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21 August 2018 | 01:00 pm
RBKD Orientation 2016 – Mahjong Paper Game

What: RBKD Orientation 2016

When: 18 June 2016

Where: Toa Payoh

Celest, Participant:

It was my first time playing the mahjong paper game. Hence I was totally clueless about how to start the game. Fortunately, someone in my team discovered the trick of folding the mahjong paper inwards and we began advancing together with our feet on the mahjong paper. Our mahjong paper started to tear along the way, but we continued to move forward, undeterred.

I enjoyed playing the game with the members as well as with the new fans. On one hand, I had a feeling of closeness from being united with the members. Whereas on the other hand, it was a display of excellent team spirit with the new fans. Impressively, with some many of us standing on the mahjong paper, we stayed vigilant by holding on tightly to each other so as to ensure everyone’s safety before reaching the finishing point.

On the whole, it was a refreshing orientation experience for me this year at a neighbourhood park. To me, it is definitely a great place to have fun away from the crowds and attention.  

Weijen, Participant:

I look forward to Orientation every year because it is a day when members get to bond with each other through activities and games and that helps me to know other members which I was not previously familiar with (well RBKD is not small right )

I always tell my friends and parents that I am in Singapore for a team-building day for Orientation – indeed it is. It is a day when you need to spend almost whole day (or at least half a day) with a group of team members. Throughout this, I will need to remember their names, get to hear their basic intro (3+1) and talk to them personally. I always love team sports/games so I really appreciate the hard work put in to organise these activities by the organising committee – mainly Rebecca and Edith! Kudos to you guys for the hard work! *clap*

Once again, I look forward to more Orientation memories (best if amazing race because it will be really fun to hear someone saying ‘the distance I covered at amazing race is the longest distance I have ever covered in my life’

Mahjong paper game

Ok, talking about this, there are 2 rounds for this game at the Orientation: 1st round is the 4 teams (Resilient, Boundless, Knitted & Dedicated) going against each other and 2nd round is Non-members vs Members. I HAVE TO MENTION THAT MY TEAM, TEAM KNITTED, WON THE 1st round!!! hahahaha. Why? because our team worked with a strategy. And the strategy is: to follow the advice of the experienced members (who have played this game before)!! Simple and effective! haha. Credits to Ying Mei and Zhi Qing for Team Knitted’s hard-fought victory!! but of course, we couldn’t win without our fantastic teamwork because in this game, we need REALLY CLOSE body contact among the team members and to support/hold/carry each other constantly

2nd round comes with a twist because on paper, Members team have an advantage as most of the team are experienced in this game (of course la, president and orientation organising committee are in the team ma ) so there are more challenges for our team e.g. holding 2 cups of water compared to 1 of Non-members. Although embarrassingly we lost the round eventually to the Non-members, it is the 1st game I ever experienced at an Orientation being with all members in a team! The feeling is really different and fun as 19-20 of us were cuddled together, making jokes and taking wefies all the way, it is truly a member-bonding activity *likes*


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