Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2019 | 12:24 am
Birthday Wishes from You! (Overseas Fans)

謝謝RBKD那麼多年來對瑞恩的付出與陪伴,團結一致的給予瑞恩最棒的支持和愛,也謝謝RBKD管理員那麼勤奮的更新任何有關瑞恩的一切,讓我們這些新粉絲有個平台能追蹤瑞恩的新和舊新聞還有消息,祝 RBKD 11週年快樂,往後的日子我們一起繼續支持瑞恩 ❤

Xuan Mei (Malaysia)

Hope you happy forever and enjoy yourself Lastly, hope can see a lot of your drama in future and after work get more rest. Happy Birthday RBKD🎉

Chris (Malaysia)

Happy 11th Anniversary to RBKD 🎂🎉💖
Wishes for RBKD and Rui En always happy and healthy

Yoke Foong Yang (Malaysia)


Suyy (Indonesia)

Happy 11th birthday! Will continue to support Rui En and RBKD!

Michelle (Malaysia)

Happy 11th Anniversary and Happy Birthday to RBKD❤
11岁啦,一路走来不容易,期待着接下来更多的11年。RBKD 瑞不可当 接下来的日子一起继续努力加油,不为别的,只为瑞恩❤

Ching Ling Chong (Malaysia)


Jaseline Ng (Malaysia)

Happy Birthday RBKD 💕

Kah Yee (Malaysia)

Happy anniversary to RBKD

Angelo (Indonesia)

Best wishes to RBKD and Rui En!

Jut (UK)

A milestone achievement deserves to reach many more 11s years to come. Keep going, All the best to you.

陳順記 (Malaysia)

Happy 10th Anniversary!! 祝你们十全十美!

Vanessa (Malaysia)

11 years! What a milestone RBKD has been through. Happy anniversary and well wishes from NZ.

YS (New Zealand)

Happy 11th Anniversary RBKD!!!
一直走下去! 一生RANGEL ❤
加油!! 希望我们会越来越强大!
她真的很幸福。 现在看着她变得
我爱瑞恩 我爱RBKD ❤ 生日快乐噢
Always Here With You Rui En 💜💜

Lynette Ng (Malaysia)

Happy 11th anniversary ❤️

Ang Jia Sin (Malaysia)

Happy 11th anniversary💕 support forever 💞

Lyn (Malaysia)

Blessed anniversary and God bless you all and Rui En… Be a blessing to others….

Lynne (Kuching, Malaysia)

Happy 11th anniversary. Love RBKD and also Rui En ❤️

Selin Lee (Malaysia)

Happy 11th anniversary RBKD! keep on supporting Rui En no matter what happen and I really love to see Rui En back on filming and I wish that one day I can meet her face to face

Kellyn Fullviana (Indonesia)

Happy 11th Anniversary, RBKD! Thank you for always being with RUI EN I from Malaysia will always show my support to RBKD 😎

Chui Phin (Malaysia)

瑞恩 我會永遠支持你的 愛你

Billy Ang (Penang, Malaysia)

Hi RBKD, I can see the hard work on everyone of you on how you guys put your efforts to manage the club since Rui En started her acting journey.. I can truly understand being an actress/actor is not that easy, despite I don’t really watch all SG drama but I always love to watch every drama that Rui En involved.. not looking on her beauty by appearance but her acting skills which I really admire for and also the reason I always love to catch up her drama…you guys are doing so well and I believe Rui En will be sincerely touched by the efforts from you guys

I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t join as RBKD members due to inconvenient for traveller like me + private reasons..but keep it up! And I believe you can do it very well! Thanks for always updated on Instagram, looking forward to see how Rui En can show her talent not only in SG but also to the international level as well happy 11th anniversary RBKD! God bless!

Annika (Malaysia)

Happy anniversary/birthday RBKD!! Wish everyone in RBKD all the best in everything you all do! You are really an inspiration to many

Elisa Kueh (Malaysia)

RBKD Happy Anniversary!! Thank you giving a chance to know more about Rui En. Rui En, is my energy to continue my study. Everytime in stress, Rui En’s movies is my all. Thank you. May bless RBKD and Rui En. Love you~

Yun Jing (Malaysia)

Wish Rui En stay pretty always and more film/drama to be launch & win awards in this upcoming Star Awards!

Michelle Ng (Malaysia)

Happy anniversary RBKD. Wishing all of you endless happiness, joy and love on your anniversary. Thanks for always entertained us. Lots of love😘

Cindy (Malaysia)

Happy 11th birthday RBKD!! Thank you for spearheading the fanclub activities in support of Rui En all these years. Appreciate RBKD for all the effort in showing love and support for Rui En Happy happy birthday! Here’s to great and blessed years to come!

Janice (Malaysia)

Sending you lots of love and happy thoughts during this amazing milestone. Happy 11th Anniversary to RBKD and Rui En!! 🎉🎉🎉

Thank you RBKD for always being there to support Rui En!
I hope RBKD fanclub become more bigger in Singapore as well as overseas and united as one to support Rui En! :)

To the most awesome fanclub, wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come. 💪💪💪

Krstna (Batam, Indonesia)

要适可地休息 不要累坏自己唷❤
希望你开心 自信地做真实的自己❤

Agnes Yuen (Malaysia)


感谢RBKD陪伴着她渡过不同的阶段。无论是开心的艰辛的, RBKD 一直都在。

祝福 RBKD 11岁周年快乐

Lim Jin Rui (Malaysia)


Angela Chang (Malaysia)


棒棒糖 (四川成都)

我在想不知不觉,陪你十一周年了,今后的路,四叶草🍀为你护航,你只管继续努力向前 💪💪 实现你的梦,四叶草🍀做你最坚固的后盾,我们都相信你是我们的容幸,祝RBKD十一周年快乐

Wei Wei (China)


Patrick (China)

我也是陪伴了RBKD好几年的光阴呢,因为在国内也没有多少可以去的机会,但是每次看到你们的活动,都非常的憧憬,不知道什么时候有机会,实际参与,❤️❤️ 祝RBKD,祝瑞恩,都越来越好

喜欢瑞恩的小芝 (中国广东潮汕人)

Happy anniversary! Best wishes!

Zoe (Beijing)


Shan (陕西西安)


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