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02 October 2018 | 01:00 pm
Bridging 2017

What: Bridging 2017 Sessions

When: June 2017

Where: Function Room

Xinyi, Club President:

We decided to scrap Orientation this year to focus on Bridging which consists of a smaller and more intimate group size, allowing us more opportunities to know the fans who are keen to join us.

This was also our new format for Bridging, where we introduced indoor activities instead of the previously outdoor ones. We mix around depending on the suitability of venue available.

Had 3 sessions in total over 2 weekends and the organizers were all brain dead after the sessions. But it was fun while it last as we got to know each other better and The RBKD Sit-down Foosball was obviously a crowd favourite. No less sweat even in an air-conditioned room.

For the committee, it was good to meet so many new people, after receiving hundreds of entries indicating interest to join us, we were glad that we got to meet some of them in person.

Bridging will always be evolving according to RBKD’s needs but the spirit to understand, interact and bond will remain.

Bridging Activity

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