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01 August 2012 | 01:00 pm
Understanding Rangels – Phyllis

Name: Phyllis
Forum Nick: littlekid
Status: Priority member

My name is …. and I am ….

Hi! My name is Phyllis and I am currently studying in Nanyang JC.

Me and RBKD:

I’ve been in RBKD since 2008 & it is really a joy to be part of this family :)

1) Memorable and unforgettable moment(s) in RBKD was …….

To attend the countdown party at the end of every year! We always have so much fun cheering and “train-ing” around the place! Ever since I attended the first countdown party with RBKD, it has been a tradition to countdown to the new year with RBKD every year. :)

2) I have learnt in RBKD that……..

Everything is possible as long as you put your heart into it.

3) My favourite IPC is …… because …….

Rail in, Flight out Trip to Kuala Lumpur!

Visiting A&W for curly fries + root beer @ midnight.
Taking the indoor roller coaster ride at times square~
Exploring an old town in the midst of finding “Ulu Yam”!

It is all these little things that we did that made the trip a really unforgettable one :’)

4) This is my favourite photo(s) taken in RBKD because …..

Everyone has a radiant smile across their face & most importantly it’s a beautiful display of all the club tees that we currently have!!

5) I hope to go for an IPC in future that is ……

(Like most people) Something that has to do with food!!!!

6) Words/pic to share with RBKD:

Understanding Rangels

  • weijen commented on 3 August 2012, 08:30pm:

    Thanks for sharing Phyllis! You are the 1st Rangel I meet in person as you received me at the airport for the chalet last year.=)

  • Phyllis Chow commented on 4 August 2012, 11:45pm:

    You’re welcome! Haha you are the first person from RBKD that I received from overseas too :P