Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
11 November 2016 | 12:00 pm
All Time Favourite: Our 10 Years’ Gifts – Fans of the World Video (Singapore)

What: A video gift to Rui En, our All Time Favourite Artiste, from RBKD and fans from all over the globe

Where: Across 17 cities in 10 countries

Bi Hui (Singapore):

It was definitely an eye opener for me and for us to film a video (secretly) for Rui En to celebrate her All Time Favourite award. A bigger surprise when I realised the production team was in the know and was liaising with us on this. 😲

It was scorching hot sitting at the staircase of the Mediacorp’s 50 steps, taking that shot where we threw our graduation hats, but it was all worth it. I still remember some behind-the-scenes moments where we had to re-film it again and again, and having the graduation hats hit us but pretending it didn’t hurt because we were on camera hahahahaha!

I loved the part where we all threw the hats while standing. The scene went something like –
Snail: “ok we are filming….3,2,1 *raise hand*” and we all threw our hats as high as they could go. At this instance, someone threw the hat (mind you, she was at one of the rows behind) so far that it almost hit the cameraman in front! We had a good laugh from that. Sorry Mr Cameraman, but HAHAHAHHA!

Nevertheless, the outcome of the edited video shown at Star Awards made me feel that it was all worth it. And to me, this was one of the most memorable events I’ve attended so far.

All Time Favourite: Our 10 Years' Gifts

  • shanica commented on 11 November 2016, 06:41pm:

    loved the video!!