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01 November 2011 | 01:00 pm
Snail’s Sharing: The Best Fan Club

Since this is the month we celebrate our anniversary, I thought why not discuss about something that is more relevant?

So what is the best fan club? The one which meets the Idol ever so often, the one which cheers the loudest at events, the one with the flashiest type of boards or the one with the deepest pockets?

What’s your definition and what’s your take of the best fan club? Care to share?

Snail's Sharing

  • Yan Ling commented on 2 November 2011, 12:37am:

    In my honest+humble opinion, I think that the best FC is a club where members in it help each other sincerely, not asking for any rewards in any kind (like having extra chances to see the Idol and stuff like that.)

    It is a place where members help improve the FC by providing help to the managing comm wherever possible and not one where people “fights” to be the one leading. Unity is strength even with the best man.

    It is also a place where genuine friendships are made between each other which is more than just fans-friends but close-friends.

    “Performance” wise, I think that other than cheering the loudest, one club who cheers for not only their Idol is also nice to have. Not every stars will have their fans around so being nice audiences could be the least we can do?

    “Boards” wise I guess to me, it should be one that could be easy to recognize and easy to remember. Something like being able to leave a good enough impression?

    Just my thoughts (:

  • weijen commented on 5 November 2011, 03:36pm:

    thinking from an outsider’s point of view, I guess the best fanclub is the one which cheers loudest in events and act maddest? that can show fc’s loyalty ma.

    to me, the best fanclub is one that shares with members things that they never thought they would have learned it. In RBKD, I have seen how people come together to contribute to society, through voluntary work. This is more than what a conventional fanclub does.

    and for best fanclub to function properly, behind that there are bound to be dedicated committee members, whom enthusiasm and dedication certainly rubs off on members.=)

  • Snail commented on 9 November 2011, 11:47pm:

    I will share again next month, there’s too many posts this month.