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07 November 2018 | 01:00 pm
RBKD Orientation 2018

What: RBKD Orientation 2018

When: 19 May 2018

Where: Marina Bay

Odelia, participant:

This past May, I had the opportunity to attend a RBKD orientation, which I was ecstatic about since I’ve been seeing pictures of this annual event on the fan website for a few years now. We did most of the activities around MBS, which had the best views (even during the downpour when we hid under an overpass). Everyone I met was extremely welcoming & warm (especially my team leader, Yanling), and I had a blast with the activities.

Of all the activities, I’d have to say that my favourite would be the amazing race. It was quite early in the morning, so all the running around really woke me up (I was pretty groggy)! We had to solve the clue then take pictures as a group at specific locations that we thought was the answer to the clue. The game was really inventive, and required quite a bit of teamwork and memory (i.e. of RE facts over the years). I also thought that making soccer goalposts out of recyclable materials was cool. We had to figure out how to make it sturdy with empty bottles, paper, and tape.

Overall, I had a great time being back in SG again and actually meeting the fan club (and hopefully I’ll have a chance to return to SG in the coming years)!

Ming Yong, participant:

It’s my first time joining an RBKD event, since I got to know about RBKD many years ago.

It was a great experience for me, to get to know the people through the games and activities we had. It was a fun day for me, which I enjoyed myself.

My favourite games were double whacko and 3-legged soccer. For double whacko, it’s because it can be really funny to see a few of us, including myself, rushing to call out the names of others. Hahaha! 😂 As for 3-legged soccer, it was something different. It leaned towards like captain’s ball instead, to kick into our own goal post, to avoid the goal post collapsing.

Overall, it was an awesome day and I look forward to join the next orientation!


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