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28 December 2018 | 03:47 pm

康秀金 报道


杨锡彬从导演一路升到监制… 拍过多部电视剧,包括《甘榜情》、《正义武馆》等。

Source: Wanbao

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14 February 2017 | 12:27 pm


陈祎婷 报道

RBKD: Toggle说RuivinCP值不输当年的神雕侠侣,并曾拿下两届《红星大奖》“最喜爱荧幕情侣”。Toggle也说,双方粉丝曾在《红星大奖》拿着写有“Ruivin”的牌子坐在一起,一起为偶像打气的画面很有爱。



Source: Toggle

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22 July 2015 | 03:24 pm

日期: 22/7/2015 | 新闻来源: 新明日报 | 记者:钟雁龄








Source: Shinmin, Omy

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22 July 2015 | 03:21 pm

日期: 22/7/2015 | 新闻来源: 联合晚报 | 记者:李妙音 钟雁龄




她透露中学毕业后,就没再跳舞:“现在有点生疏,但还蛮有挑战性的。” 她坦言这次练舞让她回想起当年的舞蹈岁月,但笑说:“可是现在会觉得跳舞是年青人的事哈哈哈。”






Source:, omy

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03 April 2015 | 10:31 am

By Joanna Goh


In a 9-page photo gallery article, Toggle wrote on RBKD’s weekend trip to Penang to visit Rui En on the set of Channel 8 drama, “The Journey: Our Homeland”.

In the article, RBKD shared behind-the-scene photos taken on set, and the happenings of visiting on set.

On making the trip despite Rui En advising not to, “all of us just wanted to let her know that even though we have all grown up and moved on with life with other responsibilities and priorities, our commitment and support for her is the same.

“People sometimes grow out of fanclubs or being fans, so for us it’s like showing by action that we don’t grow out of supporting her,” quote RBKD President.

Beside bringing snacks from Singapore for Rui En, RBKD also went on a food hunt and compiled a long list of best eats in Penang for her.

Famous egg tarts, dried shrimp pastry, roti bak kwa and chilled herbal tea were some treats RBKD bought for Rui En and the production crew, with the temperature averaging 30-odd degree Celsius for weeks.

RBKD also shared how it was like to witness filming on the set in Penang. More details can be found in the article.

We highly recommend you to visit Toggle to read this 9-page article and get a glimpse of filming on set for “The Journey: Our Homeland” in Penang.

Hope you enjoy!

Source: Toggle

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04 November 2014 | 11:14 am

Text: Joanna Goh
Graphics: Wong Ming Yui

RBKD: An interesting article by Xinmsn which hopes to see Rui En attempting 6 different types of roles based on pre-existing characters from past dramas and movies. These roles include:

a) Dual roles of a wrongfully murdered ghost and her living daughter in Shadows in the Dark

Rui En has never attempted horror dramas and it would be refreshing to see her balancing these two roles.

b) Indie musician in Begin Again

It’s been quite some time a music drama has aired and this role is ideal for Rui En who had released two full music albums and a few singles in her career.

c) Top actress falling from grace in You Who Came from The Stars

Even though this character is similar to Zhang Ya Le in A Tale of 2 Cities but nature is different. It’d be fun to see Rui En play an aloof trend-setting fashionista with a caustic tongue for once.

d) Doctor in Good Doctor

It’s an occupation Rui En has yet to try onscreen.

e) Hockey Player in Pride

Perfectly suitable for Rui En as she herself is a true blue hockey player during her schooling days.

f) High School teacher in Gokusen

Rui En’s an influential personality in her own right (trended worldwide on Twitter a few times) and it would be interesting to see her as an inspirational school teacher.

Share with us what do you think of Rui En in these roles and what other roles would you like to see Rui En attempt: forum

If you would like to view the trailers for the above shows, do visit our forum

Source: Xinmsn

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