Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
About Us

Rui En’s previous fan club started out as 芮不可挡, a name inspired by the Chinese idiom – 锐不可当, which means unstoppable when translated.

Following the increase in fan base, there was a need to unite fans from all walks of life, across the different age groups. Hence in late 2008, the current Fan Club was set up to replace the previous group.

The committee of the new Fan Club adopted the old club’s name as a mark of respect to the previous committee. The Hanyu Pinyin equivalent of the club’s name was dropped in favor of its abbreviate – RBKD, which was henceforth recognized as the official English version of the club’s name.

After Rui En reverted to her original given name in Chinese, the name of the club naturally aligned to the same direction and is now known as RBKD, 瑞不可当 (pinyin: ruì bù kě dāng).

And on 15th November 2008, the new fan club kicked off with a mini bash symbolizing its rebirth – The Black REnaissance. The club’s logo, slogan and membership scheme were unveiled alongside the official launch of the club’s website, the

Bearing in mind the support fans have shown towards her, Rui En placed a strong emphasis on togetherness when seeking the best fitting slogan worthy of the club’s identity. She finally found the rightful one in “Traversing the Road Less Traveled, Lux Veritas”.

In 2011, following two years of steady membership growth with at least 100 official members each membership term, RBKD decided to register as a Registered Society with the Registry of Societies, Ministry of Home Affairs, complying to the lawful standards of the Societies Act.

Since mid-2009, RBKD has also been engaged in various community projects to contribute back to the society.

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