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15 November 2017 | 12:35 am
Birthday Wishes from Us! (Priority Members)

Happy 9th Birthday to RBKD!!!

虽然没能够在最初的时候参与,但希望能够一直继续支持RBKD 💪

Many more blessed years to come

Ashley (Singapore)

22nd October 2017, 18:52h

Happy birthday to you RBKD! Always proud to have you in my life, wishing you a blessed 9th and you know, can’t wait for 10th!

Weijen (Malaysia)

29th October 2017, 12:04h

Happy 9th birthday RBKD!

May you grow by leaps and bounds! Wishing you every success!

Joan Chen (Singapore)

29th October 2017, 23:06h

Happy Birthday RBKD!!

I’m glad to be part of this family. Thank you for the memories.

Looking forward to more activities together!

Ernie (Singapore)

30th October 2017, 18:06h

Wishing you a happy birthday RBKD!

Thank you for being in my life and changing my life for the better.

Hoping for a great year ahead!

Bihui, Forum Team (Singapore)

7th November 2017, 22:53h

Happy 9 anniversary RBKD,
may we be 长长久久!

Let’s chat over dinner,
And toast one another
For the fun year we had,
And wish for a fruitful year,
The following year.

Best wishes RBKD!

Lionel (Singapore)

8th November 2017, 23:49h

Happy birthday RBKD!

Thank you for another year of wonderful memories. Looking forward to our 10th!

Madeline, Blog Team (Singapore)

11th November 2017, 22:19h

Wish RBKD a happy 9th anniversary. Stay stronger and united.

Best regards,
Yee Ling (Singapore)

11th November 2017, 23:49h


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