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06 August 2014 | 01:00 pm
RBKD Bai Nian Tour

What: RBKD Bai Nian Tour 2014

When: 8 February 2014

Where: Phyllis’s and Jolie’s Houses

Jiamin, Participant:

CNY Bainian tour started off as a simple IPC but it seems like this has become our annual event :)

Yes! It’s the time of the year for us to meet up, have a good chat and most importantly lohei :D

This year, we went to two houses (Phyllis & Jolie). After a short chit-chat session at Phyllis’s place, we started to prepare for the highlight of the day – Lohei! It is fun to see each of us coming up with different auspicious words for RBKD and trying to toss as high as possible. We then proceeded to Jolie’s place and had a second round of Lohei during dinner time.

Though we repeat this every year, it is never boring. I just like the feeling of us coming together like a family.

Wishing a great year ahead for RBKD. Huat ah!

Shu Wen, Participant:

It’s time of the year for house visiting and exchanges of auspicious greeting. The arrival of Chinese New Year.

The first house that we visited was Phyllis’s house. We had our usual bai nian session with her mum, followed by the Lo Hei session. Each member was given the chance to have the auspicious phrase said accompanied by their chosen ingredient before mixing it together.

The next house that we visited was Jolie’s house. We spent our evening there before heading over to ichiban sushi for dinner. Over at ichiban sushi, we had another round of Lo Hei session.

Chinese New Year is a good time where everyone can gather together, visit each others’ houses, and have a good chat while enjoying the company of each other.

May 2014 be for everyone and RBKD. Huat ah!


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