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22 August 2018 | 01:00 pm
RBKD Orientation 2016 – Dinner

What: RBKD Orientation 2016

When: 18 June 2016

Where: Balestier

Suwei, Participant:

The dinner after orientation was pretty much what I anticipated the most after a long day of team building activities. The buffet was awesome, the restaurant had lots of variety of food and seeing that really perked me up.

The company of good friends definitely made the dinner more enjoyable. During the dinner, we were talking about lots of different topics and there was laughter everywhere. 

Some of the topics revolved around school life, adulthood and travel experiences. Personally, I feel it was pretty heartwarming to see everyone having a common topic. 

Nonetheless, I hope to join in for dinner again next year. 


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