Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
26 November 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: Hiking at MacRitchie Treetop Walk

When: 27 July 2014

Where: MacRitchie Reservoir

Participants: Adelyn, Allan, Angela, Bi Hui, Daphne, Edith, Jiamin, Kexin, Lixian, Madeline, Melissa, Phyllis, Rebecca, Sandra, Xing Xian, Yanling, Yun Teng, Xinyi


Lixian, Participant:

It was raining 2 hours before our meeting time and I was quite disappointed that my virgin hike in Singapore would thus be cancelled.. Thankfully though, it stopped raining at around 9.40 and true to the #rainorshinerbkdisouttoplay hashtag on RBKD’s Instagram posts, we were on our way to Macritchie from different parts of the island (aka our respective homes) after 2 hours of postponement.

To be honest, like how many new members would have probably felt, I went for the IPC with much apprehension, from not knowing if I would be able to fit in with members who have known each other for years and been through rain and sunshine, to imagining all sorts of awkward situations that could arise before/during/after the hike and scaring myself subsequently. (Yes, I tend to think a lot, a lot of nonsense at that.)

I think I speak for all of us – at the end of it all, I was glad I took that step forward. Throughout the 5-hours long of trudging along the way, there were endless laughter from the 18 of us, endless topics raised and it just felt warm and welcoming that everyone was making the effort to strike conversations with each other to better know each other.… It was a pleasant hike, really, despite the hot and humid weather that made the journey slightly more arduous.. :P

Thank you to the committee for coming up with such an atypical activity (I mean, who would think of going to Macritchie Treetop Walk for a hike as a FC) for us to know each other better and make friends, and thank you to Mr Rain for holding back your tears of joy/sadness for that afternoon. :)

P.S Something really interesting (in my opinion) that I would like to share: so a few of us were lagging behind at the back during the last leg of the hike to take some scenic pictures of Macritchie, and we came across this troop of monkeys. I managed to take a clear shot of a monkey which I thought was happily flashing his teeth and posing for my picture and was so proud of myself…. Until one week later when I showed my brother the picture, he said that the monkey was showing signs of aggression. *oops* 笑里藏刀 is really the apt phrase for this cheeky monkey man. (For those who may come across monkeys in future i-don’t-know-wherewhenhow, be on your toes when you see monkeys giving you the wide grin!)


Madeline, Participant:

I woke up to the worst sound you could possibly hear on the morning of a treetop walk IPC – really really heavy rain. But thankfully the rain cleared after a few hours and we could carry on with the IPC :) Armed with insect repellent, sunblock, food, drinks & a whole bag of bananas Xinyi bought for all of us, we proceeded on with the hike.

And as per RBKD style, it wasn’t long before the selfie stick came out and we were taking group selfies every time an opportunity arose. We even took one in the middle of the narrow suspension bridge & had to arrange ourselves by height so that we could all be seen in the photo haha.

The main highlight of the whole hike was the treetop walk, but in my opinion the actual treetop bridge was way too short and the amount of walking we did getting there & back was way too long! (cue chorus of ‘are we there yet’s and ‘I’m so tired’s from everyone) We did see pretty interesting things along the way though – monkeys, really scenic views of the reservoir, and even a random tower that Lixian & I climbed up (leaving the rest of the tired folks below).

Despite the really hot weather and seemingly never-ending walk out of the reservoir, I had a really enjoyable day meeting new and old members alike & getting to know everyone much better :)

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19 November 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD SG Day Tour

When: 19 July 2014

Where: SPF Heritage Centre, LTA Gallery & Geylang Serai Market

Participants: Bi Hui, Candice, Jiamin, Lionel, Madeline, Melissa, Peijun, Phyllis, Shu Pei, Xin Jie, Xinyi, Yanping, Yeeling, Yunxian, Zhiqing


Phyllis, on SPF Heritage Centre:

This “SG day trip” to the Singapore Police Force Heritage Gallery and LTA Gallery is not our conventional “let’s-go-out-to-play” kind of IPC, but it was still filled with laughter and fun nonetheless!

Upon entering the gallery, we were introduced to the various core values (well I guess most of us should know what it is without having to go to the museum haha), ranks and even weapons of the police force. We had the opportunity to roam around the place on our own to check out the history of the police force as well. Quite an eye opener I would say.

This guided tour was certainly made more lively with our tour guide Mr Richard. He was really entertaining and bubbly throughout the tour!


Lionel, on LTA Gallery:

LT Gallery, a place which most people who not have heard of known of. This is the Land Transport Gallery, managed by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, showcasing the history of our nation’s transport system, as well as the transport vision for tomorrow. While it is not uncommon for people to feedback that trains are very crowded today, the transports of the past were worse than what we have today.

Indeed, visiting the gallery gave an insight to the challenges of meeting transportation needs of everyone, as well as understand how Singapore’s transportation means have progressed over the years. Kudos to the organisers for finding such a rare gem!


Melissa, on Geylang Serai Market:

I had a blast at the Geylang Serai night market with RBKD! We weaved through the shops, the food, and the crowd, soaking up the festivities and somehow managed not to lose anyone!

I actually have a personal tradition, which is that I have Ramly burgers once a year. And I would always have that once-a-year only burger at the Hari Raya market, so I was really excited that despite studying overseas this year I still managed to continue with my tradition.

Looking for a place to have dinner was even more fun because it was so spontaneous. Many restaurants were already “reserved” by those waiting to break-fast, so I think we walked for an hour before finding a place to eat. I didn’t feel tired until we finally sat down haha!

After dinner, I was really craving durian (the real thing, not puffs or pastries), so a few of us went for some! The place was a really good recommendation from our lovely Pres, and it is so good I think it would be better for us not to say where it is :P.

I had so much fun “touring Singapore”. From the SPF Heritage Centre, to the LTA Gallery, to the Hari Raya night market and finally ending with creamy, bittersweet Mao Shan Wang that tasted like GOLD. That Saturday, I went to many places in Singapore which I have never been before, and I think it was even better because I experienced all these with RBKD. This one Saturday alone made my every dollar of my flight ticket to Singapore worth it!


IPC | 1 Comment

15 November 2014 | 02:26 pm

Wow, has it really been 6 years? Feels way longer.

Thank you not only for the support you have given me but also for the support given to all the charities.

This year, let the focus not be on ourselves but on how to contribute to others and society. Let’s make this anniversary about that.

Lovin’ ya.


weareone | 3 Comments

15 November 2014 | 01:11 am

My Little Friend,

Thank you for entering our lives.

Thank you for teaching us life lessons, and how to be a better person.

You will continue to grow, and perhaps find fewer new experiences that excite.

But remember, each and every experience, no matter how similar, is actually different. Just like your birthdays.

Continue to inspire, continue to be our invisible best friend.

Thank you, for being just what you are now.

Happy Birthday, RBKD! Happy Sixth Anniversary!

We’ll be here, growing up with you :)

Loving you a lot,

weareone | 2 Comments

15 November 2014 | 01:09 am

Dear RBKD,

Thank you for giving me such wonderful memories all these years. Can’t believe I have been in this lovely family for half a decade. I am glad I embarked on this journey.

I wish that we will continue to be Resilient.Bonded.Knitted.Dedicated.

Happy 6th Birthday!

Jia Min

weareone | 3 Comments

15 November 2014 | 01:06 am

Happy 6th Birthday RBKD!

Thank you all for the fun.
Thank you all for the joy.
Thank you all for the laughter.
Thank you all for the sweat.
Thank you all for the tears.
Thank you all for the love.

It really means a lot to be a part of this family.

Here’s to a better year ahead


weareone | 2 Comments

15 November 2014 | 01:03 am

Happy Birthday RBKD!

Thank you for all the wonderful memories from each and every event.
Thank you for all the screams from each and every individual.
Thank you for the ONE RBKD spirit always.

Happy 6th Anniversary! *cheers*


weareone | 2 Comments

15 November 2014 | 01:00 am

Happy 6th anniversary RBKD!

It hasn’t been an easy ride, but it’s been so worthwhile embarking on this journey together with all of you.

Thankful for the IPCs, bridgings, spring cleanings & events, for the video calls for me to watch Star Awards live, and for all you strangers who have since become friends

Wishing RBKD many more wonderful years ahead!

Lots of love from London,

weareone | 2 Comments

15 November 2014 | 12:55 am

Being part of RBKD is special to me.

Journeying on with Rui En and Rangels will always be an unforgettable and interesting ride.

On this anniversary day year after year, it’s time again to express my well-wishes.


S tay
I ncreasingly
X ceptional,
T ogether
H umbly


Many thanks and with love,

Celest (Singapore)

19th October 2014, 00:10h


Dear RBKD,

You are 6 years old now!! You are doing ever so well in backing Rui En up, and most importantly I love the activities that strengthens our bond e.g. Orientation that brings us closer as a family! I want to let you know that I always, always feel proud to be a Rangel, so happy birthday once again!

Weijen (Penang, Malaysia)

26th October 2014, 08:58h


Happy 6th Birthday to RBKD! Looking forward to many more together.


Jolie (Singapore)

29th October 2014, 15:44h


Time sure flies by in the blink of an eye. In a flash, it’s RBKD’s 6th birthday now! It is amazing to see how RBKD has grown over the years. It is a joy to be part of this wonderful journey and here’s to more amazing years ahead!

Happy 6th birthday RBKD!

Jasmine (Singapore)

31st October 2014, 22:54h


Happy 6th Birthday RBKD!

Even though I haven’t been here that long, it’s been amazing watching you grow, and growing along with you. Your ability to connect fans half the world apart always gives me a sense of warmth. I have met so many wonderful people, and experienced so much through IPC/Bridging/Orientation activities because of RBKD. Thank you for constantly breaking down barriers, and may we continue to grow and achieve even more together.

Melissa (Singaporean studying in Sydney, Australia)

2nd November 2014, 01:47h


Hello RBKD!

Happy birthday!

Wishing all the members in RBKD happy and healthy!

Happy 6th Anniversary!


Shu Wen (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 03:06h


Another year has gone by and it’s amazing to see what RBKD has done thus far.

Let us continue to grow, learn and inspire one another. Happy Birthday!


Pei Jun (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 16:11h


Years have passed, and so here I’m wishing RBKD for the very 5th time..

[S]tronger as One
[I]nspirational as Always
[X]traordinary as Ever

Cheers to many more good years ahead

Ser Chee (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 22:59h


Thank you for the fun, laughter and memories shared!

Cheers to many more years to come

(Click for larger image)

Junqi (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 23:38h


Hello RBKD!

Happy 6th birthday!!! It’s been almost 4 years since I joined RBKD (wow time flies by) and I really enjoyed myself with fellow Rangels every event I went (Sad i had to miss Orientation’14 criez )

Here’s to achieving more as a fanclub

Yingmei (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 23:38h


Happy 6th Birthday RBKD!

On your birthday, I like to take some time and think about all the wonderful times we have had together. I’m thankful for our special “adventures” and all the things that we have done together and I look forward to making many more memories with all of you.

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Joan Chen (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 23:42h


Happy Birthday RBKD!!!!!

Time really flew and it’s the 6th awesome year for RBKD.

Thanks for all the memories you’ve given me for the past years and for being a special and unique chapter of my life.

Wishing RBKD many more great amazing years ahead!


Bengyan (Singapore)

3rd November 2014, 00:08h


To my dearest RBKD!

Happy birthday to RBKD,
Happy birthday to RBKD,
Happy birthday to RBKD,
Happy birthday to RBKD!

It’s your 6th birthday this year!

Thank you so much for all the fun and love. Without you, I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful friends. May we stay united as one and create even more memorable moments together! I look forward to many many more years to go!

Zhiqing (Singapore)

3rd November 2014, 18:06h



Happy birthday once again!!

It’s been another great year with the family and I surely did make new friends Wish us all the best for the upcoming year!

Have a happy and awesome 6th birthday

Vanessa (Singapore)

3rd November 2014, 18:45h


Happy Sixth Anniversary, RBKD! Happy Birthday!

It seems like just yesterday when I was typing my well-wishes for the fifth anniversary. Huh, you mean, it has been another year already?! So fast?!

Thank you for making a difference to my life, a positive difference that I wouldn’t trade anything for.

And here’s to many many more awesome years to come!

With love,

Xin Jie (Singapore)

3rd November 2014, 21:36h


Happy Birthday to RBKD!



Joanne Chong (Singapore)

7th November 2014, 20:10h

weareone | 2 Comments

15 November 2014 | 12:50 am

Another year has passed. Can’t believe RBKD has been here with us for 6 long years. Happy Birthday, RBKD. Wishing you another fruitful year ahead, growing bigger and bigger, but Rangels growing closer and closer.

Hoping there will be RBKD with us and Rui En for many many more years ahead. Thanks for being here.

Happy Birthday, RBKD!!

With Regards,

Eeleen (Malaysia)

20th October 2014, 10:33h


Happy 6th Birthday RBKD!!!!

Another year closer to a decade of hard-work and support!!

Even though it’s my first year in RBKD, Thank you for all the great memories and friendships made so far

Here’s to many prosperous years ahead!!



Rebecca (Singapore)

21st October 2014, 19:29h


感谢粉丝会总是第一时间分享En最全最新的消息,祝RBKD 6周年生日快乐

茶碗珍 (China)

29th October 2014, 20:30h


Alright, here it goes.

Happy 6th birthday RBKD. Though I haven’t posted for a long time in the forum and all I do is read your post and updates, I can truly say that I’m glad to be part of this family. It’s been 4 years since my first membership and it’s been 4 years of being an ordinary member and still counting and I’m proud of it. Hopefully I could meet you guys and of course Rui En someday.

Keep strong Rangels and more and more birthdays to come RBKD!!!


Lots and lots and lots of cheers from Philippines!!!

Jochen (Philippines)

31st October 2014, 22:29h


Happy 6th Anniversary RBKD!

Although I am new to the group, somehow I feel comfortable and accepted. It is mainly because I can feel the close bonds between members and their commitment to the group. It is not just an ordinary fan club, but one where members contribute unconditionally to the group and to society. Continue the enthusiastic cheers and screams during Star Awards and events. Make her feel supported and loved; because she’s worth it. Happy Birthday!

Jaslin Ng (Singapore)

31st October 2014, 23:18h


Happy 6th Birthday, RBKD!

Six years, and still goin’ strong. Keep it up and have a blessed journey ahead.

Best wishes,

Shi Ying (Malaysia)

1st November 2014, 14:38h


Happy 6th birthday RBKD!

It has been a great year! Glad to be part of this awesome family Many more great years to come!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

Edith (Singapore)

1st November 2014, 19:32h


Happy Sixth Anniversary RBKD

It has been a great and meaningful journey with RBKD.

Thank you for being thoughtful and caring towards others.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories.

Let’s work together for many more awesome years ahead.

Yvonne (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 08:08h


Dear RBKD,

Many happy returns on this special, special day.

Thank you for all the memories and friendships made. Although I’m quite new to this family, it’s been a really great and fun-filled journey the last one year or so.

Happy 6th anniversary and wishing everyone happiness and good health!

Best Wishes,

Lixian (Singaporean studying in the UK)

2nd November 2014, 09:32h


Festivals such as Christmas used to be what reminded me that we are approaching the end of the year but now, it’s RBKD’s anniversary which did the job when I have obliviously lost track of time. Time has been passing too quickly for me to realise that it has been yet another year, cause it feels like I’ve just written my wishes for the 5th anniversary not too long ago.

Nevertheless, I believe that it has been yet another fulfilling year despite of all the tough times and tears shed. Am thankful for the presence of RBKD as a platform for us to stay connected as one. #weareone

Hereby wishing RBKD, Happy 6th Anniversary! May the subsequent years be filled with prosperity and happiness.

Yanjun (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 21:27h



I send my wishes and thankful to each and everyone of you for everything you guys have done for us and RE.. I wish you all the best and keep on going to gain another goal… Happy Birthday!! R..B..K..D hip hip hurray..


Catherine Gan (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 21:33h


Happy Birthday RBKD!

Wishing more good years to come, many new friendships, rekindling old friendships, happiness and great teamwork!

Ernie (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 22:43h


Happy 6th anniversary RBKD!

Another year older and another year broader – thanks for the wonderful journey and all the best in the forthcoming year!

Joyce (Malaysian living in the UK)

2nd November 2014, 22:58h


Happy sixth anniversary RBKD!!

Although I’m new, I enjoyed the time spent with all the people during bridging activities which allows me to made many new friends.

Adelyn (Singapore)

2nd November 2014, 23:47h


Happy 6th Birthday to RBKD!

A very big thank you to president and committee members of RBKD. 因为有你们一直update webpage, 我才能跟上这么多关于瑞恩的新闻. 谢谢你们. Thank you very much!

May RBKD continue to grow and have many awesome years ahead!

Best wishes,

Lydia (Malaysian studying in the UK)

3rd November 2014, 05:35h


Happy 6th Anniversary RBKD!

Wish all members can get what they want and have more great years ahead!

Allan (Singapore)

3rd November 2014, 13:58h


Happy 6th Anniversary!

Although my steps taken with RBKD had been small, it has definitely been very fruitful. Thank you for the wonderful memories and moments shared! Yay to the many more thriving years ahead!

With truckloads of love,

Daphne (Singapore)

3rd November 2014, 22:00h

weareone | 2 Comments

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