Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
11 June 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2015

When: 20 June 2015

Where: Marina Bay Area

Weijen, Participant (Penang Member):

RBKD Orientation is one of the club events I would mark my calendar for. I look forward to meeting new faces every year and of course, it also represents a truly member-bonding day with Rangels

It is my 2nd Orientation despite it is already RBKD’s 5th. For the first 3 years they had been organising, June had always proved to be a hectic month for me as my exams fell in June every year. So I said to myself, I must join Orientation once I graduate! and I am happy to have done it for 2 years already.

Orientation 2015 was less pulsating and tiring than Orientation 2014 because there was no amazing race this year. Personally I enjoy more of outdoor sports, and I really enjoyed the feeling of completing task after task as a team during an amazing race. But, I do hear some feedback from participants about a tiring Orientation with an amazing race. So I must say I equally enjoyed it this year with different activities, most interesting and memorable is Double-whacko with my Team Knitted! Full of fun and laughter hahahaha

Kudos to the organising committee for a different Orientation this year! Look forward to more Orientation memories

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08 June 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2015

When: 20 June 2015

Where: Marina Bay Area

Zhiqing, Participant:

This is my 4th time participating in the RBKD Orientation. As usual, I’m always looking forward to orientation as I get to meet new faces as well as to bond with the current members.

When we first met, we knew nothing about one another. However, we started to learn more about each other through games such as ‘3+1’, where we had to introduce our name, three things about ourselves and our strength. Not only do we get to know more about our teammates, we also had fun trying to remember facts about our newfound friends. In addition, through a game named ‘Octopus Ink’, where we tied strings to a marker and each of us had to pull a string such that we will be able to draw the picture that we were tasked to draw, we built great rapport with one another and have definitely realised that in a team, the key to success is teamwork and coordination. Nearing the end of orientation, we played ‘Captain’s Ball’. However, unlike the usual Captain’s Ball, we were paired up and one of our legs were tied together with our partner’s leg, such that we are three-legged. Through this game, we built great team spirit as each pair will have to coordinate with the other pairs so that the ball can be successfully passed down. We even cheered for our own teammates, as well as for the other participants, whenever a goal is scored.

To conclude, it was a great experience getting to know people from different walks of life. I certainly had lots of fun and definitely do look forward to RBKD Orientation 2016! :)

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04 June 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2015

When: 20 June 2015

Where: Marina Bay Area

Mervin, Participant:

One of the best ways to remember experiences and people is through taking photos. While it involved a large group of people for the final photo taking of the entire orientation group, Xinyi was rather persistent when she did not get the ideal photo of both the scenery and everyone. Nevertheless, everyone’s spirits were high and waited patiently despite standing and squatting for some time. Every RBKD orientation involves different batches of fans and it would definitely be cool to compare each year’s orientation photos and observe the recurring attendees.

Regarding the debrief, I believe Xinyi briefed us about the values of RBKD and everyone had their chance to reflect and speak out their thoughts for the day, which was pretty meaningful. Although the orientation games had some hiccups such as changing locations due to our large number, it gave everyone an opportunity to know more people and make friends. And we all had something in common – we adore Rui En.

Ultimately, I thank the committee for putting in time and effort to gather everyone and made the event a successful one.

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01 June 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2015

When: 20 June 2015

Where: Marina Bay Area

Ivanna, Participant:

The Octopus Ink game requires everyone to put in some team work and for a ‘leader’ to come out to lead the rest into which directions are we going for or even which part of the item are we going for first. This game involves not just teamwork, but also proper coordination so that the art work will turn out to be nicer, in general. Everyone also has to pay attention as it is a constant on the move thing to hold and guide the marker through. Should anyone fail to pull the string or to release on time, the drawing would be ruined.

Overall, the orientation was very fun as everyone is nice, friendly and very welcoming. Everyone just mixed around, talked to each other and made new friends. Should I be given another opportunity, I would be more than glad to turn up for the various activities again!

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28 May 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2015

When: 20 June 2015

Where: Marina Bay Area

Edith, Participant:

It was my first time playing ‘River Crossing’ and initially it was difficult as the person beside me was blindfolded. As I was in front, I wasn’t blindfolded and my leg wasn’t tied to another person’s leg. So my job was to guide the people beside me so that we can cross the river. I will never forget that feeling of satisfaction after crossing the river successfully as a team!

Overall, orientation was great as I can see new and familiar faces and have fun at the same time.

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25 May 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2015

When: 20 June 2015

Where: Marina Bay Area

Rebecca, Participant:

I found the games very interesting as everyone’s point-of-view is different and nobody’s answer is wrong. Hence, understanding is very important.

Overall, I think it’s really amazing that orientation brought people from everywhere and from strangers to friends.

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21 May 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2015

When: 20 June 2015

Where: Marina Bay Area

Celest, Participant:

This is my fourth time playing Double Whacko. It was so entertaining to observe a variety of facial and body expressions, and hear loud screams of those who were sabotaged successfully. Somehow as I became too engrossed, I started to mix-up names and faces, hence failing to protect my partner. But it does feel exhilarating to hit the right person and get the chance to sit down again. I call this an amusing and perfect ice breaker game for everyone; as we were really engaged in good fun, breaking the awkward silence and being in a hyper-attentive state both listening and remembering.

3+1 was done in a pretty special way this year. Yes, in addition, we had to mention our strengths and it involved videoing everyone as we made our self-introduction, one by one in a circular manner. This is RBKD’s usual way of getting to know one another and doing a video would be a good idea to preserve memories.

On the whole, I like this year’s Orientation format very much. Even though I was just a participant, I felt it was heartening to see non-members enjoying themselves as much as I did. It has always be an interesting experience for me each time I join RBKD Orientation, bonding with familiar members as well as fans I met for the first time.

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18 May 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2015

When: 20 June 2015

Where: Marina Bay Area

Shannon, Participant:

This was my first year attending the RBKD orientation. When I was signing up for it, I was accompanied by fear and anxiety as I was not normally a sociable person and being around big groups of strangers was not normally my kind of thing. However, the RBKD family has always interested me due to our common love for Rui En. When I was notified that I was selected, I almost backed out several times as I had the mindset that fan clubs were meant for young teens and I would be the odd one out. However, the committee members and others present were easy to get along and I felt more at ease than expected.

Out of all the activities that was planned by the committee, captain’s ball was my favourite. Ever since I entered the workforce, team sports was something that’s almost impossible to get. Imagine my elation when they said we were playing captain’s ball! That being said, this captain’s ball was different from the usual one. Not only did we have to use balloons, we also had to be bound together by feet with one other person. This meant that no matter what I did, I had to think about the other party. It meant that no matter how eager I was to get the ball, I cannot rush there alone, otherwise we will fall down. This has taught me a lot about patience and doing things together as nothing good can be achieved if I acted on my own, and might even cause us to be injured. Both team members were also very good sports. No matter which team scored, everyone would cheer and encourage each other.

All in all, I feel that taking out the courage to sign up for RBKD orientation was one of the best things I’ve done in this year. I’ve met many new friends through this orientation and also broke away from my mundane work life to do something different.

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29 October 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2014

When: 7 June 2014

Where: Bayview Hotel

Sandra, Team Boundless, Participant:

A buffet dinner is exactly what we needed after braving through the sun and sweat in the day.

It was really an awesome night out! All of us ate heartily to replenish the energy that was drained during the activities. We started to chit chat and our conversations made me laugh so hard that I had a stomach cramp!

Heaps of laughter could also be heard from all corners of the restaurant. Everyone was enjoying themselves and engrossed in their conversations. It was as though we had the whole restaurant to ourselves!

We were enjoying each other’s company so much that we forgot about the time till we got the signal when the waiters started to clean up the place. It always amazes me at how a day of bonding during the orientation activities can turn us from strangers into friends.

Heartfelt thanks to the organisers for putting in so much effort and time to create a platform for fans to get together. Not forgetting to thank all the participants who make this day memorable for me in one way or the other! Looking forward to more activities with RBKD!

Weijen, Team Resilient, Assistant Team Leader:

In my opinion, a meal over the dining table is always the best time to bond. That was the case during our dinner after RBKD Orientation 2014.

It was also the time to replenish all our energy after a tiring afternoon’s exertions. I had a great time catching up with some members that didn’t attend the Orientation but specially attended the dinner, as well as watching the new friendships formed during the Orientation blossom even further among the participants. Those in Team Resilient chatted as if they were long-time friends! :D

Overall, it was an enjoyable and wonderful dinner that brought a fitting end to this Orientation. *thumbs-up*

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22 October 2014 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2014

When: 7 June 2014

Where: Marina Bay Area

Xu Hui, Team Boundless, Participant:

7 June was really an enjoyable day, and the most unforgettable part? We sure took lots and LOTS of selfies :D

That day, I really enjoyed getting to know so many more members, and laughing with my teammates at almost anything under the sun. We walked around Marina Bay area for the whole day finding destinations, completing tasks, playing games, and everywhere we passed by, we went: “Come come let’s take another selfie!” :D The best part is not the satisfaction after completing each task, but it is really the bond that all of us have forged during and after each process.

Throughout the day, I have also learnt the great importance of teamwork, not only to get everyone involved in each activity, but also to ensure everyone’s safety. It was also exciting to experience and see how different teams help out one another in achieving goals for different tasks (especially the “Mahjong Paper” Game), and even getting from place to place. Because in RBKD, no one is left behind :)

I really want to thank the Organizing Committee for meticulously planning such a memorable and fun event for everyone to enjoy and bring back with them great memories. Here’s to more fun days with RBKD! ^^

Ernie, Team Resilient, Participant:

Pre-Orientation: I was quite apprehensive initially. I thought I would be out of place. After some lengthy discussion with my friend, we decided that we should take a break from corporate politics and be happy around people who like Rui En and apply for the Orientation. She is afterall our inspiration.

I was really excited when I was selected for the Orientation. I’ve seen RBKD members cheering on TV and I’ve seen them when I attended L’oreal Paris roadshows but I’ve never spoken to them before. I’ve always wanted to thank them for their effort to keep us, silent supporters of En, updated on any news related to En.

Orientation Day: I’m the type of person who googles almost everything so when first challenge came, I relied on my smartphone to get information. Second game… gosh! One of the most challenging ones where no internet, information counter or directory could help you. You gotta think out of the box. Next, it was a picture anagram game. Again we relied on the information counter and mall directory but we hit a roadblock. Walking around the mall helped because we started spotting the products in the correct shop.

We proceeded to our next pitstop. It was almost noon then. Two challenges later, we were walking around in circles under the hot scorching sun. My brain started to disconnect with my body. Thankfully my team mates are a lot healthier and mentally stronger than me. They were able to think rationally.

Finally we got to MBS. AAAAIIIIIRRRCCOOOONNNNNN!!!! Yup! Thats what most of us exclaimed. I thought it was time for lunch but no, we had to stretch our brain again. This time, fashion challenge. Although these answers could be found online, like my mental and physical state, my iphone battery went flat. My teammates (they seemed to have endless energy) were the most excited ones for this challenge. Words like “MICHAEL KORS!! CHRISTINE DIOR! Wheres D’Squared? Shhh…shhh…Dont let others see us..” summed up pretty much the conversation we had during the challenge.

We passed through yet another hurdle and next game was some incomprehensible number challenge. Nobody wanted to do it anymore. We all wanted food and water. Thankfully, the committee understood that we were tired and allowed us to stop for lunch break. HURRAH!!! Gobbled down my homemade wrap quickly!

Before we could show off our creative flair, it started to pour during our al fresco lunch at Marina Promontory.

We found an indoor spot and played our last game – Mahjong Paper game. My teammates are a bunch of creative ladies. They gave the Project Runway winner a run for their money. They managed to transform plain mahjong paper into a couture inspired mat! I love the teamwork and coordination during the game. We have to squeeze on our couture mat and move from Point A to Point B. It’s a good training for anyone who wants to survive in the train crowd during peak period. You get to feel someone’s tummy on your back and vice versa.

Post Orientation… I enjoyed myself a lot. Although I’m not as fit as my team members, they never once made me feel that way. They never made me feel like a disadvantage at all. I look forward to more events with RBKD :)

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