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12 November 2014 | 01:00 pm
Soccer Bridging Activity @ Petir

What: Soccer Bridging Activity

When: 6 July 2014

Where: Petir

Participants: Allan, Angel, Angela, Bi Hui, Ernie, Jiamin, Kelly, Kexin, Lixian, Lokyin, Madeline, Phyllis, Sandra, Vanessa, Xing Xian, Xinyi, Yanling, Yun Teng

Angela, Participant:

I was very excited knowing that we were going to play soccer because it was World Cup season! Immediately started to imagine that we could play like Messi, so cool ya? 3+1 introduction was an excellent ice-breaker and we split into 2 teams.

For the first half my team’s strategy of “just kick” did not work very well but we had lots of fun and laughter. As the goalkeeper, I felt the adrenaline rush when I successfully saved a ball. Although my heart sank a little whenever I failed to save, it was very heartening as I often heard “good try” and encouraging cheers.

There were so many funny moments, the most epic one was when Xinyi “kiap” or “clip” the ball using her legs in front of the goal post. Instantly many players from both teams dashed to her and started kicking furiously. It looked like a rugby game at that point! Amid this hilarious chaos Yanling scored a beautiful “World Cup standard” goal! Wahahaa .. We were laughing so much throughout the game that we had to take breaks from time to time!

Thank you organizers, all who made this possible and all participants. Although I just met most of you on that day and it was the first time we played soccer together, we got to know each other better, bonded, learned teamwork and sportsmanship. Enjoyed myself very much!

Xing Xian, Participant:

With the thought of going for a basketball game, I went for my second bridging activity this year. Met my fellow RBKD members at the void deck and we headed to the basketball court.

Due to a small drizzle before, the floor was still a little wet. We had to find a dry spot to put our bags. To our dismay, we were going to play soccer instead. Many never played or even watched soccer before, me included!!! We played with rules explained and tried to keep to the rules but ended up keeping to the only most basic rule “not to touch the ball with your hands”. This was the hardest thing for me to do. I am a ball catcher! Hands work better for me than legs.

I always wanted to kick like those players or actors on tv, be it a show or in real life, so I tried my best to do that. All parts of my body got hit by the ball! I was active with the ball and was huffing and puffing, out of breath all the time. Tired but it was a great activity for those who hardly exercise or have no time or no one who is willing to meet to play. I loved it very much even though I couldn’t walk properly the next day due to muscle ache!

Bridging Activity

  • Yanling commented on 15 November 2014, 12:10am:

    Wahwahwah. Best goal, thanks! Hahaha!