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16 July 2014 | 01:00 pm
Basketball/Captain’s Ball Bridging Activity @ West Spring Secondary

What: Basketball & Captain’s Ball Bridging Activity

When: 11 January 2014

Where: West Spring Secondary

Participants: Adelyn, Allan, Cindy, Daphne, Edith, Huiyi, Lilian, Jasmine, Jiamin, Phyllis, Rebecca, Suwei, Xinyi, Xu Hui, Yanling, Yanting, Yingmei

Adelyn, Participant:

Even though I don’t usually play basketball and can’t play very well, I had fun on that day. I feel that it was very enjoyable as I got to know new people who share the same common interests as me. Also, I have learnt team spirit during court games which allows us to bond.

Suwei, Participant:

First of all, I would like to thank the organisers for organising this activity, no doubt it was another bridging activity where I reveled in the fun and excitement of meeting new people.

Throughout the game, everyone enjoyed themselves and all of us bonded well together. There was no miscommunication, and I really loved the feeling of playing the game as a team committed to a common purpose, which was to enjoy ourselves.

It was so heartening to see each of us helping out one another during the game even though we were in different teams, and this displayed the true essence of the statement ”enjoy the process rather than worry about the outcome.” I was gratified that all of us displayed sportsmanship and no one resorted to win the game through underhand means.

After the game, we went to have our late dinner and had small conversations. Even though the conversations were short, it allowed us to express ourselves and know others better. There was also a session to exchange our central bank of jokes, and we enjoyed many hilarious moments when we figured the jokes out.

To sum up, I feel that the purpose of this bridging activity was for us to realise that unity, trust and teamwork are required within a team, just like how a fanclub would brave through storms and overcome obstacles. Nonetheless, I definitely enjoyed myself and the company of the others. Looking forward to the next Bridging Activity and Orientation!

Bridging Activity

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