Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
25 November 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: SG50 Botanic Gardens Concert Performance

When: 7 August 2015

Where: Botanic Gardens

Bi Hui, Priority Member:

Yesterday was the first and hopefully the last most hectic event I’ve ever gone to.

I was one of the earliest to be there and it was scorching hot in the morning. We attracted a lot of passer-by walking past, staring at the boards, and then saying “Rui En!” as they passed by our stretch of boards. Some even came to us to ask when she’s coming today, or when the concert starts. It’s really nice to hear from passer-by that they love her acting in Our Homeland, and one uncle even said Rui En was his No. 1 favourite!

Soon after, clouds were starting to form in the skies, drizzles were falling onto us, and soon drizzles became rain, rain became downpour. We scrambled to save our boards, quickly wrapped it up with trash bags, ponchos, umbrellas, literally anything that could save the boards from being wet.

The rain didn’t really stop after that disaster. It was drizzling with high and low frequencies which made us so frustrated as whenever we took off our ponchos when we thought there isn’t rain, the rain started pouring again!

Everything went well until around 3pm when the next hectic downpour came. This time we were better prepared and I would say it’s easier to scarmble and run off to the shelter, as there were more people to help out to keep the picnic mats. This time, the downpour was REALLLLY BAD. I think it’s because the soil was already wet, it formed a massive landslide/waterfall around our area. Scrambled once again to find another place to hide ourselves, but as soon as we stepped into the shelter, the rain became smaller, and we saw crowds going back to the event area, which we decided that we should too.

Let’s skip until where Rui En came out. Woah I tell you, I was so happy to see her man! And wow the things we did together when the downpour happened? That was really amazing. Perhaps the downpour has also shown how united we are as a team, which I feel somehow, was a good experience that we could all counter the problems together, and helping each other when in need. Back to the concert, I was in high spirits. Her performance was amazzzzzing good man, most importantly we had a good time together, waving our flags, singing as loud as we could and screaming on top of our lungs as so we could be heard.

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18 November 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Spartan Race Performance

When: 1 August 2015

Where: Causeway Point

Xinjie, Ordinary Member:

Spartan Race event wasn’t the first event I been to, but it sure was a memorable one.

It was somewhat unlike the other events I have been to where Rui En would be singing. It wasn’t the usual countdown events. Instead, it was an event where people were able to showcase the sporty side in them. I really like the idea where sports awareness/promotion event and a singing performance can be collaborated together.

Looking forward to the next time I can listen to Rui En sing 另类对你好 again!

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15 November 2015 | 11:01 pm


This is Rui En.

Once again, it is your anniversary. It always comes very fast, it seems.

But seven years, very proud of you guys.

Very happy to see new members coming in, and seeing new faces. I hope you guys would be welcoming to the new faces.

And this is to wish you guys a happy 7th birthday.

I hope you have a great anniversary celebration.

I love you guys!

RBKD: View the video here.

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15 November 2015 | 01:30 am

There were those times when we cried together, when it felt like we only had each other in this world.

But being together gave us strength.

There were those times when it felt like really dark times and we were trapped in a never-ending tunnel, lost.

But being together gave us hope, and faith.

You taught us, how to,

Give, sincerely

Love, unconditionally

Step out of our comfort zones, bravely

And watch each other’s backs, instinctively


We never knew what being in a FC means,
But it’s okay, we have each other.

Someone to rant to,
Someone to laugh together with.

It’s good to have you around.

I have not watched this movie yet (not a fan of being a crowd follower).

Just thought the lyrics were pretty interesting, and perhaps, remotely appropriate too.

遇见了你 是生命最好的事情

忙着微笑和哭泣 忙着追逐天空中的流星
是谁风里 雨里 一直默默守护在原地

原来你是 我最想留住的幸运
那为我对抗世界的决定 那陪我淋的雨
一幕幕都是你 一尘不染的真心

Happy 7th Birthday, my dear friend.

The Xinyi
With Love.


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15 November 2015 | 01:25 am

Dear RBKD,

Thank you for another year of wonderful memories.
Thank you for the friendships forged.
Thank you for being a unique chapter in my life.

Happy 7th anniversary!

Jia Min

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15 November 2015 | 01:20 am

weareone | 1 Comment

15 November 2015 | 01:15 am

Dear RBKD,

Another year has passed, another year of shared memories and another year of common experiences. May we continue to stay united and grow from strength to strength. Jiayou.

Happy 7th anniversary!


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15 November 2015 | 01:10 am

It’s been a helluva ride. I could not be more thankful for the friendships and memories RBKD has given me.

Happy 7th birthday! May you continue to grow in wisdom, strength & maturity.

Love from London,

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15 November 2015 | 01:05 am

Happy Birthday RBKD!!!

It’s been a few years for me counting back the first day I’ve joined RBKD. From a very timid and quiet person, to a lively and sometimes too crazy person right now, I can’t deny that I’ve learnt so much in the process of being part of RBKD, and that I would always be thankful and grateful, being part of RBKD.

We’ve been through passing the rocky path and having obstacles along the way, and in the end, we make it as one, stronger, and better. Really thankful for the opportunity to get to know such great people in RBKD, and I hope that the path ahead of us would be smoother, better. Ain’t no wind’s gonna blow us down! Lastly, I would like to wish RBKD a Happy Birthday once again!



I feel like I say the same thing every year, but thank you for existing and allowing me to meet so many awesome people!

So many things I wouldn’t have the opportunity to try otherwise, I experienced them with RBKD and every single one has been so memorable.

Let’s continue to grow together, and go to new, better, farther (not only physical) places in the coming year!


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15 November 2015 | 01:00 am

Dear RBKD,

Stay awesome
Stay loving
Stay united always as one
Happy Anniversary!

With love and best wishes,

Celest (Singapore)

24th October 2015, 20:46h

Hello RBKD!

Happy 7th Birthday! May we all continue to stay united as one and create even more great memories together. It’s been a blessing to be part of this family. Stay awesome!

Zhiqing (Singapore)

30th October 2015, 15:47h

Happy Birthday RBKD!!!!!!!

Thank you for the fun, unique and wonderful memories.

Thank you for letting us grows together.

Cheers to many more great years ahead.

Yvonne (Singapore)

1st November 2015, 16:41h

Happy birthday RBKD!

I joined RBKD 5 years ago not knowing what to expect and purely because I adore Rui En haha. But I’m glad I joined! Although I did not manage to attend many MANY events the past year due to school, at least I could attend some! Its nice to be able to do charity recently via RBKD too Hope there’s more chances for us to do so and more fun sports activities as well. Happy happy birthday!

Ying Mei (Singapore)

1st November 2015, 17:47h

Thank you for all the memories we get to share together. I look forward to new ones that still lay ahead. Happy Anniversary!

Yee Ling (Singapore)

1st November 2015, 21:29h

Dear RBKD,

Time seriously flies and it is now time of the year again when you have your birthday!! I am so glad to have gone through yet another eventful year with you, during which I gained unforgettable memories and formed new friendships with people from diverse backgrounds but we share the common interest and ambition.

I sincerely hope that you can continue growing well, becoming stronger and more established in years to come. I look forward to continuing my journey with you and of course, the 8th birthday to come!


Weijen (Malaysia)

1st November 2015, 22:16h

Happy 7th Birthday, RBKD!

You’ve come a long way and it might have never been an easy journey but you did it.

Keep going and staying strong!

Yanjun (Singapore)

1st November 2015, 22:33h

Anniversaries are a time to count blessings as we look forward to creating new shared experiences and memories together.

Staying together is not something we take for granted and may we grow in strength and maturity each year. Happy 7th anniversary!

Ming (Singapore)

1st November 2015, 23:16h

Dear RBKD,

Happy 7th Anniversary!

Thank you for the great friends I have made.
Thank you for the exciting experiences shared.
Thank you for the tears of joy shed.
Thank you for the memorable memories created.
Thank you for the acts of giving we contributed together.
Thank you for the such wonderful times together.
Thank you for the years ahead which we will continue journey together.

Cheers to more great things to come!

Best wishes,

Lionel (Singapore)

1st November 2015, 23:57h

Happy 7th birthday RBKD!

Thank you for all the wonderful memories that we shared together, and the friendship that we forged. May we continue to stay united and grow from strength to strength.

Joan Chen (Singapore)

1st November 2015, 23:59h

Happy 7th Birthday to RBKD!

生日快乐! (“,)

Cheers (“,)

Joanne Chong (Singapore)

2nd November 2015, 00:16h

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