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Rui En

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Name: Rui En 瑞恩
D.O.B.: 29th January 1981
Blood Type: A+
Horoscope: Aquarius
Height: 169cm
Weight: 52 kg

What exactly is her name?
Rui En 瑞恩

Why do I see some referring her as 芮恩?
芮恩was her artiste name when she ventured into the Taiwanese market in 2003.

Then what about 瑞恩?
瑞恩 is her given name, she has since reverted to this following the release of her sophomore album – United Nations.

When was she born?
29th January 1981.

So is she an Aquarius?
You are absolutely right! And did you know that Aquarius likes privacy?

What about her blood type?
A+, which some people refer to as the Perfectionists.

How tall is she?
169cm; add a couple more if she’s wearing her heels ;)

And just what exactly is her weight?
52 kg.

52 kg? Are you kidding? She certainly does look underweight!
Well, we choose to give the unknown weighing scale the benefit of doubt.

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More about her

Where did she spend her schooling years in?
Primary/Secondary – Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
Pre-U – Raffles Junior College
Tertiary – Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Business School

What are some Co-Curriculum Activities she had participated in?
While in SCGS, she took up Ballet and subsequently Choir as she loves dancing and singing.

What about her Pre-U days?
In RJC, she had her most unforgettable experience when she won the championship in National Schools’ Hockey Tournament.

Which is her preferred language?
Coming from an English speaking family, she is most comfortable with English.

What about her Chinese?
For someone who flunked her Chinese exams in Pre-U days, she has certainly come a long way to not only star in Chinese Dramas, but also to pen all eight song lyrics in her sophomore album – United Nations.

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The Artiste

How was she talent spotted?
Starting out as a part-time model, she is still very much remembered as the girl in the SingTel hi!Card TVC who ran across streets just to top up her pre-paid card.

Ken Lim, head of HYPE Records and Artiste Networks, took noticed of her and went on to sign her up with a 10 years management contract.

I remember spotting someone who looks like her in one of Jay Chou’s MVs, is that her?
Yes, she was the MV lead for Jay Chou’s (周杰伦) 《暗号》Music Video.

So is she a Taiwanese or Singaporean?
She is a true blue Singaporean who launched her music career in Taiwan back in year 2003. She is currently based in Singapore with a higher focus on her acting career.

Is she an artiste with MediaCorp?
Rui En is currently managed by Artiste Networks which has a drama contract with the MediaCorp.

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Could you let me know some of these which she was involved in?

• Singtel ‘HiCard’
• Panasonic GD68
• MPH online bookstore
• ZA Cosmetic
• Activa
• Tian Poh
• Motorola

• LifePharm 7Days Diet products
• 7-Eleven convenience stores
• Starhub I-mode
• Olay White Radiance
• IZU cosmetics

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I know her sophomore album is titled “United Nations”, what about her debut album?
Rui ∑n vol. 01 / 芮恩Rui ∑n同名专辑

What are the songs in this album?
1. 是谁
2. 讨厌
3. 白色羽毛
4. 你管我
5. 天亮当朋友
6. 另类对你好
7. 不在场证明
8. 爱情副作用
9. 累了 烦了
10. 甩不掉

Wow, I never knew some of these were sung by her. What about her sophomore album, what is the Chinese title?
United Nations / 共和国

What about the titles of the tracks?
1. 共和国
2. 青蛙
3. 慢舞
4. 放手
5. 穿反
6. 飞旋
7. 空瓶
8. 游记
9. 慢舞(Slow Edit)
10. 青蛙(Unplugged)
11. 共和国(Slow Edit)

Did she pen all the lyrics in United Nations?
You are absolutely right!

That’s indeed no easy feat. Has she released other songs too?
Yes, she did.

2006 – 解凍
2005 – 勇敢向前飛
Reach Out for the Skies (feat Taufik Batisah)
2003 – 關懷是陽光
Listen To Your Heart
2002 – 快乐方式

And just which is her favourite?

Why of all, 共和国?
“Cos it’s the most “me” ”

Why is your reply in open inverted commas? Was that an answer from her?
Bingo! So do look out for replies quoted from her.

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I often see her on MediaCorp’s Channel 8, so just how many Chinese Dramas had she participated in?

That’s quite a few; could you let me know the titles?

2011 – The In-Laws (麻婆斗妇)
A Tale Of 2 Cities (乐在双城)
2010 – Unriddle (最火搭档)
With You (我在你左右)
Happy Family (过好年)
2009 – My School Daze (书包太重)
The Dream Catchers (未来不是梦)
2008 – By My Side (不凡的爱)
2007 – Metamorphosis(破茧而出)
Honour & Passion (宝家卫囯)
2006 – Love@0ºC (爱情零度C)
2005 – A Promise for Tomorrow (拥抱明天)
Beyond the Axis of Truth II (法医X档案2)
You Are the One (二分之一缘分)
2004 – My Mighty-in-laws (野蛮亲家)
2003 – Toast of Love (吃吃面包谈谈情)
2002 – No Problem (考试家族)

You mentioned she is more comfortable with English. So, why isn’t she involved in any of Channel 5’s productions?
She did! Here’s a list of English productions she was involved in.

2008 – Sense of Home
2004 – Archar II
2003 – Gotcha! I

And of so many drama productions she was involved in, which exactly is her favourite? What about her favourite role?
“The answer to both is the same: “Metamorphosis”. The role pushed me to beyond what I previously thought were my (mental) limit. And I fell madly in love with doing action after this drama.”

For trailers, relevant videos and more information on all drama production Rui En has participated in, kindly visit our page on her Dramas.

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What are some of her achievements?
That’s quite a list, for a start; let’s begin with the annual Star Awards.

2011 – Best Actress (叶思琪 《我在你左右》)
Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
Favourite Female Character (杨小冬 《过好年》)
2010 – Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
I-Weekly Best Onscreen Couple (瑞恩+黄俊雄 《未来不是梦》)
Voted Top 5 Favourite Female Characters (林佳琪 《未来不是梦》)
Voted Top 10 Favourite Female Characters (张洛芸 《书包太重》)
2009 – Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
2008 – (The Annual Star Awards was postponed to year 2009)
2007 – Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
2006 – Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
2005 – Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
2004 – Nominated as the Most Popular Newcomer

What are some other accolades of hers?

2011 – Most Popular Local TV Actor (Singapore e-Awards)
2010 – Most Popular Local TV Actress (Singapore e-Awards)
2008 – Babe of the Year (The Flame Awards by The New Paper)

– 8大最喜爱的女主角, 张宇航, 不凡的爱 (MediaCorp Channel 8)

– 星期5周报, 学生偶像投选2008, 影视组 (国际/本地) 亚军

2007 – Top 10 Fashion Icons (Urban By Straits Times)

– Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award (Nanyang Technological University)

2005 – Favourite Feisty Girl (8 Days)
2003 – Nominated as the Best Local Singer (Singapore Hit Awards)
2002 – 《快乐方式》 nominated as the Best Theme Song (Star Awards)

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Entry Guide to being a fan of Rui En

We know you are interested to find out more about Rui En, so we have prepared a questionnaire and these are her replies!


1. Actors/Actresses (Int’l): Marion Cotillard, Jackie Earle Haley, Meryl Streep, Katharine Hepburn, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Jimmy Stewart, Kate Winslet, Cate The Great
2. Actors/Actresses (Asian): Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung
3. Albums: Continuum – John Mayer; 我要快樂? – 張惠妹; 將愛 – 王菲; Indigo Girls – Indigo Girls; Taking The Long Way – Dixie Chicks
4. Animals: Cats
5. Authors: Richard Yates, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Garson Kanin, F Scott Fiztgerald
6. Books: Tracy And Hepburn by Garson Kanin; A Million Little Pieces by James Frey; The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald; Hamlet by William Shakespeare; Veronika Decides To Die by Paul Coelho
7. Cars: Nissan GTR in Gunmetal Grey, BMW X5 silver, Hummer, Prado
8. Colors: Green, Blue & White
9. Countries: Maldives & USA
10. Drinks: Kopi-O-Kosong ping(ice), Coke, Ice Milo or Milo Dinosaur
11. Food: Tom Yam, Chicken Rice, Roti Prata, Mee Siam, Beef Hor Fan
12. Fruits: Strawberries, mangoes, mangosteens, the round one that u crack open but I don’t know what it’s called. I really forgot the name it’s a very obscure seasonal fruit I think it’s called bua lau koo sometimes.
13. Lyricists: Lin Xi, John Mayer
14. Movies: Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind; Rear Window; Carlito’s Way; 白髮魔女傳 The Bride With The White Hair; The Assassination Of Richard Nixon; A Very Long Engagement; What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
15. Painting: Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”
16. Singers (Int’l): Rachael Yamagata, The Weepies, Indigo Girls, The Dixie Chicks
17. Singers (Asian): Faye, A Mei, Mayday
18. Songs: Too many to list. Most from Faye, A Mei, Mayday, Rachael Yamagata, The Weepies.
19. Tidbits: BBQ flavour potato chips. Honey stars cereal. Chocolate Yan Yan. Anything from Marks and Sparks. And so many more I can’t remember.


Current Desire, we asked if it’s still Traveling around the world, holding a concert:
Always, always to grow as a person.

Countries you wish to visit next:
Europe, US.

Fearful Reaction:
Depends on reaction to what. If cockroach then certainly scream.

Well, these are really all the replies we got from our questionnaire; we certainly hope that it satisfies your curiosity. If you are interested to find out more about Rui En, do join us!

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Last modified on 4 November 2012