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05 February 2014 | 01:00 pm
National Museum of Singapore + TV50 Exhibition

What: National Museum of Singapore + TV50 Exhibition

When: 21 December 2013

Where: National Museum of Singapore

Participants: Bihui, Candice, Jean, Joanne Chong, Jonah, Madeline, Melissa, Peijun, Phyllis, Yanling

Jonah, Participant:

The TV50 Exhibition at the National Museum was an interesting visit to re-look at how TV has evolved throught the years in Singapore. From the days where TV was just black and white to the current modern colour TV, dramas, variety shows, and news updates are more interesting to watch.

Overall, it was a great experience through this visit.

Bi Hui, Participant:

It was a very nice experience going out together with RBKD to this exhibition, where we got to see the history of how Mediacorp was “born” up till today. I was really excited for this IPC as I had a lot of interest in the history of films and stuff. But sadly to say, it was a very short exhibition that only took a few minutes to finish, even though we were told to walk slowwwwly by Yanling haha!

After that, we went to another exhibition where they displayed all the local food. This was also the place where we all went in and started complaining that we were so hungry after looking at videos showing how different kinds of foods were made one after another. Because of this temptation we decided to get lunch together, and while we were taking the bus to Chinatown, Melissa the tour guide introduced to us many of the buildings along the way. It was a very fun experience because this was one of the few IPCs where we actually travelled from place to place, and more importantly, we all had fun!


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