Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2018 | 12:50 am
Birthday Wishes from Club President


My Little Friend,

You started off as an acquaintance,
One whom we never expected to stay for.

Yet, over time,
You became a friend,
A cherished good friend,
A family outside of home we grew up together with.

You are strange.
You love Rui En dearly,
The whole world knows that.
You lose sleep for her,
To vote, to queue overnight,
To cheer so loudly you have no more image to uphold, and
To do things that you never ever expected yourself to,
But you put a distance between her and you.

But just like our Club Tees,
Where Heart is for passion,
. The warmth we give without expecting any returns.
White is the unlikely sibling,
. Always so comfortable to have.
But Black will always remain our color,
. For it hits home whenever we are in it.

So dear little friend,
Remember this:
You are never defined by the constitution,
It is instead,
The you & you in us,
Which makes RBKD, RBKD.

10 has been great,
More so with your comeback.
But I look forward to 11 & beyond,
With you & you,
To new beginnings.

Happy 10th Birthday, my dear friend.

I leave you with a NDP song which strangely,

. We Will Get There

. Remember the days, we set out together with faith?
. Remember the times, so fine, when we thought that
. Nothing could stand in our way?

. Then things weren’t the same
. The life that we knew had to change
. We’ve struggled through, the darkest storms
. We thought we couldn’t tame

. Together we’ve tried, as we stood side by side
. I knew we’d build a new world
. A world of hope for ever after

. Deep in my heart I just know
. Right from the start, we will grow
. Look where we are, we’ve come so far
. And there’s still a long, long way to go





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