Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2016 | 01:00 am
Birthday Wishes from Us! (Ordinary Members)

Happy 8th Birthday RBKD!

Have a great celebration and stay awesome!

Here is to many more years ahead!


Lydia (Malaysian studying in Leeds, UK)

1st November 2016, 19:23h

Dear RBKD,

8, to many (myself included), is an auspicious number. May the coming year be one filled with love, joy and peace. FIGHTING!

Best Wishes,

Lixian (Singapore)

1st November 2016, 23:02h

Happy Birthday RBKD!!! After 6 years and I’m still proud that I’m part of this family. I can’t wait to celebrate more years with everyone. No words can express how truly this family and Rui En inspires me over the years. I may not be around a lot but I’m glad to see everyone doing fine just by catching up in the forum

Stay strong everyone and more and more and more birthdays to come for us!!!


Lots and lots and lots of cheers 🍻🍻🍻

Jochen (Philippines)

3rd November 2016, 18:11h

Happy Birthday RBKD!

May RBKD be blessed with strength, unity, laughter, happiness and many awesome years to come!

Ernie (Singapore)

4th November 2016, 11:14h

Happy birthday RBKD! Congratulations for all these years and best wishes for the many more to come!

Joyce Lai (Malaysian living in the UK)

5th November 2016, 06:12h

Happy 8th Birthday to RBKD!

Many more blessed years to come

Ashley (Singapore)

5th November 2016, 07:26h


Thanks for all the priceless and unique memories and experiences.

May you continue to grow in strength and unity. 😊

Xin Jie (Singapore)

6th November 2016, 04:24h





Sherwin (Malaysia)

8th November 2016, 20:16h


  • Snail commented on 15 November 2016, 02:05am:

    Thank you thank you thank you. 因为有人说重要的东西要说3次. Haha. 😂