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21 August 2012 | 10:14 pm

By: Rebecca Liew

Can Singapore’s most well known directors Jack Neo, Eric Khoo and Kelvin Tong agree with 8 Days magazine Editor-in-chief Lau Kuan Wei and MediaCorp’s Vice President of Branding and Promotions Serene Choo on who Singapore’s Most Deserving A-Lister is?

The answer to this question would win 1 of the 4 awards UrbanWire gave out at Zouk to celebrate our e-zine’s 10th birthday.

The award presented on Aug 18, nearly fell into the hands of familiar names like Christopher Lee and Rui En but comfortably went to veteran actor, comedian, host and sometimes interior decorator to home viewers, Mark Lee.

Source: UrbanWire

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07 December 2011 | 11:55 am

The chickas are here!!! Today we take a look at the nominees for the Hottest Female Personality that I Wanna Date. They’ve each got their own stellar charm, but one thing in common: THEY’RE SMOKIN’ HOT and you wouldn’t mind taking them off their mama’s hands for a while to spend a couple of hours together.

2) Ms. Gentleman

Rui En’s just one of those girls that make menswear look so, so good. Maybe it’s her slim figure, or those pretty eyes, or that smile that makes the boys imagine her in nothing but one of their shirts.

Source: MCYA

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02 December 2011 | 01:21 pm

By: Noel Teo

Revolving around the martial arts scene, we are pulled into the struggles and battles for the ownership of the Yuan clan and its heirloom, the “Jade Dragon”.

The Yuan martial arts association, under the direction of Master Yuan Zhen Fei (Zheng Ge Ping), is facing many trials from its own clan. Conspiring an uprising, his ambitious disciples, Duan Tian He (Zhang Wen Xiang) and Ou Jian Feng (Andie Chen) puts the future of the Yuan clan in danger.

Expelled for creating discord within the clan, an enraged Jian Feng decides to plant his sister, Ou Ke Lu (Rui En) as a spy to gather information from the clan. Seeing through her brother’s motives, Ke Lu decides to oppose him instead, for the sake of good.

Heirless after his son, Yuan Chen Xi, (Elvin Ng) died in an accident, Zhen Fei worries about the successorship of the Yuan clan until he meets Song Ya Zai (also played by Elvin Ng), who is a splitting image of his deceased son. A worker at a fishery, Ya Zai has grown up adopting a peaceful perspective in life, preferring not to partake in these fights for fame and glory. With the future of a renowned martial arts clan falling on his shoulders, what decisions will Ya Zai make and how will it affect the martial arts world?

Produced by Yeo Saik Pin and written by Koh Teng Liang, Code of Honour is a 30-episode drama serial from Mediacorp Channel 8. The show, themed around Chinese Wushu, will feature more than 100 fighting scenes to pump up the adrenaline in viewers.

Chinese Wushu is no easy feat, requiring years of training to perfect the traditional art. For the actors and actresses, however, it meant learning it fast and executing it perfectly for the camera.

To Rui En, who had participated in many action dramas, it came as a shock when she discovered that she knew nothing about Chinese Wushu. “We only had 3 or 4 trainings before filming and learned most of the moves on location,” she revealed.

Elvin had to play as the big brother who knew his place as the next successor, as well as the younger brother who grew up away from the conflicts. The differences between the two characters and their fighting styles came as a challenge for him.

“The older brother practices Chinese Wushu, which is gentler in style, while the younger brother practices Thai boxing, which is more extreme,” Elvin explained.

Choreography isn’t all that the actors and actresses needed to learn. Meticulous details come to play in filming for the screens as well. “There is a big difference between real Wushu and Wushu on film,” Andie Chen commented.

“It’s not only about doing it correctly, you must get the right angle and exert the right amount of strength as well,” he explained.

A breath of fresh air from dramas of late, Code of Honour is a must-watch with its breath-taking locations and well-crafted fighting scenes. This is a show not be missed, especially for fans of action and period dramas.

Code of Honour 正义武馆 debuts 5 December 2011 7pm on Channel 8.

Source: UrbanWire

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14 February 2011 | 09:44 am

By: Yeong Kar Yan

For the first time in her acting career, Rui En sheds her icy cool image and takes on all things girly – from manicures to frilly pink dresses and skirts – for her new role as Zhang Ya Le in A Tale of 2 Cities.

You’d think this is a good break from her previous acting roles such as tough cop in Unriddle but the spunky actress claimed otherwise during the drama press conference.

Dressed in her usual black and white attire, paired with spiky bracelets and gladiators, the Nanyang Technological University business graduate exclaimed, “Before I was filming this drama, I was doing Unriddle and it was so strenuous! But during [A Tale of 2 Cities], I told [my executive producer], Paul, that I rather go back to the forest to find dead bodies, get injured fighting than do this because this girly role is really very tough to act.”

Taking care of my looks is so tiring! I do a lot of things for the first time like gel manicures so this experience really is an eye-opener for me”, she said.

Rui En plays ditzy character, Zhang Yao Le, who leads the life of a princess until she fritters all her inheritance away. When her family bridal business ends up in the red, she turns to her aunt, Jinfeng, who handles “Blissful Moments” in Singapore, another bridal business that her late mum invested in. Ya Le’s well-meaning aunt refuses to buy over her shares in the business and forces her to work in “Blissful Moments”. Will sparks fly between her and Jinfeng’s adopted son / in-house photographer, Lin Wentao?

One of 4 girls in A Tale of 2 Cities, Rui En’s 360 degree transformation is bound to tickle funny bones this coming Valentine’s Day alongside Joanne Peh (Pan Le Yao) and newcomers, Kate Pang (Lin Le) and Julie Tan (Pan Le Xuan), in their journey to find true love.

Asked if she’s more open to watching romantic comedies now, Rui En laughed out loud and said, “I’m more open lah. I mean I do believe as an actress, I can’t only watch the things I want to watch. I gotta watch stuff that most people like. Even though it’s a bit old school, I feel that Meg Ryan… she’s like the best at romantic comedies so actually, I watch a lot of her.”

A Tale of 2 Cities airs Feb 14, on Channel 8 at 9pm.

Source: UrbanWire

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14 January 2010 | 10:22 pm

After disappearing from local TV screens for half a year, MediaCorp artiste Rui En will be counting down to Chinese New Year with her new Channel 8 drama series, Happy Family. The soon-to-be-28 Rui En sheds her career woman image to portray Yang Xiao Dong, who co-owns a shop in Chinatown with her grandfather Dong Jianye (played by Chen Shu Cheng). Jianye, who’s 70 years old, is known to have no family members other than his adopted granddaughter Xiao Dong.

Rui En
(All images courtesy of MediaCorp Channel 8 ) Rui En overturns her career woman image to portray “plain Jane” Xiao Dong.

Next to Xiao Dong’s business premises is a store that sells ladies’ garments and lingerie, where university graduate Chen Haojie (Shaun Chen) temporarily helps out at after being retrenched during the economic recession. Although Haojie is already attached to a girl he’s known even before he completed his tertiary education, Xiao Dong admires him with a teenager’s pure innocent heart.

Shaun Chen
Shaun Chen plays Haojie, a retrenched university graduate temporarily helping his uncle sell lingerie.

One day, a young Japanese man Noguchi Nariyasu (Remus Kam) drops by Xiao Dong’s shop, and explains that his father Dong Jinxing (Chen Tianwen) is Jianye’s son. Jianye chases him away immediately, while Xiao Dong keeps her confusion and suspicions within her. On his second visit, Nariyasu reveals that Jianye actually has 2 sons, Jinxing and Muxing (Darren Lim), as well as a daughter named Shuixing (Ann Kok).

In this family-focused drama series, it wasn’t just Rui En who had a makeover for the show, but MediaCorp actress Cynthia Koh also had to get a perm with huge curls and put on a fat suit under the harsh sun and humid weather for her role as Muxing’s wife, Mei-e.

Cynthia Koh
Cynthia Koh also changes her appearance drastically for her role Mei-e in Happy Family.

The plot develops when Jianye confides in Xiao Dong and Nariyasu in hospital that he wants to see his family again and take a family portrait. The 2 main characters embark on a journey together to look for Jianye’s children and fulfill the old man’s wish.

Happy Family

Happy Family premieres next Tuesday and airs every Monday to Friday at 9pm on MediaCorp Channel 8.

Source: The UrbanWire

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10 October 2009 | 11:23 pm

The Nike + Human Race 10k is returning to Singapore again this year, following the success of last year’s multi-city event. This time, termed “the Day the World Runs”, it’ll take place on Oct 24. Singapore is the only city in South East Asia to be hosting the race, among 24 other cities around the world.

The race will kick off at 7am at the F1 Pit Building and bring runners along a scenic route where they will pass by the Kampong Glam mosque, Nicoll Highway, National Stadium and the newly renovated Kallang Leisure Park.

As part of the event, a Guys Vs Girls challenge will be held to raise funds for charities. Mediacorp Artiste Tay Ping Hui will be showing his support for the guys, while Hype Records’ artiste Rui En will lead the girls to clock the most distance and garner funds for their respective charities.

Source: UrbanWire

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