Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
19 February 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: Indoor Soccer @ Kovan

When: 18 December 2013

Where: Kovan

Participants: Cindy, Daphne, Edith, Jaslin, Jiamin, Lixian, Madeline, Rebecca, Phyllis, Suwei, Xu Hui, Yanling, Yingmei, Zowee


Xu Hui, Participant:

I have to say that my first bridging activity with RBKD was really fun.

Before meeting the participants, I was feeling uneasy and afraid. I was not confident of joining them in the games due to my lower limb weakness, and while everyone was enjoying themselves playing soccer, I was involved in taking pictures. And wow, I realised that Jia Min was a really good striker! :D Later on, Phyllis encouraged me to join them for the captain’s ball game. I was rather hesitant, but decided to give it a try.

Well… It turned out that everything went well! Everyone was having fun and there was loads of laughter. While everyone was engrossed in the game, they still kept looking out for me and did not mind that I wasn’t able to catch the ball many times. I was really enjoying myself and when the game ended, I felt that I didn’t have enough fun and wanted to continue playing! And of course, after a whole afternoon of playing and laughing, everyone had a great time during dinner, eating and talking and getting to know each other better. Overall, it was a nice day out with RBKD.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organising committee for planning this bridging activity and for giving me the opportunity to join them. Here’s to more activities with RBKD! :D


Rebecca, Participant:

This is the first time that I attended an event without knowing anyone, and I felt really excited yet nervous.

However, when the game started, it was better than I thought it would be and with the fun we all had, everything went very smoothly. Everyone felt comfortable with one another and enjoyed themselves there.

Thanks to all the organisers for organising such activities for fans to bond together! My first bridging activity was a very enjoyable and memorable one and I hope there will be more to come ;)


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11 February 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: Bowling Bridging Activity

When: 7 December 2013

Where: Yishun Safra

Participant(s): Adelyn, Allan, Celest, Cindy, Edith, Huiyi, Jaslin, Jiamin, Lilian, Melissa, Phyllis, Yan Ling and Zo Wee

Melissa, Organiser:

About a month ago I was asked to help with organizing a Bridging Activity. I was really excited, but because this was the first time I’ve ever organised anything for RBKD, I felt really pressured as well.

I was so stressed out because I wanted everyone to have a really good time, and I didn’t want anyone to get hurt or injured. Luckily I had a really nice mentor who listened to and subdued my worries.

So after planning and with quite a few hiccups along the way, it was finally D-DAY. The day of the Bowling Bridging Activity.

It was really fun. I love the playing method whereby it wasn’t the usual one person to a 10 frame game. We played, in all essence of the word, randomly. We took turns to throw once each and in the end it was more of having fun together as a team instead of gunning for an individual final score. It’s really difficult to explain (see! if you joined us you’d know! :p). I guess the best way to describe it is organized chaos. This really paved the way for natural interaction. We talked and laughed a lot. It was definitely not as awkward as I thought it might be. Props to whoever came up with this idea! I love that the Teamwork that RBKD is all about was brought out so clearly.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly and all the preparation work was well worth it!

Jaslin, Participant:

At first, it was a bit awkward as I did not know anyone from the group but Melissa started giving us sweets so it somehow made me feel that I was part of the group.

During the first game, we did not dare to participate but it got better as it went on. I felt welcomed by the members as they initiated conversations and were very supportive! Yan Ling was very enthusiastic and encouraging, making the activity fun and lively.

This is my first time joining such an activity, it was a meaningful event I would say, meeting people with the same interest. Hope to join more activities with RBKD and be part of it soon! Thanks for the effort of the organization committee!

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05 February 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: National Museum of Singapore + TV50 Exhibition

When: 21 December 2013

Where: National Museum of Singapore

Participants: Bihui, Candice, Jean, Joanne Chong, Jonah, Madeline, Melissa, Peijun, Phyllis, Yanling


Jonah, Participant:

The TV50 Exhibition at the National Museum was an interesting visit to re-look at how TV has evolved throught the years in Singapore. From the days where TV was just black and white to the current modern colour TV, dramas, variety shows, and news updates are more interesting to watch.

Overall, it was a great experience through this visit.


Bi Hui, Participant:

It was a very nice experience going out together with RBKD to this exhibition, where we got to see the history of how Mediacorp was “born” up till today. I was really excited for this IPC as I had a lot of interest in the history of films and stuff. But sadly to say, it was a very short exhibition that only took a few minutes to finish, even though we were told to walk slowwwwly by Yanling haha!

After that, we went to another exhibition where they displayed all the local food. This was also the place where we all went in and started complaining that we were so hungry after looking at videos showing how different kinds of foods were made one after another. Because of this temptation we decided to get lunch together, and while we were taking the bus to Chinatown, Melissa the tour guide introduced to us many of the buildings along the way. It was a very fun experience because this was one of the few IPCs where we actually travelled from place to place, and more importantly, we all had fun!


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01 February 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: Our RBKD Story: My Rangel Chapter

Where: All around Singapore & Malaysia

Date of Premiere: 15 November 2013


Celest, Priority Member:

It was really interesting to watch Rangels’ individual videos at this year’s 5th anniversary celebration. I had a multitude of feelings, accompanied by both tears and laughter. Because to me, they were all heartfelt words expressed sincerely by us; regardless of whether we are calm, cool, shy, soft-spoken or crazy, funny, outspoken in front of the camera.

As for me, I have never done such a thing before, at the most only self-shots. It was not an entirely smooth self-filming process as I had to pose accurately in front of the camera to ensure ideal lighting with the right filming angle and my audible voice. Nevertheless, with Yanling’s help, I managed to come out with a satisfactory one eventually. Although I actually had to do many takes, I certainly enjoyed doing every take. They were special moments and all worth it.

So if you are to ask me what is my most memorable experience this year? It would absolutely be doing an individual video of myself for RBKD. Thank you for all the stories shared. And indeed, what a simple and unique birthday gift from everyone!


Zhiqing, Priority Member:

This year, in commemoration with RBKD’s 5th Anniversary, we were all tasked to do an individual video each to share with one another on our most memorable moment in RBKD.

Initially, I had no idea what it was for and hence just did as tasked. Luckily, we had a certain format to follow and hence I did not have to worry about not doing the right thing.

Even though it may be troublesome and perhaps time-consuming, the end product is really awesome and is definitely worth the amount of time and effort spent doing it. Years down the road, I’ll definitely be thankful for the video for it reminds us of all the memorable moments in RBKD.


Yanjun, Priority Member:

“OMG! Can I not do it?” That was the first thought that came to my mind when I received the text from Yanling about the video project. Never had I thought that I would ever record a video of myself for others to see but yes, there’s always the virgin attempt. So I decided to make the video and this would be something that I can look back in the future.

Being a first-timer, it was quite an experience to record a video of myself. From the stacking of magazines and notes to obtain an appropriate height to the adjustment of the phone to get an appropriate angle to ensuring that my voice was loud enough and lastly, to overcome the nervousness. It was definitely not an easy feat. Although I still find it rather embarrassing, I’m glad to be part of this project and it has been a memorable experience.

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28 January 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD: Of Things That Define Us

Where: All around Singapore

Date of Premiere: 15 November 2013


Phyllis, Priority Member:

Script. Check.
Props. Check.
Voice Recorder. Check.

Our SOP (standard operating procedure) before we start filming each time. I am sure everyone involved in the filming can remember this!

The “events” video was a really memorable experience for me as we had to travel around Singapore (5 locations) in ONE day and get everything done within the day. Well technically we took only about 12 hours :P

MBS > Mediacorp > Serangoon > Punggol > MBS > Sentosa (!!!!!)

From braving the heat at MBS to trying to “hide” our RBKD tees at Mediacorp’s entrance to sneaking into the compass ballroom for filming, each location really left us some good memory!

When we were recalling the events that happened at each venue, it was like a trip down memory lane. I can’t believe that we have actually been through so many events together as one RBKD in these 5 years! Every event has something special to each and every one of you and hopefully this video has helped everyone to recall some of them :)

I think this idea of a “definition video” by the organizing committee is really a good one. Although it was tiring to repeat our lines over and over again, and to sit/stand under the sun for a long time, I am sure the end product was definitely worth it!

Well, another definition video 5 years later again? Haha!


Lionel, Priority Member:

Being part of the definition video was certainly an eye-opening experience as to what filming a video possibly entails. Not only do you have to ensure the lighting of the environment, you have to be aware of every single word and (facial) expression used! We went to different locations to film the definition videos and while it was time consuming and energy sapping, the overall effect of the videos made everything worthwhile.

I do hope that the video brings out the essence of what RBKD does and what we are all about, and in the meantime, provide everyone a form of entertainment as well as conversation starter. Cheers everyone, and happy 5th anniversary!


RBKD: Of Things That Define Us

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22 January 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: weareone: our fifth chapter Spring Cleaning

When: End Sept/Early Oct

Where: Jalan Bukit Merah

Participants: Bi Hui, Jiamin, Joanne Chong, Madeline, May Yen, Ming, Pei Jun, Rui En, Xinyi and Yanling


May Yen, Participant:

I consider myself privileged to be able take part in the weareone Spring Cleaning. This experience left me reflecting on my own blessedness and determination to do more whenever possible.

I was tasked to pack and clean up the kitchen area so that we could give the kitchen a fresh coat. Cockroaches came crawling/ flying out from all directions when we were cleaning the kitchen. That was the greatest obstacle that we faced. Most of us were afraid of these little insects, so cans of Baygon spray were always by our side so that we could spray at them instantaneously before they could come close to us! This was the first time I have seen so many roaches (in the hundreds) ranging from baby to adult – one very apt Chinese phrase to describe this is 祖宗三代.


… and After!

It took us 5 full days to “transform” this little unit into a warm and inviting home. What warmed my heart were the commitment and the enduring spirit that Rangels have shown during the spring cleaning. All of them put in 101% effort in all areas, even in the littlest tasks such as clearing the rubbish. No one uttered a word of complaint; in fact, everyone was cleaning the house with a joyous spirit.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Rui En join us in this spring cleaning activity. She dirtied her hands by packing and cleaning the house, and she also witnessed the flying insects and braved it together with us even though that’s her greatest fear! One incident I remembered vividly was when she actually climbed up the kitchen cabinet and joined me to scrub the kitchen grill on the last night of our work. She also chatted with us while working, and also with the family members as well as their neighbours. She enjoyed herself thoroughly and served humbly.

One thing that I experienced is that serving and giving derives much more joy than receiving.


Madeline, Participant:

I’m very grateful to have been part of this year’s weareone spring cleaning project. I joined the team for the first 2 weeks of spring cleaning, where we cleaned out the flat in the first week and scrubbed the flat the next week.

I still remember the first time I stepped into the flat – I simply could not comprehend how such a large family could all fit into, much less live in such a small and cluttered space. At that moment, the idea of cleaning out the entire flat seemed so daunting, but thankfully once we started the packing and sorting, the mountain of clothes and bags slowly started to disappear.

On one of the days, a few of us were tasked to clear out the kitchen area, which was full of opened food items and cockroaches ranging from egg to monstrosity. We were all quite afraid of picking up the cockroach-infested items and ended up spraying the can of (useless) Baygon most of the time, and so things were progressing pretty slowly. Everything changed when May Yen came and was able to speak in Malay to the owner of the flat who allowed us to throw everything away, which speeded up the process quite considerably. Having never seen so many cockroaches in my life before, this was quite an experience for me.

It was very heartening to see how welcoming the family was – the lady owner trusted us so much with her belongings even though I could barely communicate a word with her, and the kids looked forward to our presence and were so full of energy while they helped us with the cleaning.

It was also quite a surprise to see Rui En join us on several occasions. It’s not every day that you get to see your idol lug trash bags across the corridor or bend down next to you to sort food packages, and then appear on your TV screen the very next day. Seeing her sincerity in giving back to the society and helping out so earnestly really made me respect her even more.

Even though I wasn’t around towards the end of the project, seeing the photos of the happy family in their clean & newly-painted flat really made my day. It would take a lot of effort on the family’s part to prevent things from reverting back to their original state, but I’m glad that we did whatever we could, and were able to make a difference to this family.


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08 January 2014 | 01:00 pm

Name: Vanessa
Forum Nick: Vanessa
Status: Priority Member

My name is …. and I am ….

HI! My name is Vanessa and I’m currently studying in Serangoon JC.

Me and RBKD:

I joined RBKD in 2012! I think being part of a fanclub might seem the last thing I will ever do… But here I am!

1) Memorable and unforgettable moment(s) in RBKD was …….

Weareone: our third chapter <3

It’s my very first time celebrating RBKD’s birthday.

Great night, fun games, sharing~ It was a moment when I felt close to everyone.

2) I have learnt in RBKD that……..

With persistence and determination, you can achieve your goal.

3) My favourite IPC is …… because …….

RBKD Orientation 2013.

The whole event was unique and gave a different feel as compared to the previous Orientations I attended. Being in a relatively smaller team, we were able to communicate and bond well with each other. There were many instances when you could see us looking out for each other. I also felt that the whole activity was well planned out and went on very smoothly!

4) This is my favourite photo(s) taken in RBKD because …..


5) I hope to go for an IPC in future that is ……

Extreme sports related? Maybe Rock climbing or dragonboating/canoeing.

6) Words/pic to share with RBKD:

“Come friends, it’s not too late to seek a newer world.” – Alfred Tennyson

Along with the club’s motto: Traversing the Road Less Traveled.

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16 November 2013 | 11:47 am

Dear RBKD,

What a journey it has been.

As I look at the pics, I’m reminded of all the blood, sweat and tears.

Without you, there is no me.

Rui En

weareone | 3 Comments

15 November 2013 | 12:40 am

It’s been five earthly years……….

God knows how long this is, if there’s a RBKD world……
At least an eternity and a half maybe?

We have been through a lot, together.

I’ve had tears, but wiped off by your warm “hands”.

Despair and self-doubts, but comforted and assured by your unwavering trust and support.

Your encouragement and faith in me made tough times bearable, and AMFs especially memorable, because I have you with me.

Thanks for being together.

I may not know what lies ahead of us, but if you are willing to, we can stay on this journey together.

Even on rocky seas, or in face with nemeses such as monstrous cockroaches, we can work things out together, or at least, scream together……

I’ll hold your hands like you hold mine, if you allow me to.

Thank you for making RBKD what she is today,
Thank you for making RBKD a place where we still wanna be today,
Thank you my dear members,
Thank you my dear you.

Stay Blessed,
And Happy Birthday :)

With Love,

weareone | 6 Comments

15 November 2013 | 12:35 am

Happy 5th Anniversary RBKD!

5 years might seem quite short to others but it has been a long journey for us. To be able to achieve what we have now is no easy feat. I am glad to be part of this big family.

Thank you for all the love and memories.
Thank you for teaching me many valuable lessons.

Hope we grow not just in strength, but also be more Resilient, Boundless, Knitted and Dedicated.

Cheers to many more great years ahead!

Best Wishes,

Jia Min

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