Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
17 October 2018 | 01:00 pm
Bridging 2018

What: Bridging 2018 Sessions

When: March 2018

Where: Function Room

Eugene, Participant:

My RBKD bridging experience could be referred to as a cosy one – there were only 4 of us in that particular session. I thought it was going to be boring. Thankfully, I was wrong. We had more opportunities to interact and understand each other better. That is something that could have been compromised to some extent if the session were to have more participants.

Attending such an activity brought me a step closer to understanding the role of a fanclub. It is not simply a platform to mindlessly cheer for our idol, but also a space where new people gather and forge friendships. It is also the tireless commitment of active members that keeps the club (and Rui En, of course) going (for 10 years already gosh).

You could say that the bridging experience is a first stepping stone to better understanding your roles as a fan of Rui En and a member of RBKD. I am glad I took that first step out that day.

Bridging Activity

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