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01 May 2013 | 01:00 pm
Understanding Rangels – Candice

Name: Candice

Forum Nick: Candice

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My name is …. and I am ….

My name is Candice and I am studying at Kaplan.

Me and RBKD:

I joined RBKD in December 2008. I have seen the fanclub grew bigger each year. Met many friends as we grew along. The bond and joys we shared were great memories.

1) Memorable and unforgettable moment(s) in RBKD was …….

RBKD Orientation 2012.

It’s so fun. Even though there are so many new faces. The time spent for discussion and rehearsal for the skit is damn good. We learnt from each other and getting different ideas shared around was amazing~

2) I have learnt in RBKD that……..

As long we are united and with perseverance, we can succeed in doing anything.

3) My favourite IPC is …… because …….

Pulau Ubin Hike and Bike.

Because it’s my first time going to Pulau Ubin with a big group of friends.

4) This is my favourite photo(s) taken in RBKD because …..

The togetherness feel and everyone just look like part of each other.

5) I hope to go for an IPC in future that is ……

Roller-blading! Something that all of us didn’t do it together before.

6) Words/pic to share with RBKD:

Understanding Rangels

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