Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
29 August 2018 | 01:00 pm

What: C.L.I.F. 4 Screening

When: 27 August 2016

Where: MES Theatre @ Mediacorp

Xinyi, Club President:

The C.L.I.F. 4’s premiere was our first experience at MES theatre and it brings back a lot of memories as this was Rui En’s third C.L.I.F. project.

I recall how we envied the actors involved in C.L.I.F. 1 because it was so awesome seeing SPF (Singapore Police Force) going all out to support a local police drama. Many of us were big fans of this theme, if only Rui En could be in it too.

And our wish came through in C.L.I.F. 2. Watching C.L.I.F. 4 was like a journey that we have been through with the characters, it’s almost like we were part of the team as well. Enjoyable, certainly.

Not to forget the very generous and interesting collaterals, especially the magazines and posters. Till the next!

#RBKD at #Mediacorp for #CLIF4's special screening! Catch #RuiEn as INSP Huang Zhijie in #CLIF4 from 6Sep on @ch8sg at 9pm! Swag ah swag! 😘😘😘 #BabyCara aka #BabyMathew makes her/his debut appearance in ep1, so cute! 😍😍😍

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08 November 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: Star Awards 2016 Show 2

When: 24 April 2016

Where: The Theatre @ Mediacorp

Yvonne, Priority Member:

With the changes in the program sequence of Star Awards, we have the ‘luxury’ of arriving just on time for Show 2.

As usual, we were anxiously anticipating catching a glimpse of her on-screen and also off-screen during commercial breaks.

We were literally screaming our lungs out when they were announcing the results for the 最佳搭档 award. Glad that our efforts have paid off.

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02 November 2016 | 01:00 pm

What: Star Awards 2016 Show 1

When: 17 April 2016

Where: The Theatre @ Mediacorp

Lionel, Priority Member:

It is a Sunday evening, and my first time at the new Mediacorp complex for Star Awards Show 1! The complex is huge, with a large LED screen broadcasting the red carpet event as the stars arrive on the scene. It feels overwhelming that the open area outside the complex is wide enough to contain all the fans who were there and there was still more room available. We were all eager to show our support for Rui En, showing her that we will always be here supporting her because we believe in who she is.

We made our way to the auditorium and found our seats, preparing our posters and banners to show our ardent support for Rui En, and it is especially touching during her award reception speech as she spoke with a heavy heart and with sincerity. It is my second time being part of the cheering squad for Show 1, and I feel that each year, the experience is different because the atmosphere for the event changes. Much as it may be tiring holding the boards, cheering and shouting till our voices are hoarse, it is satisfying knowing that we make our presence felt.

Awww so sweet! A #RuiEn's fan whom we have never met, dropped by #mediacorpcampus and bought us some drinks & food to show #RBKD her support! Thanks much! 😁😘 #SA2016SG

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#Teamspirit #respect @rbkd #RuiEn #SA2016SG #styleXSA2016SG Star Awards going live soon!

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#RuiEn, #瑞恩我们与你同在 #alwaysherewithyouruien ❤️ 💪🏻 #rbkd

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16 December 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Moncler Opening Event

When: 5 November 2015

Where: ION Orchard

Suwei, Ordinary Member:

Being able to be at the Moncler event was so unexpected as it was so last minute. I could still remember myself in the office for my internship duties, when suddenly I was notified of the event that will be happening a few hours later. Immediately, I started planning my trip to rush down for the event right after I knocked off.

Thankfully, I managed to reach there in time for Rui En’s arrival. The place was filled with so many people anxiously waiting and holding up boards and phones to show their support for various artistes. Finally, when it’s Rui En’s turn to walk the red carpet, instantly, everyone was so hyped up. The place was filled with screams for her, even fans of other artistes were mesmerised by her.

Additionally, I was so touched by Rui En, because she took the initiative to tiptoe and greet everyone and gave us her warm smile. Before she left, she even came to us for a group photo despite the chaotic situation.

Lastly, thank you Rui En. We appreciate your efforts and actions.

Yeeling, Priority Member:

On the day when I reached, I was shocked as the layout of the event at ION was quite unexpected. If I had known I would have cancelled my appointment in the morning to help out in queuing.

Rui En appreciated our appearance at the event and she was so sweet when she took the initiative to talk to us and take a group photo. Although I was not very sure what she said to us as I was standing at the front of the shop, I heard her saying “Thanks for coming” before she walked in to the event.

Although we only knew about the event on the day itself, it was a different yet pleasant experience.

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25 November 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: SG50 Botanic Gardens Concert Performance

When: 7 August 2015

Where: Botanic Gardens

Bi Hui, Priority Member:

Yesterday was the first and hopefully the last most hectic event I’ve ever gone to.

I was one of the earliest to be there and it was scorching hot in the morning. We attracted a lot of passer-by walking past, staring at the boards, and then saying “Rui En!” as they passed by our stretch of boards. Some even came to us to ask when she’s coming today, or when the concert starts. It’s really nice to hear from passer-by that they love her acting in Our Homeland, and one uncle even said Rui En was his No. 1 favourite!

Soon after, clouds were starting to form in the skies, drizzles were falling onto us, and soon drizzles became rain, rain became downpour. We scrambled to save our boards, quickly wrapped it up with trash bags, ponchos, umbrellas, literally anything that could save the boards from being wet.

The rain didn’t really stop after that disaster. It was drizzling with high and low frequencies which made us so frustrated as whenever we took off our ponchos when we thought there isn’t rain, the rain started pouring again!

Everything went well until around 3pm when the next hectic downpour came. This time we were better prepared and I would say it’s easier to scarmble and run off to the shelter, as there were more people to help out to keep the picnic mats. This time, the downpour was REALLLLY BAD. I think it’s because the soil was already wet, it formed a massive landslide/waterfall around our area. Scrambled once again to find another place to hide ourselves, but as soon as we stepped into the shelter, the rain became smaller, and we saw crowds going back to the event area, which we decided that we should too.

Let’s skip until where Rui En came out. Woah I tell you, I was so happy to see her man! And wow the things we did together when the downpour happened? That was really amazing. Perhaps the downpour has also shown how united we are as a team, which I feel somehow, was a good experience that we could all counter the problems together, and helping each other when in need. Back to the concert, I was in high spirits. Her performance was amazzzzzing good man, most importantly we had a good time together, waving our flags, singing as loud as we could and screaming on top of our lungs as so we could be heard.

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18 November 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Spartan Race Performance

When: 1 August 2015

Where: Causeway Point

Xinjie, Ordinary Member:

Spartan Race event wasn’t the first event I been to, but it sure was a memorable one.

It was somewhat unlike the other events I have been to where Rui En would be singing. It wasn’t the usual countdown events. Instead, it was an event where people were able to showcase the sporty side in them. I really like the idea where sports awareness/promotion event and a singing performance can be collaborated together.

Looking forward to the next time I can listen to Rui En sing 另类对你好 again!

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23 September 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Star Awards 2015 Show 2

When: 26 April 2015

Where: Mediacorp TV Theatre

Xinyi, Club President:

MediaCorp’s biggest TV show returned to Caldecott for the final time and the TV station was “transformed” for the occasion.

A chaotic and unpleasant queuing experience was followed by a drizzling wait at the red carpet. However, when our Queen arrived, RBKD roared and it was like our sunshine has finally arrived.

It was unforgettable seeing our Queen with our special bouquet; they were a perfect match.

To be honest, I can’t recall what happened during the show, on-air, now that I’m writing this five months later.

But we had fun, cheering for Rui En, communicating with her through cheers and hand gestures.

Am certain everyone appreciated the connection.

After a dreadful week, being able to be there for her was the best thing that could possibly happen to a RBKD member. You know what I mean, I shan’t elaborate.

Till next year, and more. With much love.

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16 September 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Star Awards 2015 Show 1

When: 19 April 2015

Where: Mediacorp TV Theatre

Ernie, Ordinary Member:

It is my first time watching Show 1 live. As this is with the fanclub, I came in prepared! I went there with a box of mints! Not any kind of mints, but the powerful soothing kind from China!

Since we are live on studio, I had to be wary of where the camera is pointing, where does our idol sit and watch the side screen so that we know when we need to scream. Basically, one has to be attentive and be wary of what’s going on in the studio.

When it comes to cheering, I am always torn between teenager shrieky scream and the parade commander shout. Tried parade commander shout but it sounded a little like boo, so I went for the teenager shrieky scream instead. (Note: For any event with Rui En, hydrate yourself well, bring lots of mints and bottled water)

The experience at Show 1 is amazing. I get to see Rui En’s immediate response to our cheers such as the FLYING KISSES and her waves to acknowledge us. Awwww… Totally made me forget about the pain in my throat from the excessive screaming.

Throughout the show, Rui En was clearly enjoying herself. She was waving her hands in the air during the “Big Bank” skit. Apart from doing a fist pump for Loh Woon Woon when the director received the prize on the stage, she walked over to her during commercial break to give her a congratulatory hug (lucky lucky you Ms Loh!). This is something one doesn’t get to see on TV/Toggle and can only be experienced when you are a live studio audience.

Zhiqing, Priority Member:

It was my third time attending the Star Awards Show 1. Despite it being my third, I was rather excited about it. Excited about what Rui En is going to wear for the award ceremony, and at the thought of being able to scream to my heart’s content (yes, I actually do enjoy screaming with RBKD). Upon arriving at the studio, we settled down quickly and soon after, the award ceremony started.

Due to the fact that we weren’t exactly near to the stage, I had difficulty seeing what was ongoing on the stage. Thankfully, there were two huge screens located at both sides of the studio for clearer viewing. We then started screaming the moment Rui En’s name was mentioned and when the dramas that Rui En acted in were shown on the screen. Initially, we couldn’t scream in sync as some of us were faster than the others. However, after a couple of tries, we managed to scream at the exact same timing. I definitely did enjoy seeing how everyone tried to be on par with one another and trying our best to reduce human reaction time.
Overall, it was yet another memorable experience for me.

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02 September 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Life is Beautiful Roadshow

When: 28 February 2015

Where: Junction 10

Rebecca, Ordinary Member:

The most memorable part of this roadshow is when all of us dressed in red tees instead of the club tee to have the “CNY” mood. Also, we went up the stage in 2 rows to take photos with the cast and we turned around and said “Rui En, Happy new year!!!!!~ *cheers*” That’s when she got the loudest new year greeting

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26 August 2015 | 01:00 pm

What: Life is Beautiful Debut Premiere

When: 13 February 2015

Where: NKF Auditorium

Rebecca, Ordinary Member:

It was my first time attending a show preview so I was really excited to watch the first episode of Life Is Beautiful as I am keen to know more about NKF. Also, I got to know more about kidney failure and how dialysis works after all the cast explained in detail about how a person with high blood pressure and high cholesterol can get kidney failure with what they consume daily as I didn’t know how one can be diagnosed with it.

It was really an eye-opener for me that day as I got to know how diet can change somebody else’s life forever. This show is more than a drama as it teaches everyone the right way to stay healthy by eating right! I am really glad I got the opportunity to learn something that night with RBKD

Melissa, Priority Member:

When I arrived at the NKF Auditorium earlier that day, I got worried after seeing that it was so small. Turns out we got pretty good seats and the small area meant everything felt more intimate!

I sat kind of directly behind our FC photographer and naturally throughout the event she looked in my (photographer’s actually but I will say my ) direction a lot. I saw all her poses and glares/stares/smizes full on and had to mentally tell myself do.not.squeal.aloud. I lost count of how many times my heart melted~ I think our photographer is awesome for being able to remain so calm and take so many good pictures (Y)

Afterwards a few of us went for dinner at a nearby hawker centre. We watched TV together and had dinner together. It felt like a family outing. It always feels that way when RBKD get together.

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