Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2017 | 12:10 am
Birthday Wishes from You!

Happy anniversary!


还记得 Toggle app 大陆有时看不了,未置可否的还买了会员尝试,就为了看《志在四方2》。再到后来才发现她是口中的“冰公主”不拍亲热戏,红星穿着不显露,很喜欢这样的性格,也就是这样更加喜欢她自然的演技啦。南大的学霸有着不一样的脱俗。

WTX (Sichuan, China)

5th October 2017, 13:30h

I wish RBKD a happy 9th anniversary

Qiu Ju Ng

5th October 2017, 20:57h

To the most supportive fanclub in Singapore,

Happy Birthday RBKD! Seeing how much RBKD has grown over the years reminded me that it has been almost a decade since I started supporting Rui En.

It has been a journey filled with ups and downs, but still the unwavering support and endearing love for Rui En is what that keeps us united. Looking forward to the 10th anniversary

Xin Le (Singapore)

7th October 2017, 13:42h


Supporting Rui En for 9 years unconditionally, through rain and shine 😊 Congratulations on this milestone and I believe yall can achieve more together in the years to come 💪 Continue supporting Rui En 💞

Jia En (Singapore)

7th October 2017, 16:58h

Happy 9th Anniversary RBKD!

希望 RBKD 这个团结的力量
希望 RBKD 长长久久,团团圆圆
就是能够正式加入 RBKD,
成为 RBKD 的一份子支持瑞恩 ❤❤
🌹 Always Here With You Rui En 🌹
我爱你们,也爱瑞恩 💓 生日快乐!

Lynette Ng (Malaysia)

10th October 2017, 21:22h

Dear RBKD,

Happy 9th Anniversary! It’s the 9th year since the fan club has been supporting Rui En. Your supportive love for Rui En is impactful and inspiring. Hope the united fan club can keep up the good job.

Warmest regards,
Karen (Malaysia)

11th October 2017, 18:41h

Dear RBKD,

Happy Anniversary, Wishing all RBKD all the best, have a great year ahead and more years to come and to support and love Rui En.

Jasmine Lee (Singapore)

14th October 2017, 15:17h




With love,
Israel Teo (Singapore)

14th October 2017, 21:24h


You guys have been the bestest fans Rui En can ever ask for! Happy happy birthday and enjoy the day well!! Really hope to be part for y’all soon! ✌🏼

Shanica (Singapore)

15th October 2017, 02:24h

Happy 9th anniversary RBKD. May our year ahead be a good one

Valere Ngaw (Singapore)

21st October 2017, 16:57h

Dear RBKD,

Happy 9th Birthday!!

May you grow in strength, wisdom and continue to scale new heights.

Much love,
Celine (Malaysian studying in the US)

24th October 2017, 10:36h


A big thanks for always being there, not only for Rui En but also as a source of updates for fans who love her.

Have a great 9th anniversary!

Cheng Yee (Singapore)

24th October 2017, 11:07h

Happy 9th Anniversary, RBKD!!!🆒

Rui En… you are my idol!!! CLIF 2,3,4 with Li Nan Xing! 志在四方 2! 😍

Han Xing Xiu (Singapore)

25th October 2017, 09:10h

Wishing RBKD a happy 9th anniversary!! Hope RBKD able to unite all the fans and organise more activity in the future. I’m proud that I’m a fan of Rui En!! Hope can join the activity in future! 😍

Jia Wen (Malaysia)

27th October 2017, 23:03h

Happy birthday again RBKD! Have been wishing RBKD happy birthday since two years ago, just hope that RBKD will grow much stronger and support En forever ❤ 9 years is not easy, so keep it up!

Yen Ting (Taiping, Malaysia)

27th October 2017, 23:09h

Sincerely wishing HAPPY RBKD’S 9TH ANNIVERSARY DAY & hope to watch Rui En‘s drama soon. RBKD WILL GET MORE ANNIVERSARY IN THE FUTURE~~~!!! Add öil~~!!!!

Tan Shi Hua (Malaysia)

27th October 2017, 23:22h

Happy Birthday RBKD. Keep support for our Queen Rui En, she deserves it. Forever support Rui En. Jia You

Wishes from
Bei Lin (Malacca, Malaysia)

28th October 2017, 10:06h

Dear RBKD Fan Club

Here I would like to wish your club, Happy 9th Anniversary.

Angie Tan (Singapore)

28th October 2017, 10:16h


It’s my pleasure to send in well wishes for your 9th year! May you continue create more momentums with Rui En! Looking to hear more about your stories!

With Luff,
Kai Leng

29th October 2017, 01:57h

Rui En,

I will always support you at all times. Please stay happy always and enjoy everything you do We as your fans, will always stay by your side


Rachel Keah (Malaysian studying in Canada)

29th October 2017, 12:10h

9年生日快乐 瑞不可当

我要告诉女王瑞恩 我还在。

Angela Chang (Malaysia)

1st November 2017, 00:00h

Happy 9th Birthday RBKD 🎉❤😙

Hope RBKD more and more long-term be alongside with Rui En 💪🤘

Yoke Foong (Malaysia)

7th November 2017, 04:30h

Hi everyone,

Congratulations on your 9th anniversary.

Keep up the good work at supporting Rui En.

She is one of my favourite actresses and I look forward to seeing more of her work. I live in Perth, Western Australia so have to wait till her shows come out on Netflix here.

Best wishes to everyone there.

Kerren (Perth, Australia)

9th November 2017, 15:20h


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