Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
21 May 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2015

When: 20 June 2015

Where: Marina Bay Area

Celest, Participant:

This is my fourth time playing Double Whacko. It was so entertaining to observe a variety of facial and body expressions, and hear loud screams of those who were sabotaged successfully. Somehow as I became too engrossed, I started to mix-up names and faces, hence failing to protect my partner. But it does feel exhilarating to hit the right person and get the chance to sit down again. I call this an amusing and perfect ice breaker game for everyone; as we were really engaged in good fun, breaking the awkward silence and being in a hyper-attentive state both listening and remembering.

3+1 was done in a pretty special way this year. Yes, in addition, we had to mention our strengths and it involved videoing everyone as we made our self-introduction, one by one in a circular manner. This is RBKD’s usual way of getting to know one another and doing a video would be a good idea to preserve memories.

On the whole, I like this year’s Orientation format very much. Even though I was just a participant, I felt it was heartening to see non-members enjoying themselves as much as I did. It has always be an interesting experience for me each time I join RBKD Orientation, bonding with familiar members as well as fans I met for the first time.

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18 May 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2015

When: 20 June 2015

Where: Marina Bay Area

Shannon, Participant:

This was my first year attending the RBKD orientation. When I was signing up for it, I was accompanied by fear and anxiety as I was not normally a sociable person and being around big groups of strangers was not normally my kind of thing. However, the RBKD family has always interested me due to our common love for Rui En. When I was notified that I was selected, I almost backed out several times as I had the mindset that fan clubs were meant for young teens and I would be the odd one out. However, the committee members and others present were easy to get along and I felt more at ease than expected.

Out of all the activities that was planned by the committee, captain’s ball was my favourite. Ever since I entered the workforce, team sports was something that’s almost impossible to get. Imagine my elation when they said we were playing captain’s ball! That being said, this captain’s ball was different from the usual one. Not only did we have to use balloons, we also had to be bound together by feet with one other person. This meant that no matter what I did, I had to think about the other party. It meant that no matter how eager I was to get the ball, I cannot rush there alone, otherwise we will fall down. This has taught me a lot about patience and doing things together as nothing good can be achieved if I acted on my own, and might even cause us to be injured. Both team members were also very good sports. No matter which team scored, everyone would cheer and encourage each other.

All in all, I feel that taking out the courage to sign up for RBKD orientation was one of the best things I’ve done in this year. I’ve met many new friends through this orientation and also broke away from my mundane work life to do something different.

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10 February 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: Railway Corridor Trekking

When: 10 January 2016

Where: Bukit Timah

Participants: Allan, Angel, Bi Hui, Edith, Eqsha, Jamie, Jiamin, Rebecca, Shannon, Shu Pei, Vanessa, Xinyi, Yanjun, Yanping, Yeeling, Yvonne

Shu Pei, Participant:

The weather was hot, sunny and humid and we were perspiring a lot from the short distance to the railway entrance. The trees along the corridor provided some shade from the hot sun. We chatted with each other while walking along the path. Some parts of the route were muddy and some of us tried to find the best way to cross to the other end to avoid getting our shoes dirty. We ended the walk at the old Bukit Timah Train Station by taking group photo.

Eqsha, Participant:

This is the first time I’ve ever met the members of RBKD. I was a little nervous at first as I didn’t know most of the people there, apart from some familiar faces. It was a time where us, non members, could meet the members to get to know them better.

It was extremely fun! While walking towards the railway, I still remember myself only talking to another non member as I knew her from previous events. After a while, both of us were asked to talk and mingle with other members instead. At first, it was quite shy but after a while, I started to realise that we were able to find common topics of interest. We talked about our studies and how stressed we were about school under the 36 degrees hot sun!

We also stopped at landmarks along the way to take photos and got many nice ones! At the end of the whole trip, I found that I got to know most of the members much better and it was a great experience!

I really enjoyed myself and I hope to be able to go for these fun bridging activities again

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20 January 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: weareone: our seventh chapter celebrations

When: 15 November 2015

Where: Function Room

Bi Hui, Priority Member:

That one time of the year, where everyone gathers in a meeting room… just for one motive, of course it is to celebrate RBKD’s birthday!! *popping party poppers*

I can’t deny that this year was a really nice and remarkable one for me. The food was great, the company was great, the place was big and comfortable, and not forgetting that I have been put in the spotlight for this year’s birthday celebration. I volunteered to sing in front of everyone! I was scared due to everyone’s eyes gazing on me while I sang, but I’m glad that some of the members were requesting, and also asking me to play other songs that they knew, which really helped in making me feel less stressed.

I am really honoured to be part of RBKD, and also to be able to celebrate our birthday together with the rest. I wouldn’t have known so many awesome people if it weren’t for RBKD. That, I am really grateful for. And I hope that things will go smoothly in the years to come!

Jolie, Ordinary Member:

I was looking forward to attending the anniversary this year as I missed out on last year’s celebrations even though I did manage to join in for a while through FaceTime. It is also the first time that we are celebrating the anniversary early in the day when we usually do it at night.

Times flies and unknowingly RBKD is already celebrating our 7th anniversary together. Being together with RBKD for the past 7 years has made me feel like I am really part of this family. Seeing not only old faces but also new faces makes me realise that RBKD has really come a long way working together as one. Here’s to celebrating more and more anniversaries together!

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23 December 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: The Dream Makers 2: Melbourne Site Visit

When: 29 September 2015

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Melissa, Priority Member:

Even when I was in Singapore, I never had any luck with bumping into The Idol – even when we were actually at the same mall at the same time – so I was really lucky to get the opportunity to visit the ZZSF filming locations in Melbourne. I missed out on a location on the first day, but on the second day I managed to visit 2 locations!

One of the locations was by the Yarra River near Federation Square.. it was really early in the morning but they had already started work when I got there. I got her a bottle of juice since I thought she would have had her own coffee/someone else would get that for her. True enough, just before I pulled out the juice bottle someone else handed her a cup of coffee. I felt proud of myself (LOL) especially when she kept mentioning how tasty the juice was.

I wish had a photo of how her eyes lit up when I pulled out the Minion and Tim Tams. It was really cute when she distributed the snacks to the other cast and crew and never failed to mention “It’s from my fans! From RBKD!” *fuzzy feeling*. I really love how instead of always openly declaring her love for us, she shows it through touching actions like these instead. I could really feel the love and pride she feels towards RBKD.

I watched them film many scenes and I was constantly left in awe of how quickly she can get in and out of character. She’s absolutely incredible! Visiting the set also allowed me to see just how much time and work goes into a scene that could pass by in the blink of an eye on TV, and how many takes they do just to get the “perfect” shot. Sometimes the same scene also has to be re-enacted several times to be filmed from different angles too.

Throughout the day, we had many conversations and most of them were initiated by The Idol as I was honestly feeling quite awkward and in the way of people doing their jobs. We talked about how she found Melbourne and what else she intended to do there.. and I felt such a big sense of relief when she suggested that we should take a photo together because of course I intended to ask for one but really didn’t want to make her feel obligated. I’m glad that my suggestions of where they can go on their free time was useful as well. I was also super touched when while taking photos with other fans from Melbourne, she saw me return (I had left the area for a while..) and shouted “You’re back! I was looking for the girl in shorts!”. I had to try very hard not to die then.

Anyway, all these made me feel how genuine she is. You know, when it’s not about the words someone says but She kept asking me if I was cold since I was in shorts, but really, her words made me feel so warm and fuzzy I’d be ok even if it was snowing. This half a day of visiting the set and interacting with her made me feel that all the “missed opportunities” in Singapore was worth it. I don’t need 10 pictures or to see her 20 times because just one memorable picture and conversation is more than enough.

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16 December 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Moncler Opening Event

When: 5 November 2015

Where: ION Orchard

Suwei, Ordinary Member:

Being able to be at the Moncler event was so unexpected as it was so last minute. I could still remember myself in the office for my internship duties, when suddenly I was notified of the event that will be happening a few hours later. Immediately, I started planning my trip to rush down for the event right after I knocked off.

Thankfully, I managed to reach there in time for Rui En’s arrival. The place was filled with so many people anxiously waiting and holding up boards and phones to show their support for various artistes. Finally, when it’s Rui En’s turn to walk the red carpet, instantly, everyone was so hyped up. The place was filled with screams for her, even fans of other artistes were mesmerised by her.

Additionally, I was so touched by Rui En, because she took the initiative to tiptoe and greet everyone and gave us her warm smile. Before she left, she even came to us for a group photo despite the chaotic situation.

Lastly, thank you Rui En. We appreciate your efforts and actions.

Yeeling, Priority Member:

On the day when I reached, I was shocked as the layout of the event at ION was quite unexpected. If I had known I would have cancelled my appointment in the morning to help out in queuing.

Rui En appreciated our appearance at the event and she was so sweet when she took the initiative to talk to us and take a group photo. Although I was not very sure what she said to us as I was standing at the front of the shop, I heard her saying “Thanks for coming” before she walked in to the event.

Although we only knew about the event on the day itself, it was a different yet pleasant experience.

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09 December 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Newspaper Collection Drive

When: October 2015

Allan, Organiser:

This is the first time I organised a newspaper collection, I decided to do the collection simply because it’s charity!

The collection was quite fun! Had some problems loading all the boxes in one shot with only one lorry and car, so we took two days to finish the collection. The boss was nice and even helped us to load boxes to the lorry!

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02 December 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Annual Giving (Volunteering) – Inclusive Playground Outing

When: 12 September 2015

Where: Canberra Park

Participants: Allan, Bengyan, Bi Hui, Celest, Ernie, Jiamin, Joanne, Madeline, Peijun, Phyllis, Rui En, Ser Chee, Shirley, Shu Pei, Xinyi, Yanling, Yanjun, Yanping, Yeeling, Yingmei, Yvonne

Yvonne, Priority Member:

This was my first time participating in a charity event involving children. I was initially quite worried as I’m not really good with kids and how to take care of their needs. All these worries were all for naught when I saw the kids being so active. It seems to me that the beneficiaries who attended the event were not affected despite their individual conditions.

I am actually quite impressed with the beneficiaries whom I tagged with throughout the event. Just when I’m about to introduce myself to him, he already started asking if we could go to the playground during the event. He’s one of the most active and enthusiastic kids during the event.

After a small chat with him, he told us that he would want to be an explorer especially to the nature. I am quite surprised as the younger generation grew up in the city with technology and most would not want to get close to the nature. He is quite adventurous in trying out things, however taking into consideration his safety, there were times that we would have to disappoint him. Nevertheless could see that he really enjoyed the activities and the playground facilities; as he wanted to stay longer although the event has ended.

Looking forward to the next event although it can be quite tiring, it’s all worthwhile when you see the kids enjoying themselves (so carefree).

Yingmei, Priority Member:

I think it was my first time participating for Annual Giving volunteering event? I’m glad I did! This year’s was something different from the previous years’, our beneficiaries were children! So on Saturday morning, we made our way down to Canberra Park where they had special facilities in the playground! Each of us was attached to a beneficiary or their sibling. For me, Bihui and I were paired with a super outgoing boy.

We started with Treasure Hunt around the park to get the kids excited with rewards aka candy! We then played Captain Foosball, an adaptation from a game we played in Orientation earlier this year. Then, we brought the kids around for mini carnival games like ‘shoot the can’, ‘throw the ball into the box’ etc. My beneficiary really enjoyed the ‘shoot the can’ game!

After carnival games came lunch finally~ We got Happy meals for the kids and they liked the toys too. It was kinda a free-and-easy session afterwards where we could play in the playground. The highlight was possibly the see-saw! Lots of kids could play on the see-saw at once and it was like playing on viking ship in theme parks haha.

It was a tiring day, but fulfilling too! It was nice to know that the children enjoyed themselves

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25 November 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: SG50 Botanic Gardens Concert Performance

When: 7 August 2015

Where: Botanic Gardens

Bi Hui, Priority Member:

Yesterday was the first and hopefully the last most hectic event I’ve ever gone to.

I was one of the earliest to be there and it was scorching hot in the morning. We attracted a lot of passer-by walking past, staring at the boards, and then saying “Rui En!” as they passed by our stretch of boards. Some even came to us to ask when she’s coming today, or when the concert starts. It’s really nice to hear from passer-by that they love her acting in Our Homeland, and one uncle even said Rui En was his No. 1 favourite!

Soon after, clouds were starting to form in the skies, drizzles were falling onto us, and soon drizzles became rain, rain became downpour. We scrambled to save our boards, quickly wrapped it up with trash bags, ponchos, umbrellas, literally anything that could save the boards from being wet.

The rain didn’t really stop after that disaster. It was drizzling with high and low frequencies which made us so frustrated as whenever we took off our ponchos when we thought there isn’t rain, the rain started pouring again!

Everything went well until around 3pm when the next hectic downpour came. This time we were better prepared and I would say it’s easier to scarmble and run off to the shelter, as there were more people to help out to keep the picnic mats. This time, the downpour was REALLLLY BAD. I think it’s because the soil was already wet, it formed a massive landslide/waterfall around our area. Scrambled once again to find another place to hide ourselves, but as soon as we stepped into the shelter, the rain became smaller, and we saw crowds going back to the event area, which we decided that we should too.

Let’s skip until where Rui En came out. Woah I tell you, I was so happy to see her man! And wow the things we did together when the downpour happened? That was really amazing. Perhaps the downpour has also shown how united we are as a team, which I feel somehow, was a good experience that we could all counter the problems together, and helping each other when in need. Back to the concert, I was in high spirits. Her performance was amazzzzzing good man, most importantly we had a good time together, waving our flags, singing as loud as we could and screaming on top of our lungs as so we could be heard.

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18 November 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Spartan Race Performance

When: 1 August 2015

Where: Causeway Point

Xinjie, Ordinary Member:

Spartan Race event wasn’t the first event I been to, but it sure was a memorable one.

It was somewhat unlike the other events I have been to where Rui En would be singing. It wasn’t the usual countdown events. Instead, it was an event where people were able to showcase the sporty side in them. I really like the idea where sports awareness/promotion event and a singing performance can be collaborated together.

Looking forward to the next time I can listen to Rui En sing 另类对你好 again!

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