Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
28 October 2015 | 01:00 pm
Basketball @ Sports Hub

What: Basketball IPC

When: 19 July 2015

Where: Sports Hub

Participants: Bi Hui, Melissa, Vanessa, Yanjun, Yanping, Yvonne, Zhiqing

Yvonne, Organiser:

It was my first time organising an IPC and also the first successful Basketball IPC. I have always thought that renting a basketball court would be easy but I was wrong. The timing was either limited or place is too ulu. Luckily with the help of fellow member, Yanjun, we managed to book the court at the sports hub and it’s free of charge.

I was initially worried that the IPC would not be successful as the sky turned cloudy in the afternoon. Thankfully the sky cleared up by 3pm, but the scorching hot sun came out as a package too. With a group of 7 participants, we utilised only half the basketball court but we could hardly survive 2 games of it. After all we are not professional basketball players.

Despite the hot weather and my “need to brush up” basketball skills, I enjoyed the game with fellow members. I think we should organise more sports related activities to keep ourselves fit and healthy.


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