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04 September 2018 | 01:00 pm
Annual Giving (Volunteering) – Art Jamming

What: Annual Giving (Volunteering) – Art Jamming

When: 12 November 2016

Where: AWWA

Participants: Allan, Bi Hui, Candice, Ernie, Jiamin, Joanne, Jolie, Jonah, Junqi, Lixian, Madeline, Phyllis, Shuwen, Rui En, Xin Jie, Xinyi, Yanling, Yeeling

Ernie, Participant:

Prior to the event, I have not painted on canvas before. I was not sure what to expect. Luckily we had trial runs and it wasn’t too difficult.

During the events, kids were allowed to draw anything they wanted. And kids being kids, where latest fads catch on them, majority of them wanted to draw the characters from Pokemons, such as pikachu, mega charizard and the likes.

I didn’t want to influence their train of thoughts so I let the kids assigned to me draw anything they want. I was more than happy to mix the paint colours to whatever they want – brown, peach, lime green and so on.

While waiting for the paintings to dry, we played bingo. What started as calm turned into chaos when everyone started shouting “Bingo!”

We ended the event by giving out their paintings and goodie bags. It was a tiring but fun event!

Xin Jie, Participant:

Frankly speaking, I was hesitant & filled with apprehension when I first signed up for the event. I didn’t know what to expect for art & me don’t go well together. I can’t draw for arts and just the thought of having to draw during the art jamming session or draw alongside with the kids drove me nuts.

Came the day which I didn’t know what to expect. However, we were time tight and everyone was doing the best to be efficient to get everything ready. I forgotten all about my “drawing fears”.

Then came the time when the kids arrived, I was introduced to the kid I would be partnering with. I soon found out from him what he wanted to draw: tables, and he wanted to paint in his favourite colour; orange. I had a great time watching him art jam & gave slight help when needed. Sure, there were moments when coaxing him got a little trying & I couldn’t manage well in that aspect. However, what matters more though was we both had fun during the art jamming – he was all smiles & laughter when he did an abstract painting with his favourite colour, orange.

This is my first time in an art jamming event (with RBKD). Being able to interact & bond with children through a drawing-painting session is a unique & refreshing experience.

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