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09 May 2013 | 09:51 am

Text and photos: Tammi Tan
Video: Foong Mien Shi

This June, wushu champion and ex-MediaCorp actor Vincent Ng makes his first drama appearance since 2009’s The Scarlet Kid in Ch8’s The Dream Makers. While speaking to xinmsn between takes during filming at the Star Vista, he told us that this was a project he took on for fun and as a favour to old friends.

“Some ex-colleagues called me up at the last minute and I thought, ‘Sure, why not come back and have some fun?’” he said, adding that he’s had a great time catching up with his former co-workers, including Rui En, whom he appeared with in My Mighty-in-Laws.

The Dream Makers 志在四方 debuts 24 June 2013 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: Xinmsn

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28 July 2011 | 12:41 pm

Text & Photos: Shirley Ng
Video: Teo Jun Jie & Joy Goh
Video Editing: Tay Yixuan

In his new drama On The Fringe, Yao Dong plays a 21st century triad member, Leo, who uses novel methods to carry out his illicit businesses. Leo is also good at making use of others to achieve his goals and it takes him little effort to get rid of his enemies.

Yao Dong will be working with MediaCorp’s ice-cool princess Rui En once more in the upcoming drama, following their first co-operation in 2004 for Mighty In-Laws.

When asked about Rui En’s performance, Yao Dong was all praise for his partner despite admitting the stress he feels when working with her.

The actor expressed, “Upon receiving my role and knowing that I will be working with Rui En, I knew that I need to prepare myself well, because she’s a really good actress!”

Yao Dong shared with xinmsn that Rui En does a lot of homework for her role, including learning how to operate the electroshock weapon and white cane. She also researched on how the visually impaired carry out their daily lives and the way they move.

“She is really worthy of the ‘Best Actress’ title,” Yao Dong added.

On The Fringe 边缘父子 debuts 2 August 2011 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: Xinmsn

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18 January 2005 | 12:44 am

The Mighty Girl

Since we last spoke to her in 2003, Rui En seems to have become a much happier person, despite having to don a bridal gown and getting drenched by the rain.

UrbanWire caught up with the rising local star at the Singapore Zoological Gardens during filming for upcoming Channel 8 drama You Are The One, and found that Rui En appears to have transformed from a young girl full of passion and angst, to a mature young woman focused on her career.

Growing Up

Don’t worry fans, Rui En is not getting married yet.

Said the 23-year-old, who was resting while waiting for her shoot to commence, “It’s so much better to be able to focus one thing. Because, at that point [2003, being a student and artiste], it was just crazy. When you are able to just focus on your work… you will be able to concentrate.”

The Banking and Finance graduate from Nanyang Technological University is grateful she doesn’t have to balance work with school anymore.

“I have made a transition from being a little kid into a working woman. Since I graduated, it’s [been] a big change, from [being] a student to having so many possibilities and options,” Rui En recounts. “Life is just different when you have obligations! I have [become] a little bit more mature since the past.” Obligations indeed, as Rui En is bound by a 10-year contract with HYPE Records.

What’s Rui En Been Up To?

Bursting onto the media scene in 2001 as the “running” girl in the Singtel Pod ad, Rui En has since taken on numerous roles; from acting as independent outspoken deejay in Chemistry, releasing her debut Mandarin album Rui En ver.01 in 2002, to hosting the newest season of comeback variety prank show Gotcha! on Channel 5.

Having tried her hand at different professions, Rui En’s choice of the one she enjoys most is: “Singing!” the zesty star says without hesitation. But she also welcomes change. “Sometimes it’s good to try something new, like hosting on Gotcha! I’ve never hosted before, but singing is still definitely what I want to do.”

But with no news about the release of a possible 2nd album anytime soon, questions from eager fans have been sprouting on Rui Bu Ke Dang, Rui En’s online fan community.

“It’s not done, not done yet,” said an apologetic Rui En. “I keep having to telling my fans, ‘Yeah we’re working it’, but we’re definitely going to do it. I think my fans must be so annoyed with me, but I know they have been waiting for a long time and I hope all these TV shows will at least help to make them happy for this period of time,” giggled Rui En.

Rui En in “You Are The One”

The Girl and Her Roles

Depending on whether you’ve turn to Channel 5 or 8, you’ll catch her as wife of popular and dishy Bollywood actor, Jas Arora’s character in Achar! 2 or My Mighty In-Laws, which ends its run on Dec 14, as independent and over-confident Yingying.

Does Rui En feel the heat from the comparisons with Steph Song who originally played the role of Jas’s onscreen wife in the first season?

“Oh gosh, a lot. People are just going to compare us no matter what, like they’re going to say, ‘Yeah she this, she’s that’. I wanted to approach it like a new role… I didn’t want these expectations [to] get to me. The lucky thing is I didn’t watch much of Achar! the first season, so when the producers offered the role and asked me whether I wanted to take the role as it is from the last season, I said no because I just wanted to do it fresh,” said an adamant Rui En.

Rui En with co-star Vincent Ng in My Mighty In-laws

“I wouldn’t want to do a ’muo fang’ [impersonation] of Steph Song and I wouldn’t want to be influenced in that way. As for comments and comparisons, I think as artistes we are compared all the time.”

However, Rui En did express some concerns when she was approached with the offer. “I was a bit hesitant, not for these reasons [filling Song’s shoes], [but] because I was afraid it might not be suitable in the sense that the role was a lot more mature than all the other roles I ever played. I was a little worried that I might not be able to carry it off, but I thought it would be a good challenge to play someone who is 10 years older than me.”

Gaining Recognition

Despite not winning the Best Newcomer Award during this year’s Star Awards, UrbanWire found out from Rui En that she was not overly confident of her chances of going beyond her Best Newcomer Award nomination in this year’s Star Awards. “…all the other nominees have had lot more exposure than me this year. It’s only right now that both my shows are out, before this it was quite quiet. Awards to me are not a big deal; it’s not crucial to my career. I don’t feel that they are very crucial and important. But of course, it’s satisfying to know that you have had recognition for your efforts.”

Whether or not she won the award, Rui En still remains an idol to her fans. Even Singapore Idol runner-up Sylvester Sim declared Rui En as his idol in an interview on Channel NewsAsia’s Primetime Morning.

“That’s really nice of [Sylvester]! I haven’t met him actually, I will thank him, and he’s very sweet. Ahh, now I’m very scared of his fans!” joked Rui En, who had ruffled a few feathers in Taiwan with fans of Jay Chou, who had penned a song in her album and featured her in a few of his videos. “I’m going to get my car bullet-proofed!”

Catch Rui En on Achar! every Thursday night, 8.30pm on Channel 5.

Source: Urbanwire

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11 December 2004 | 05:46 pm

11 December 2004

Playing against type, glamourpuss Zoe Tay is quite funny as a hooligan. But will this role gain her thespian street cred?
Channel 8 Weekdays, 9pm

Awards or no, we say Tay’s tomboy turn in this Channel 8 drama is well worth a watch.
As the ringleader of a group of hooligans, the actress seems to enjoy unleashing her character’s loudmouthed brashness.
Also putting in pleasantly surprising performances is the fresh-faced pair of Vincent Ng and Rui En.
The latter plays Tay’s step-daughter and the former plays her boyfriend. They make an unlikely couple, with the brawny Ng covering up his muscular physique for once to convey his character’s loveable geekiness.
Rui En’s character is an outspoken puppeteer, and the role showcases the actress-singer’s bubbly persona.
But all in all, a fun show to follow. Watch out for the finale next Tuesday.

Source: The Straits Times

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02 December 2004 | 08:04 pm

2nd December 2004

视非街 Tv News – 婚姻物语

幕后直击 Tv On Location – 热婚了

Source: I Weekly

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18 November 2004 | 08:01 pm

18th November 2004

Source: I Weekly

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11 November 2004 | 07:58 pm

11th November 2004

Source: I Weekly

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15 October 2004 | 10:00 am

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23 August 2004 | 01:37 pm

How is it like working with Rui En?
“It was enjoyable working with Rui En. She is hardworking and very bubbly. On the set, her vivacious laughter when she hears the jokes of others is something I remember. Also sometimes she sings to entertain us on set.”

Source: Mediacorp

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