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05 December 2012 | 01:00 pm
Understanding Rangels – Yunxian

Name: Yunxian
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My name is …. and I am …

HELLO! My name is Yunxian and I am studying in Bowen Secondary School :)

Me and RBKD:

I’ve been in this huge family since 2010. It was a choice I’ve never regretted because I have made many many, and I really mean A LOT of good friends here! :) Hehehe.

1) Memorable and unforgettable moment(s) in RBKD was …….

RBKD’s Orientation 2012!

It was a really fun and memorable one for me because we were all running around Sentosa to complete the amazing race!

The performance/skit part was the best of all as everyone stepped out of their boundaries and really enjoyed themselves. Actually, to me, all the times spent with RBKD are unforgettable. :)

2) I have learnt in RBKD that……..

You can do anything if you put your mind into it, and you will succeed if you put your heart into it.

3) My favourite IPC is …… because …….

Fish feeding @ Bishan!

It was a short session with everyone. We were just playing with water and chatting with one another but it was really fun! This is because it was quality time spent together with everyone!

4) This is my favourite photo(s) taken in RBKD because …..

We are all smiling very brightly and we all looked happy! ^^ In actual fact, we are!

5) I hope to go for an IPC in future that is ……

I think any IPC is fine as long as it’s spending time together with everyone. But I hope we can go for a sushi buffet. :)

6) Words/pic to share with RBKD:

Keep smiling no matter how tough things are! :)

Understanding Rangels

  • Snail commented on 6 December 2012, 12:02am:

    “But I hope we can go for a sushi buffet. :)”

    Go on and organise it. Jean, where are you?

  • Jean commented on 12 December 2012, 07:40pm:

    I am here!:) Hahaha!