Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
21 October 2015 | 01:00 pm
Sunset Walk @ Southern Ridges

What: Sunset Walk @ Southern Ridges

When: 27 June 2015

Where: Southern Ridges

Participants: Allan, Bi Hui, Candice, Melissa, Peijun, Shu Pei, Vanessa, Xinyi, Yanjun, Yanling, Yanping, Yeeling, Yvonne

Allan, Organiser:

This is my first time organising an event for the FC. I have gained quite a lot of experience through this event. At first I was worried that the route I planned was too far. Moreover, that day’s weather was not helping us.

While planning, I estimated that we will take 2-3 hours, however everyone completed the walk within 1 hour. Next time we should take a longer route!

I hope that I will still have the chance to organise such events again. Really appreciate everyone’s time and effort for coming down!

Yanjun, Participant:

Not my typical Saturday evening but it feels good to be immersed in the beauty of nature after a week of work. The Southern Ridges – I’ve been there a few times but never in the evening nor in such a big group. It was a completely different experience with the beautiful sunset, the evening “breeze”, the companionship and the chance to have a hilltop view of snippets of the aircrafts segment of the NDP rehearsal.

I believe this calorie-burning walk has helped to cut off a small amount of guilt from the amount of food we have eaten during the buffet after Orientation, the week before


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