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21 January 2015 | 01:00 pm
Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay

What: Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay

When: 20 December 2014

Where: Gardens by the Bay

Participants: Allan, Ernie, Jaslin, Jiamin, Melissa, Phyllis, Xin Jie, Xinyi, Yeeling

Yeeling, Participant:

This is the first time I celebrated Christmas in the gardens with lot of people around, and also my first time celebrating with the fanclub. When we reached MBS, it was raining. Luckily after our dinner, the rain stopped so we could enjoy the lighting, performances and flowers, which were very beautiful, especially the scenery and songs with lighting.

It has been a fun Christmas as I celebrated it differently. Thank you organisers for the lovely Christmas present!

Xin Jie, Participant:

It was my first time attending a Christmas IPC with RBKD, or any festive related IPC as a matter of fact.

I guess, to me, what makes this IPC different from all the rest that I had attended so far would be the festive mood involved!!! Christmas is my favourite season of the year & I mad love all the Christmas lights/decorations! So when this IPC came & I could make it, I signed up.

We first started off with settling our dinner at the food court at MBS, which was rather crowded considering it was a weekend. Next, we made our way to the location, Gardens by the Bay!

I can remember us trying to take group photos together with the lightings, but it was sort of either us in the photos (can’t really see the lights) or either the lights as the focus in the photos (can’t really see us). And finally, we went to the area where all the Christmas lightings were, and waited for the show to began. SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Plus, Christmas songs were being blasted as the lights lit up and changed colours!!! (:

Next, we went to another area which was “snowing” with pretty lights. It was all muddy due to the rain. My shoes & feet ended up with some of the mud, but I guess experiencing “snowing” is a once in a lifetime experience in sunny Singapore. (:

It was really a great night out, quality time spent soaking in the Christmas atmosphere with the right company!


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