know ppl on the web…” etc etc. -.- But throughout all these year, I think she realised how this fanclub had influence me postively (Of course I didn’t tell her what crazy things we did la, but I think she knows it), all the things we did together (like studying tgt!) and about all these recent charity act through my sis (I didn’t know of this until she told me!), she really come into accepting it and I guess, currently in the process of supporting.
And this is what I always wanted.

This post was first made on 28 March 2011.

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