Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
12 November 2016 | 12:00 pm
All Time Favourite: Our 10 Years’ Gifts – Fans of the World Video (Asia Pacific)

What: A video gift to Rui En, our All Time Favourite Artiste, from RBKD and fans from all over the globe

Where: Across 17 cities in 10 countries

Mei Ita (Batam, Indonesia)

Sufiana and I started filming at 12 noon, it was a sunny day. The sun was so strong on that day. We took about 45 minutes to film about 6 takes or more and submitted 2 final videos. 帮我们录影的是我的朋友 Michell, 我们三个人真的是被晒到受不了,三番四次跑到车上躲太阳。

好几次的NG 是因为我们两个的声音太小声了还有我们两个很没默契😅 ,因为拍摄地点在空地所以需要用喊的才听得到。





Phallin (Phnom Penh, Cambodia):

Going back to the time we recorded the video, it was really fun yet also messy as well… There were 4 of us from Cambodia who took this video together, and yes, we filmed it by ourselves without any proper cameraman… it was a short clip, yet we took it several times, at least 5 takes, as I remember…

It was quite awkward as we filmed it in front of the Royal Palace, one of the major tourist destinations here, yet luckily we filmed it in the morning, so there were not so many tourists. The most memorable thing during the process must be the time we threw away all the shyness and tried to record the clip even when there were eyes looking at us, wondering what we were doing… On the other hand, this was our first time meeting up with each other as a group and to do something for Rui En together and we were really happy to do it…

Patricia (Tasmania, Australia):

Filming the video took me about 20minutes, went looking for a good spot near my house with a nice background which will feature Tasmania. I found a spot along the highway, my 10 years old son helped to do the filming with me carrying my 5 years old daughter saying the greetings. We tried like 5 to 6 times, making sure that we filmed it when there are no cars driving past so that there would not have any traffic noise in the video.

After watching the video on star awards, felt really happy for Rui En that she has so many overseas fans. Also what a good job the RBKD club had done to create this awesome video.

All Time Favourite: Our 10 Years' Gifts

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