Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2018 | 12:25 am
Birthday Wishes from Us! (Ordinary Members)

Happy 10th Birthday, RBKD!!! I’m more than proud of everyone for all these years. Thank you for all the hard work and to many more great years ahead!

Phallin (Cambodia)

8th October 2018

Happy 10th Birthday RBKD! Cheers to many more great years ahead!

Yanting (Singapore)

11th October 2018


Enjoyed all the moments. Thanks and happy 10th anniversary!

Angela (Singapore)

14th October 2018

Happy Birthday RBKD! Congrats on turning 10!~

Really proud of how far we have come. May RBKD have many great years ahead. Cheers ^-^

Akane (Singapore)

15th October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD! This is always the day we are waiting for to send in our well wishes. I wish RBKD to have many great years ahead.

Jasmine Lee (Singapore)

15th October 2018

Happy 10 years RBKD!!! Wishing us more years of fun and a growing loving family. Stay strong and conquer the world with a big heart. No words can express how truly grateful I am for this family and for Rui En who keeps inspiring me everyday.

Jochen (Philippines)

17th October 2018

Happy 10th RBKD. I think the fan club has come a long way supporting Rui En through the many highs and lows. Glad to be part of this journey of many more 10s soon.

Stay real!

Eugene Hsu (Singapore)

27th October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD! Thank you for the wonderful memories. May you continue to grow in strength and unity. To many more years ahead!

Lilian (Singapore)

29th October 2018

Dear RBKD,

Happy 10th birthday. It’s been 10 long years of supporting Rui En and thank you for being there through it all. I’ve had a really fun time attending events and bridging activities with everyone. You’ve provided us with a wonderful platform to meet new people and support Rui En together. Looking forward to another 10, 20 and 30 more years!

Eqsha (Singapore)

29th October 2018

Six years with RBKD is a special memory for me. RBKD is not just a fan club, it brings people together.

Happy 10th Anniversary, RBKD!

Keep being a great support for Rui En, and keep the strong unity because we are one!

Sufiana (Batam, Indonesia)

30th October 2018

10 years! What a feat. Although I’ve not been with everyone from the very beginning, the amount of pride is no less. Happy birthday little one! May you continue to prosper and soar to greater heights. #weareone, or should I say ten?

Lixian (Singapore)

30th October 2018


Sherwin (Malaysia)

30th October 2018


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