Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2018 | 12:30 am
Birthday Wishes from Us! (Priority Members)

Wishing RBKD Happy birthday!

Have a great and fun 10th anniversary celebration.. Let’s celebrate together.

Best Regards
Yee Ling (Singapore)

11th October 2018

Happy 10th Birthday RBKD! Wishing you more great years to come!

Ernie (Singapore)

28th October 2018

Happy birthday ! It’s been a long ride, and I’m thankful for all the things you’ve built me to become

Bihui (Singapore)

29th October 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary RBKD! We have come a long way and really wish everyone a great and happy celebration. May we have more joyous occasions and memories as one!

Lionel (Singapore)

30th October 2018

Happy 10th anniversary RBKD! Such an important milestone for us, I’m privileged to be part of the journey with you 😊

Weijen (Malaysia)

30th October 2018

Happy 10th Birthday to RBKD!!!
Wa.. 10years is really a long journey and ‘altar’- deserving milestone (by star awards standards)

I wouldn’t say that I missed the voting, but I sure kinda missed the camaraderie times of ‘we are in it together’.
Let’s keep on fighting together 💪🏻
Be it happy times or tough times.

Many more blessed years to come

Ashley (Singapore)

30th October 2018

Indeed it has been a road less travelled, but we have walked in light and truth. Grateful for everyone who’s been a part of the journey at varying points and thankful for the opportunity to celebrate the tenth together. Happy anniversary! Have a blast!

Ming (Singapore)

31st October 2018


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