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01 April 2016 | 11:40 am

By Joanna Goh

RBKD: Definitely a must-read for all fans! And a highly recommended article to the rest.

In this 14-page interview done in English with Rui En, we follow Toggle’s lead to revisit Rui En’s 14-year acting career journey in her own words. What a long ride it has been………

In this post, RBKD shares with you our after-thoughts and how to better appreciate this article, sparing you the exact details of the interview so that you may enjoy in its original state at Toggle. It’s like wine pairing you know? :P

Read on for those who prefer to read RBKD’s sharing first, and for those who prefer to head to Toggle first, click here.


English Version: Toggle: Rui En, in retrospect

中文版: Toggle: “超级红星”瑞恩15年演艺路 4大“最”状

RBKD’s insights: Just scroll down :P


Pre-2007: The days of being ‘7 princesses’

Those were the days when “7 Princesses” were the talk of the town. Labeled as the “Ice Princess”, the association has always been a double-edged sword and understandably, non-conformist Rui En wasn’t comfortable with the labeling.

Still, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger; despite being ranked among the bottom few frequently back then, Rui En has certainly come a long way to her current state now.

Witty Rui En quipped, “who doesn’t love Elsa?” Indeed, now we know why even our young cousins adore Rui En? :p

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Pre-2008: Before having a fanclub

Rui En described the years as ‘fuzzy’ and didn’t think she would have any fans or fanclub. We are really thankful to you peeps out there, for quietly supporting Rui En before RBKD came into the picture. Thanks for the love on our behalf :)

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A role that got her on everyone’s radar: Metamorphosis (2007)

If each role was a generation, then ASP An Xiaoqian would be the predecessor of our beloved ASP Hu Xiaoman and INSP Ng Tze Keat. When you think of policewoman in local dramas, you think of Rui En. ’nuff said, we are thankful for that.

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Post-2008: When RBKD came into her life

This page is diabetic and sugar overloaded. Warning: you may need your insulin shots.

Rui En shared with Toggle that everything changed when RBKD started. Quoting her, “they are everything to me and I’d not be where I am without them. That’s just as simple as that.”

Thanks Rui En, our lives changed when you entered ours too.

LOL at Rui En “complaining” to Toggle that RBKD sabotaged her. Who? What? When?! Read on as she shared more about her RBKD. :)

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The role that proved naysayers wrong: Happy Family (2010)

Xiaodong will always be simply special to fans. *wink*

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The role she gained ‘acting enlightenment’: With You (2010)

Her first ever acting nomination, her first ever “Best Actress” award at Star Awards. Rui En said she was in a daze when she won, so were we. We are just glad and thankful, how Rui En has grown as an actress especially after this role.

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The role that left everyone shell-shocked with her transformation: A Tale of 2 Cities (2011)

There were days when we were not used to seeing Rui En in heels and now there are days when we wonder how tall her heels have become. Her transformation and acceptance of more feminine appearance is just like her acting career, always changing, improving and open to changes.

Every role is a result of blood, sweat and tears and like reverse-horcrux, a part of every role will always live in Rui En. Just like Ya Le, just like any other role…..

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#SA2016SG All-Time Favourite graduate #RuiEn speaks to us ahead of her big day on April 17 and revisits her ups and downs as an actress for the past 14 years. Find out why she thinks Xiao Man from #Unriddle is the defining role of her career. Read the full story on @rbkd

A photo posted by Toggle (@toggle_sg) on

The role in which she won her second and third best actress: Unriddle 2 (2012)

Fans, you get the answer you have been craving for.

Does Rui En want Unriddle 3? The answer is a big ‘Yes’. Read on to see how would she hope Xiaoman’s character would develop.

It is of course a pity, to note the harsh reality that Unriddle 3 is unlikely to happen any time soon (if it will ever happen) due to high cost and budget cuts. Never give up hoping ya?

Shoutout to Unriddle’s producer Paul Yuen and storywriter Phang Kai Yee, what say you? ;)

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The first time people saw her in a comedic role: The Dream Makers (2013)

“Crane up, tilt down, zoom in. 最好有点王家卫的feel~”

Everyone loves Fang Tonglin; be it Tonglin on her own or with her bro as Fang Siblings (speaking of which, did you know that RBKD was the one who coined the term when reposting one of their selfies back then?) or with Zhanpeng and Jason. That’s why Tonglin gets the man! :p

From initial scepticism of being an over-the-top performance to eventual well-reception and love for a character so adorable, no wonder Tonglin makes it to Rui En’s Top 3 career-defining roles, after Siqi and Xiaoman.

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The first time she crossed over to the dark side: Against The Tide (2014)

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, hate cannot drive out hate, only love can.”

Who can forget this? Need we even say more?

There are times, most of the time in fact, when we hope that Rui En can be duly recognised for her respective roles with acting awards. But there are roles, not confined nor defined by the rules of awards, but recognised and acknowledged by the yardstick of the common viewer. This is one of those. Always our Best Actress. :)

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Where to from now: Rui En’s progression to mature roles

Sure, fans might worry how Rui En has entered the land of no-return after her first ‘aunty’ role in upcoming “If Only I Could…..”

But more than anything else, fans just hope that Rui En gets to try a myriad of roles, defined by their depths and not age. Just like how Rui En do not wish to trap herself to the pigeonhole of being an idol or just become known for a certain type of roles, fans hope that her willingness to try diverse roles can be matched by equally varied range of opportunities too.

Aunty? Woa. Policewoman? Awesome. Goofy? Why not?

As long as you can deliver (and we know you will), by all means, challenge us with your multitude of roles and acting. We have adapted pretty well over the years, haven’t we? :p

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A photo posted by Official Fan Club of Rui En (@rbkd) on

So what motivates Rui En and keeps her going today?

Yup, so now Rui En has 2 cats and Bingo has been renamed muffin. Why huh? :p

Rui En claims that reading interviews of actors and actresses she admires as the fuel to keep her passion burning. Thank goodness for these people, hence you are still here in our lives.

Rui En also gave special thanks to many, including “angels sent from God” and her “Hype family” for always being there for her. Indeed. If you are reading this, you know you are included, you have always been there for her. Thank you for that.

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Rui En’s legacy: To be able to empower women and young girls

Awards do not define Rui En.

There are those who crave for awards and fame, and there are those who wish to use the awards and fame for greater good.

In Hollywood there’s Leonardo Dicaprio who lent his voice for climate change in his acceptance speech for the coveted golden man trophy he had waited 22 years for.

In Singapore, Rui En shares how she hopes to inspire and empower women and young girls through her acting and everything. Keep it up, girl!

Click to read page 15

English Version: Toggle: Rui En, in retrospect

中文版: Toggle: “超级红星”瑞恩15年演艺路 4大“最”状

Note: The “All Time Favourite Artiste Award” will be given out on “Star Awards” Show 1 on 17 April 2016, Sunday.


Source: Toggle

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04 November 2014 | 11:14 am

Text: Joanna Goh
Graphics: Wong Ming Yui

RBKD: An interesting article by Xinmsn which hopes to see Rui En attempting 6 different types of roles based on pre-existing characters from past dramas and movies. These roles include:

a) Dual roles of a wrongfully murdered ghost and her living daughter in Shadows in the Dark

Rui En has never attempted horror dramas and it would be refreshing to see her balancing these two roles.

b) Indie musician in Begin Again

It’s been quite some time a music drama has aired and this role is ideal for Rui En who had released two full music albums and a few singles in her career.

c) Top actress falling from grace in You Who Came from The Stars

Even though this character is similar to Zhang Ya Le in A Tale of 2 Cities but nature is different. It’d be fun to see Rui En play an aloof trend-setting fashionista with a caustic tongue for once.

d) Doctor in Good Doctor

It’s an occupation Rui En has yet to try onscreen.

e) Hockey Player in Pride

Perfectly suitable for Rui En as she herself is a true blue hockey player during her schooling days.

f) High School teacher in Gokusen

Rui En’s an influential personality in her own right (trended worldwide on Twitter a few times) and it would be interesting to see her as an inspirational school teacher.

Share with us what do you think of Rui En in these roles and what other roles would you like to see Rui En attempt: forum

If you would like to view the trailers for the above shows, do visit our forum

Source: Xinmsn

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01 July 2014 | 04:50 pm

By Jocelyn Lee

He not only bagged the Best Actor title at the annual Star Awards a few months ago, but local actor Pierre Png has been romancing the hottest MediaCorp actresses in his television dramas.

He had previously played the lovers of Caldecott Hill “Ah Jies-in-waiting” Joanne Peh, 31, Jeanette Aw, 35, and Rui En, 33.

For his latest drama, Life is Beautiful, which starts filming today, the 40-year-old reunites with Rui En.

Png, who is married to former actress Andrea De Cruz, 39, compares his on-screen partners…

Most Natural – Rui En

The pairing of Png and Rui En for TV is not new.

They had previously played husband-and-wife in the well-received drama A Tale of 2 Cities (2011) and The In-Laws (2011).

“We have taken turns to chase each other in the past dramas we worked on. In (Life is Beautiful), she is supposed to be the one wooing me.” Png said.

He sang praises of Rui En, saying that she is “very genuine” and “great to work with”.

He said: “The love between us will be natural and convincing.

“We will work some magic this time round.”

Life is Beautiful 初一的心愿 debuts 02 March 2015 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: The New Paper

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24 May 2014 | 09:58 pm

Text: Joanna Goh

RBKD: Xinmsn reported that Yahui will be working with Rui En in an upcoming drama, Life is Beautiful which is scheduled to air March 2015.

Source: Xinmsn

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29 May 2013 | 06:48 am

日期: 29/05/2013 | 新闻来源: 联合早报 | 记者: 黄少伟



瑞恩相隔4年后最近再接广告,与法国化妆品牌L’Oreal合作,和巩俐、李冰冰和范冰冰等国际女性一同成为Youth Code护肤品代言人。




















“我的生活很无趣,媒体没有什么料好爆,所以应该说,我适合当艺人。” 言毕,她脸上泛出一丝浅浅笑容。

Source: Zaobao

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19 April 2013 | 12:56 pm

Text: xinmsn team

As this year’s Star Awards looms near, we are one step closer to unravelling the artiste who ultimately won the hearts of online voters across the island for Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character, Favourite Onscreen Couple, and Favourite Host. The results will be released during Show 1 on April 21.

In the running for Favourite Onscreen Couple for the second year in a row are Elvin Ng and Rui En (fondly known as ‘Ruivin’). The twosome, whose pairing in Code of Honour garnered them the award last year, charmed audiences again with their on-screen chemistry in Unriddle 2.

While Rui En may be faring well in that area, things aren’t looking as peachy in the Favourite Female Character category. After four weeks of leading the polls, she was knocked down to second place by newcomer Kimberly Chia, who continued to reign in the rankings for the next three weeks. Can her dedicated fans, RBKD, get her back into the top spot and help her score her third consecutive accolade, or will Kimberly take home her first trophy?

As with usual practice, we put on our thinking hats to analyse each category, and place our bets for Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character, Favourite Onscreen Couple and Favourite Host.

Who will emerge victorious? Well, it’s entirely up to you.

Powered by xinmsn, the winners of these online awards are determined entirely by the public’s online votes.

Voting is free-of-charge and is open to all Singaporeans and Singapore residents, with a valid NRIC number. Each voter is entitled to one vote per day, for each award category.

Favourite Female Character

We say: Rui En

The ever-popular Rui En has always been a strong contender in this category, and with good reason. Her versatility has enabled her to pull off all kinds of roles, from a spoilt brat in A Tale of 2 Cities, to a headstrong journalist in Poetic Justice, the role which garnered a nod for her in this category. Her strong, supportive fan base and impressive track record also make this prediction a no-brainer for us.

Dark horse: Kimberly Chia

If there’s one nominee who can break Rui En’s winning streak, it’s Kimberly Chia, who no doubt moved viewers with her portrayal of ill-stricken Deng Yilin in Don’t Stop Believin’. The young, doe-eyed actress took over her senior’s position in the fifth week of voting, and kept her ranking for three weeks straight. Could this be the beginning of the reign of a new TV screen queen?

Favourite Onscreen Couple

We say: Rui En & Elvin Ng

Could certified hot favourite RuiVin bag a third trophy together? We believe so. The in-demand duo have been owning the rankings since week one with their rollercoaster relationship in Unriddle 2, and they’ve already proved their popularity by winning the same title twice – once at last year’s show for Code of Honour, and another in 2010 for The Dream Catchers. The odds are definitely in their favour.

Dark horse: Rui En & Alien Huang

Latching on just as firmly to the number two spot for seven weeks is another Rui En pairing – this time, with Taiwanese star Alien Huang. The twosome, who play lovers in Joys of Life, and are the only real rivals of Ruivin – a pretty impressive feat, considering this is their first on-screen pairing.



1. Star Awards 2013 – Online

a. Favourite Female Character

i. Vote for Rui En for free daily at

b. Favourite On-screen Couple

i. Vote for Rui En for free daily at

Voting for Star Awards (Favourite Female/Couple) ends on 21 April 2013.

2. Star Awards 2013 – Top 10

a. Vote for Rui En in “Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes” here:

i. Dial 1900-112-2032 to vote. (86c per call)

ii. Vote for Rui En for free daily at

Voting for Star Awards (Top 10) ends on 28 April 2013.

Source: Xinmsn

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10 March 2013 | 09:08 am

1. 星光 Starbuzz Page 22


2. 星工坊 Star Workshop Page 28



3. 电视 TV Page 64







4. Advertorial Page 67

Star Awards 2013

5. TV Ratings Page 68

Channel 8
1. 妆艺大游行2013
2. 警徽天职2
3. 好男人好料理
4. 夜市人生
5. 美差是 苦差事3:帮你找事做



1. Singapore Entertainment Awards 2013

a. Vote for Rui En as “Most Popular Local TV Artiste e乐人气本地电视演员” here:

i. Vote for Rui En for free daily at

Voting for Singapore e-Awards ends on 10 April 2013.

2. Star Awards 2013 – Online

a. Favourite Female Character

i. Vote for Rui En for free daily at

b. Favourite On-screen Couple

i. Vote for Rui En for free daily at

Voting for Star Awards (Favourite Female/Couple) ends on 21 April 2013.

3. Star Awards 2013 – Top 10

a. Vote for Rui En in “Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes” here:

i. Dial 1900-112-2032 to vote. (86c per call)

ii. Vote for Rui En for free daily at

Voting for Star Awards (Top 10) ends on 28 April 2013.

C.L.I.F. 2 警徽天职 2 is now airing on Channel 8, Weekdays at 9pm.

The Dream Makers 志在四方 debuts 24 June 2013 9pm on Channel 8.

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26 December 2012 | 07:30 am

Babe, me?

She may have been calm and cool about her nomination, but her second Babe Of The Year win – with a record-breaking 6,405 votes – made actress Rui En “flabbergasted”.

In an email to The New Paper, the 31-year old said she was “bewildered” when she first heard the news about how many votes she had received this year.

She beat Jeanette Aw, who received 804 votes, and YouTube star Munah Bagharib, who received 183 votes.

“My fans… I have no words for how incredibly committed they are,” she said.

“Truly, any and all awards actually belong to RBKD, all my fans and them alone.”

RBKD, the moniker for Rui En’s fan club, was also responsible for her first Flame Awards trophy, also for Babe Of The Year, back in early 2009.

Then, she was up against this year’s nominee, Jeanette Aw, as well as Joanne Peh, both of whom had shined in blockbuster drama The Little Nyonya.

She had also been nonchalant about her chances then, saying it would be “The Little Nyonya year”.

Up against Aw again this year, as well as hot newcomer Munah Bagharib, Rui En declined to talk about her chances.

Now that she has won again, she is somewhat amused.

“I really am the sort to head down to the kopi tiam in shorts and slippers. Highly un-babe-like…” she said.

She had a few stern words for The New Paper about the title, too.

“I…have to be honest. Babe is really not one of the most favourite words of mine. To me, ‘babe’ means swaddled in pastel blankets and also had a lot of very strong Christmas connotations,” she said.

All right, we hear you. A name change may be in order. Who are we to argue with someone who has had such a great year in showbiz?

Her Babe Of The Year win caps a year of trophies, including Favourite Female Character at the Star Awards for her role in A Tale of 2 Cities, and Best Actress at the recent Asian Television Awards for her role in Unriddle 2.

All, one must note, without seemingly overly eager and overexposed or the opposite of completely catty or cold.

It is her refreshing “real-ness” that endears her to her fans, who “stretched” themselves this year to make sure she took home the Babe Of The Year title again.

RBKD fan club president Peh Xin Yi, 25 told The New Paper that this year, they heeded Rui En’s advice to “vote within their means”, but they strategised to ensure their idol would emerge tops.

“Our fan club has more than 90 members, but we posted about the Babe Of The Year voting through Facebook (where Rui En has more than 116,000 fans) and Twitter,” said the club president.

“We had one member who wanted to set aside $100 to vote for her (each SMS costs 20 cents), but we stopped her as we don’t believe in having one person vote excessively.

“That’s why we promoted it online.

“Flame Awards was one of the first we got for her (RBKD was formed in Nov 2008).

“It’s a great way to end the year.”

Juliana June Rasul

Source: The New Paper, Asiaone

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08 December 2012 | 09:44 pm

Asian Television Awards 2012 Page 23


Rui En has acted in numerous memorable roles in her 10 years of acting. In 2011, three dramas she starred in were among the Top 6 most-watch dramas on MediaCorp Channel 8. A Tale of Two Cities debuted with a record more than 1 million in viewership and Rui En’s fresh approach of a princessy character won further praise and conviction from the audience. The role earned Rui En a nomination for Best Actress at Star Awards 2012. Her scorching popularity has further been affirmed when she was recently voted into the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste for the 7th consecutive year at Star Awards 2012, as well as the Singapore E-Awards 2012 Most Popular TV Artiste for the third year in a row.

“Thank you to the production team for giving me the opportunity and space to bring out the extremities of the role.”Hu Xiao Man” would not have existed without EP Paul Yuen and script writer Phang Kai Yee. “Hu Xiao Man” will always remain significant to me. Thank you, ATA.” – Rui En

Unriddle II
MediaCorp Pte Ltd
Channel 8
Highly Commended Debbie Goh
The Descendant
Media Prima, ntv7
Produced by Juita Entertainment

Source: Asian Television Awards, Television Asia Plus

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