Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
29 July 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2013

When: 8 June 2013

Where: Labrador Park

Sandra, Team Resilient, Assistant Team Leader:

The skit was kinda impromptu but I personally liked how we were given lesser time to prepare because everything performed was funnier/more real as we just went with whatever ideas we had.

We were given time to discuss and rehearse and so as not to waste any preparation time, we just took up any roles of the skit without hesitation or worrying about being embarrassed on stage (which is good because some of us snapped out of being shy and just enjoyed the entire process).

The skits put up by all the teams were rather comical and everyone had a great time laughing at one another.

Team Resilient acting out ‘Fish Feeding @ Bishan Park’ IPC

Amanda Lee, Team Knitted, Participant:

For me, I felt that the skit was one filled with team work.

As this is my first time joining the Orientation, I was quite unsure of what to do as it was really scary to just go up and act in front of so many other participants. I was quite sure that I did get the symptoms of stage fright (such as mind blanks and not being able to speak) while rehearsing but my teammates were very patient and encouraging.

I’m really thankful and glad for their patience and understanding, it helped me a lot. Jean even volunteered to do the scenes with me. That lifted a load off my chest although I was still nervous. The skit may not be a perfect one, but to me, the skit was an awesome one because of my teammates.

I really felt that it showed exactly what team work meant as we tried to help each other especially when someone forgot their lines. I enjoyed myself a lot and I’m sure my teammates had fun too :)

Team Knitted <3


Zi Lei, Team Knitted, Team Leader:

It was definitely not an easy task coming up with a skit that had relevance to RBKD, albeit coming from drama CCA in secondary school. The storyline of the skit was definitely an aintegral part of it and how could I put in elements and characteristics of RBKD and its members into it? Fortunately for me, an idea came to me one night and it was to act out the obstacles that fans of different ages may face and how they could resolve it.

I wanted to make our skit as true to life as possible and I felt that this was one way to do it because our members are indeed from various backgrounds and there are certainly no lack of obstacles, personal and external, when deciding to join the big family.

On the actual day, rehearsal time went by pretty quickly too. As I only provided them with how the scenes will change and how it goes as a whole (i.e. without any scripts), the bulk of it, which was the acting, was then based mostly on their own improvisation.

There were a few minor hiccups but I am proud to say they did a great job! With the limited time and only things from my head to work with (which is basically nothing concrete/no scripts), they managed to inject their own ideas and put up a skit for Team K even though it might have been their first go at acting (and improvising)!

It’s been a great experience and kudos to all of you for the great job done!

Team Resilient! Lets sing along~~~

Team Boundless!

Team Knitted in action!

Team Dedicated!

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24 July 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2013

When: 8 June 2013

Where: Labrador Park

Lilian Ng, Team Boundless, Participant:

This is my first year joining RBKD orientation. On the day itself, I was feeling excited yet nervous. But everything went on smoothly, and it took not much time for me to get to know my teammates.

Obstacles race was the part that I enjoyed most. We were to create our own obstacles with the items we had. During the race, everyone was supposed to be blindfolded with a person from their group guiding them through the obstacle course, and I am one of them (to guide). At first, it felt hard to guide, but I got the hang of it after guiding through a few teammates.

Lastly, thanks to the OC, TLs, ATLs and everyone present at the orientation for the fun moments together. Joining the Orientation was no regrets, hope to be able to join the future ones.

Jasmine Yang, Team Dedicated, Team Leader:

“Let’s add this bottle here! Is 1 bottle enough?”

This was the reaction when we were told that the obstacles we will be making, will be for other teams. Just when everybody was done building their obstacles, “decorated” with leaves and hanging bottles, we were told that “the obstacles you guys have built will be for your own team!”……… and we gasped in horror!

Through this, everyone have learnt that in RBKD, you do not do harm to others otherwise there would be something known as karma ;) And without any doubts, team spirit is really the key to complete this race :)

For the “Mahjong paper” game, I have learnt that as a team, no one gets left behind no matter what, because with teamwork, we can definitely conquer the impossible, together.

TEAM: Together We Achieve More!

Shannon, Team Dedicated, Participant:

I felt that it was interesting to design the obstacles. I was given a chance to be the guide for my group. Guiding was indeed challenging, but eventually, everyone was able to cross the obstacles blindfolded when we worked closely together.

Last part of the obstacles race was the ‘Mahjong paper’ game. I felt that this game was the best for group bonding. There were many interesting moments throughout the game. Even though my group came in last, I felt that my group had the most fun completing the game.

The whole game was enjoyable and hilarious. It has been a while since the last time I had so much fun. Hopefully I will be able to join more of such events in future!!!

Team Resilient: Trying to ‘salvage’ the mahjong paper.. haha~

Team Resilient!

Team Boundless: Giving each other a hand~

Team Boundless!

Team Knitted!

Team Dedicated!

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22 July 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2013

When: 8 June 2013

Where: All around Harbourfront and Labrador Park

Clarence, Team Resilient, Participant:

We didn’t start off with the usual 3+1 intro, instead, we dived in straight to Amazing Race which was my most favourite part of the orientation. At first, I thought it would be similar to last year, going to Sentosa and doing similar missions. Little did I expect it to be something so energy-draining.

For one of the missions, we had to act out some of Rui En’s characters in her dramas and then take photos. We were all having fun during this mission as we had a great laugh at each other’s interesting facial expressions.

Our TL and ATL took good care of us by constantly reminding us to drink up and to tell them if we are not feeling well. The most unforgettable part of the race was finding the ‘no fishing’ sign board which we spent a lot of time walking to find it.

Throughout the race, my teammates and I bonded a lot and we cared for each other’s well-being too. We also bonded with other teams as well, as we tried to slow them down but at the same time, interacting with them. In short, I really enjoyed the orientation and would like to thank the Organizing Committee (OC) for doing such a wonderful job even though it was exhausting.

Yee Ling, Team Knitted, Participant:

I was very impressed with the first task: fill-in-the blanks quiz which will lead us to the next clue, although we had difficulties with it, luckily, we were able to complete it with the help of every teammate and the clues from the OC.

Along the way, we met other teams so we did photo bombing. Not forgetting, we also had a chance to imitate Rui En’s characters and not to deny, we had difficulties finding a suitable role for each of our teammates.

Lastly, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone in the OC who organised this fun and challenging race. I just want to shout out to my team – TEAM KNITTED!! Thank you everyone for putting a great effort in it and also to my TL and ATL too. Although our team was the smallest and it was tiring, I had a lot of fun under the hot sun, especially the mahjong paper game.

Cheers to next Orientation!!

Can you see the word ‘Knitted’?

Zhiqing, Team Resilient, Team Leader:

Through the discussion that we had to complete our first task (fill-in-the blanks quiz), we have all opened up, became more chatty, and were no longer shy.

During our second task, which was to use the initials of the answers in the first task, to figure out the next location, we met some difficulties. Through this task, I’ve realised that determination and working as a team are really important, without it, we will never be able to solve the puzzle, and not forgetting the clues from the OC.

The most tiring of all was definitely the walking. We had to walk to various places and complete our tasks. One of our tasks was to sing the song “关怀是阳光”, and surprising, everyone wasn’t shy about singing in front of others in the public, even though, for some, we have only met for the first time.

Through the amazing race, we have all became more bonded. The amazing race has really helped all of us to step out of our comfort zone and we really had a lot of fun.

Thanks for all the fun, teammates :)

Team Resilient!

Team Boundless: Don’t play play hor~

Team Boundless!

Team Knitted: Yea!! We found it!!

Team Knitted: Definitely having fun… Bang!!!

Team Knitted!

Team Dedicated: The start of the longgg walk to Labrador Park..

Team Dedicated: Mission time :D

Team Dedicated: A group pic with ‘her’ :D

Team Dedicated!

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17 July 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2013

When: 8 June 2013

Where: All around Harbourfront and Labrador Park

Madeline, on Preparation of Amazing Race:

Planning for the amazing race was rather challenging as we wanted to make this year’s race different. As such, we decided to hold it at another location – Labrador Park, and also came up with new tasks that were more unique to RBKD, such that the activities would provide an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The activities we came up with required quite a bit of preparation beforehand – from trawling through the RBKD website to find interesting quotes to visiting Giant to photograph all kinds of food & household items.

Nevertheless, it was really heartening to see everyone working together as one, as well as receiving many photos of happy faces of team completing their tasks on whatsapp throughout the course of the race.

It was great seeing our efforts paid off; hope everyone had a good time! (:

Junqi and Ying mei, on Amazing Race:

This year’s Amazing Race was especially tiring yet fulfilling. As we followed the teams from Vivo to Keppel Bay to Labrador Park, we could see how this activity managed to bond the teams. Despite the fatigue all of them faced from having to walk such a long distance in the hot weather, everyone took care of one another and cheered each other on. Kudos to the TLs/ATLs for trying their best to engage their teammates throughout :)

It was fun too watching some of the teams go in the wrong direction but at the same time felt so paiseh because of the hot weather and extra distance they had to walk. We tried our best to put on a poker face so we don’t give away the next location, we didn’t mean to mislead you guys haha, sorry! ;)

In order to ensure that the last team wasn’t lagging too far behind, we had to come up with some impromptu tasks. It was encouraging to see that although a few of the tasks were similar in nature, groups still enjoyed themselves.

Seeing all the teams having fun gave us a sense of satisfaction and we’re definitely glad that everyone enjoyed themselves.

We look forward to next year’s Orientation’s Amazing Race!

Phyllis, on Obstacle Race:

RBKD element?
Different from other orientations?

These questions were constantly on our minds as we planned.

We had so many ideas along the way, but the idea of an obstacle race emerged as our final decision after numerous brain storming and a site recee trip! Well, it was because we agreed that an obstacle race is definitely something unique to RBKD’s orientation and it would encompass the RBKD elements.

Throughout the course of the race, be it during the brainstorming segment on what to build or the actual race, what was most heartening to see was that everyone displayed the true RBKD spirit. Team B being the first to cross the finishing line, offered to shelter Team D that was under the sun. Team R and Team K gave up their mahjong paper that was still intact to Team D to help them finish the race. Everyone was there to lend a helping hand.

I still remember the smile/cheers/hi-fives as each team stepped across the finishing line. It was such a pleasing sight.

I am really thankful to be part of the organizing committee once again and for all the participants that attended this orientation, I would like to let you know that your presence was the best present for the organizing committee and TLs/ATLs.

Let’s look forward to Orientation 2014 :)

Team RBKD!

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26 June 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: Bonding @ Woodlands Waterfront

When: 2 June 2013

Where: Woodlands Waterfront

Participant(s): Elaine, Enrica, Eunice Zee, Jasmine, Jean, Jiamin, Joey, Kamin, Pei Jun, Shannon and Shirley

Jasmine, Organizer:

Being an organizer for any kind of activity is never easy, but all the blood, sweat, tears (okay maybe not haha) and brain cells put in to plan is definitely worth it when you see those smiles on the happy faces accompanied by endless laughter throughout!

My original plan was to just have some bonding activities along with some sunshine and breeze but…… it started to pour really heavily moments after we reached. The shelter was really small to fit all of us and rain was splashing in on us like we were in Wild Wild Wet. But what really warmed me was the spirit that everyone had towards the unexpected pour. We took out our umbrellas and “shield” each other from the rain. A really heartwarming sight.

The scorching hot sun was soon out again and we had a series of bonding activities which I had improvised them myself and I am very glad everyone was willing to give it a try and enjoyed themselves :)

Thereafter was a mini photography session with the beautiful sunset followed by dinner and a debrief session, concluding the end of our day.

A big thank you to my ATL/co-organizer Elaine, for all the help and brain cells spent in organizing this IPC and everyone who made an effort to attend this and making it yet another memorable memory for all of us in RBKD! :)


Joey Ho, Participant:

This is the second IPC I have attended and, frankly, I had no idea what to expect. Being someone who takes time to warm up, I expected to feel very awkward, but not so. The general hype and jovial characters of the others who were there really lightened the mood and tugged a smile on my face way earlier than I usually begin to when meeting new people. The camaraderie between the members was really poignant and allowed us to have great fun.

RBKD members in general have a very good sense of humour, and really eased the awkwardness of the atmosphere. With so many amusing people present, it is impossible to feel awkward, and it took no time at all for everyone to warm up and start the activities. The games had all of us doubled over with laughter, especially at the antics of several members.

Tragically, it rained, and the shelter we were under was sadly insufficient to shelter us, especially since the wind was blowing in the direction of the shelter. To be honest, the antics we got up to while trying to stay dry was one of the highlights of the day.

The finale of the day, the photo-taking session at the jetty, was picturesque. We had excellent fun taking shots of different poses.

Generally, the day was full of laughter. Laughter is good medicine for the soul, and my soul definitely received a good, strong and healthy dose.

Lim Ka Min, Participant:

It was my first time going for an IPC and yes, I have no idea which spot exactly to meet the organizers, how they look like, how could I recognize from the mountains and seas of people. “I am such an introvert, will it be awkward? Will anyone talk to me? What if they think that I am such a snobbish person if I don’t smile and talk? What if …..” Such thoughts streamed into my mind before the meet up.

I am pretty sure some of us would have experienced this before, in some parts of our life when we join new events/gatherings as a first-timer. That was when helplessness sets in and when you have no idea who you would be meeting for the first time Despite the not very pleasant thoughts that ran through my mind before the meet up, what happened after that was a totally different and amazing experience.

Everyone present were spontaneous, enthusiastic, understanding, helpful, bubbly, hyper, excited, amusing, FUNtastic and the list just goes on. These were the qualities that really made this IPC so memorable and different.

I have never expected an introvert like me, whom takes a week to open up to new people, to actually talk to people so easily within minutes. That’s how amazing it was! Touch my heart, I really enjoyed this IPC because I have learnt new things, made friends that never fails to make me laugh and yes, sometimes all it takes is someone’s effort to crack a joke and the atmosphere lightens.

The big big rain that ‘attacked’ us was one significant part of this IPC that left a great impact on me. It was the horrendous rain that disrupted the original plan, yet it was the rain that brought all of us close together. Indeed, as much as I dislike being drenched and wet, it was “being in this together whereby everyone is stuck in this with you that makes this experience unique.”

” Everyone is suffering together with you and yes ( – fist punches to chest and points – ) ” I feel you, you are not alone. ”

Perhaps this is how people connect and form bonds.

Thank you so much organizers for planning this IPC for newbies like us and certainly, you all have done a great job!  -A round of applause please- Looking forward for the next IPC because there will be more friendships forged and more hearts connected as one.

As we form new friendship in this journey we are all into, may our friendship blossom ” Because you are worth it. ( 因为你值得拥有) ”

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19 June 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: Night Photography @ Marina

When: 31 May 2013

Where: Marina

Participant(s): Enrica, Jasmine, Jean, Joey, Junqi, Kelly, Madeline, Melissa, Peijun, Phyllis, Yanjun, Yanping, Yeeling, Yingmei, Zhiqing

Junqi, Madeline, Phyllis and Yingmei, Organizing Committee of Orientation 2013:

Night sky line, Cool breeze, Bright flash lights…..

Well, it certainly doesn’t sound like what one would expect from a RBKD IPC!

That’s because this is one of the rare few IPCs that is held at night :)

Our first stop after dinner was the roof at Esplanade, where we caught a glimpse of the MBS laser show and had our 3 + 1 introduction! This 3 + 1 experience was one of the more interesting ones that we have experienced in RBKD. How often, do you get to gather at a roof top and have 3 + 1 in the dark with participants having to shine light at the one who is doing the intro? Hahaha.

After our introduction session we decided to take a walk from Esplanade all the way to Marina Bay Sands to catch the light show at the concourse. On our way to MBS, we stopped along Helix Bridge to snap a few group photos! Well since it was at night, the use of flash was inevitable but after every photo snapped all of our eyes became…. *.* oh my~ Thankfully we arrived just in time for the second and last light show of the night after our 1 hour stroll.

The IPC ended with us having a good talk while walking back to the MRT station from MBS … What a good way to end off our Friday.

Well come to think of it, actually we think it would be great if there’s more IPCs that can be held at night! We are eagerly waiting for the next one!

Yanjun, Participant:

The sudden downpour before the IPC did not dampen our mood for the MBS light show. Doing 3 plus 1 introduction in the dark and using the phone to create spotlight so that everyone’s faces could be seen, it was different from the usually more serious introduction settings. The creation of the spotlight somehow helped to spark off some interactions and laughter among us.

To get the best view of the light show, we walked from esplanade to bayfront and ended up catching the 9pm light show. Despite it being quite a distance, I believe everyone had fun from the interactions en route there. Having watched the light show from a less ideal location during one of my night runs, this was the first time I watched it from the best view and capturing those beautiful moments.

It’s a completely different experience. Even though the duration of the light show was only 13 minutes, it feels good to be able to gather together to enjoy the light show and night scenery after a long day of school/work/idling despite the ‘seats’ being wet.

Lastly, I would like to thank the organizing committee for taking the time and effort to organize this pre-orientation IPC :)

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27 March 2013 | 01:00 pm

What: CNY Bai Nian Lohei Tour & Steamboat Lunch

When: 16 February 2013

Where: Jolie’s House for Bai Nian Cum Lohei & Bugis for Steamboat lunch

Participant(s): Bengyan, Candice, Jasmine, Jean, Jewel, Jiamin, Jolie, Lionel, Melissa, Phyllis, Ser Chee, Shirley, Shuwen, Xinyi, Yanling

Candice & Phyllis, Organiser:

Well it’s the time of the year again where we toss for prosperity and good luck! This year’s bai nian and lo hei session was at Jolie’s place.

We had our usual lo hei, as you know we always say auspicious stuff before we toss and this year we had Jean to do it for us! Well we certainly had a good laugh :P

Thereafter, we went over to Bugis for a steamboat lunch. Although we do visit this steamboat store at Bugis often, having a meal there together in the afternoon was a totally different experience (usually we had dinner instead). We had the whole restaurant to ourselves because there was no one else and well, that also meant that we had all the food to ourselves :P

I always enjoy having steamboat with RBKD because I think this is the best time for everyone to sit down and have a good chat while enjoying each other’s company. Well, not to mention that having steamboat together gives me a home-ly and family-like feeling :)

May this year be a good one for RBKD. Huat ah!

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12 December 2012 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2012

When: 9th June 2012

Where: Bugis, Beach Road

Steamboat Dinner

Geok Yeng, Team Resilient, Participant:

First of all, I would like to thank the organizers for this steamboat dinner. As I didn’t get to attend any of the pre-O IPC due to work commitments, it made me cherish the time and moment spent together with Rangels even more.

While making our way to Bugis for dinner after the orientation, Shu Pei and I got dispersed from the group. Thankfully, Jean, Phyllis and Yan Ling were there specially waiting for us at Bugis MRT even though they were really hungry. 谢谢你们 (: I would like to highlight that throughout the whole day event, I was touched by the Rangels’ sincerity & thoughtfulness.

We occupied 5 tables but I think Rangels’ voice and laughter managed to conquer the whole place! Towards the end, our table played a game to clear food, “The Concentration Game”. The one who lost was rewarded a scoop of food from the remaining “good stuff” in the pot. Everybody had a good laugh including myself. The game was at its peak when Jolie lost 3 games consecutively. HAHAHAHAHAHA. At the end of the game, everyone had the fair share of the “reward”!

Undoubtedly, I really enjoyed myself on that day. Hopefully, I can join more events with Rangels in time to come. I can’t wait for it, can you? :D

Great food, great company.


This officially marks the end of RBKD Orientation 2012 :)
We hope everyone had a fun and memorable day.
Once again, thank you to all who made this orientation possible.

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28 November 2012 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2012

When: 9th June 2012

Where: Sentosa


Bi Hui, Team Boundless, Participant:

The skit was the most enjoyable segment! Though I really had to be thick skin and real crazy to act in front of 60+ people. As we were unable to meet all the members during rehearsals, it was very encouraging to see that members who didn’t turn up for rehearsals were willing to be as crazy with us!

Really glad that I have a great partner, Yamie for the skit. Without her I think the skit would not be as funny as what it was on that day!

Lastly, I would like to thank my team leader and assistant team leader for doing so much for us for the amazing race and especially the skit! They made time for rehearsals despite having tight schedules.

And that’s the end of “A DAY WITH RBKD!” (if you remember our skit HAHA!)

Jasmine Yang, Team Dedicated, Participant:

The first part of our skit was to sing the RBKD song. This song shows how RBKD is a unique fanclub! Then we acted out a scene where we were doing charity work for Rui En’s birthday.

I think this is rather meaningful as it shows that RBKD isn’t any ordinary fanclub who only cheer for our idol, but a society where Rangels gather together and care for people around us.

Finally, during the last part of the skit we recited a short cheer on the theme “dedicated”. The skit was really fun and interesting. I think all of us had a lot of fun and bonded tremendously!

Team Resilient with their ‘talk show’ and Barney song!

Team Knitted dancing to ‘Reach out for the skies’!

Team knitted acting out a scene during the pre-orientation IPC.

A big THANK YOU to the organizers, team leaders and assistant team leaders :D

You guys did a great job!

Lastly, thank you to all Rangels for making this orientation possible.
Lets look forward to RBKD Orientation 2013 =)

Together, we are ONE RBKD!

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31 October 2012 | 01:00 pm

What: RBKD Orientation 2012

When: 9 June 2012

Where: Sentosa

Amazing Race

Melissa Guo, Team Knitted, Participant:

Due to my work schedule, I could only participate in 1 pre-o IPC, therefore Orientation day was the first time I got to meet most of the Rangels. It was a little awkward at first because I didn’t know anyone, but as the ice-breakers went on, things got better.

The Amazing Race left the deepest impression on me. I remember telling my team leader, Yanling, that I’m someone who emphasize on winning. But for the first station, we went to the wrong place – thanks to me – (sorry, Team K!), but instead of blaming me, my team worked together to figure out the correct location.

Through this incident, I saw teamwork and that was when I knew my perception had changed. I realized that sometimes playing a game (or in life), isn’t about winning or losing, it’s really about the journey. It’s about getting to know your teammates (or friends and family) little by little along the way, helping one another, enjoying the journey and working toward the same goal together.

Friendship before competition :D

It was tiring but it was so much fun! I really have to thank RBKD for giving me the chance to take part in this Orientation which allowed me to gain much more than just new friends. I learnt an important life lesson as well.

Team Resilient

Team Boundless

Team Knitted

Team Dedicated

Together, we are TEAM RBKD!!!

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