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28 June 2020 | 08:57 pm

By Tammi Tan

Slide 2: If anyone’s wondering what Rui En would look like as a man…

RBKD: 8 Days mentioned that FaceApp’s gender changing filter is somehow, all the rage again and even Rui En, who does not have an Instagram account, isn’t spared. And 8 Days think that Rui En’s “man” look is, if we may quote them, “Not bad. Quite shuai.”

Source: 8 Days

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31 May 2020 | 08:50 pm

By Tammi Tan

Pic 2: Rui En shared a new workout selfie

RBKD: Calling it “a new addition to the sweaty celeb selfie collection”, 8Days is looking forward to seeing the results of Rui En’s hard work.

8Days also mentioned about RBKD getting our website included in the National Library’s Web Archive Singapore collection which they said it’s “pretty cool”.

Source: 8 Days

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25 May 2020 | 02:05 pm

By Tammi Tan

RBKD: Elvin mentioned that he’s trying to get in shape as he has two shower scenes in his new show, which we presumed would be Mr Flower.

He also shared that besides catching up on dramas, he is now reading scripts for Mr Flower, his new show with Rui En which should start filming in end-June.

Source: 8 Days

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24 May 2020 | 07:59 pm

By Guan Zhen Tan

One for the record.

For more than a decade, Singaporean actress Rui En’s official Fanclub RBKD has been pretty active.

They’ve even worked alongside Rui En to give back to medical staff. (Link)

Website to be archived in NLB’s collection

Now, the fan club has been approached by the National Library Board (NLB) to archive the fan club’s website under the Web Archive Singapore (WAS) collection…

Truly honoured

According to RBKD’s official statement on their website, NLB said that the fan club’s website would be a “valuable addition”.

Fanclub president Peh Xin Yi said that RBKD is “truly honoured”…

RBKD: Read the full article in link below.

Source: Mothership

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24 May 2020 | 12:00 pm

Dear Fans & Supporters

Wow. RBKD is truly honoured to have our website included in the National Library’s collection, an affirmation of local entertainment and pop culture in Singapore’s history.

We were approached by National Library Board for consent to archive RBKD’s website for inclusion in the National Library’s Web Archive Singapore collection.

According to their portal, “the Web Archive Singapore (WAS) is a collection of Singapore websites that showcases facets of Singapore life.

“Web content is preserved for information, reference and research on Singapore’s history and heritage. This ensures that the important times of our lives, people, events, and organisations are archived, even when the original sites have changed or no longer exist.”

In their email to us, NLB shared with us that:

“Your website would be a valuable addition to our collection of websites reflecting various aspects of Singapore life and the building blocks of our community such as associations, businesses, and individuals.

“As websites are constantly changing and there is an increasing volume of content published only online, it is important that we proactively collect content on Singapore to preserve our nation’s published heritage. It is our hope to build a rich collection of websites on Singapore as an entry point for researchers to learn about our history and culture.”

This is such an honour and only possible because of everyone’s support, especially Mediacorp, Hype Records, our friends of media, fans and supporters.

Our website wouldn’t have made it without your support towards Rui En and RBKD over the years. Hence, RBKD would like to share our joy with you and thank you for making this possible.

Thank you so much, let’s continue supporting Rui En! 😍

Yours Sincerely
Peh Xin Yi
RBKD – The Official Fan Club of Rui En

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23 May 2020 | 06:24 pm

By Lee Wei Lin

RBKD: According to 8 Days, Hong Ling mentioned that she would be filming a new show starring Rui En & Elvin Ng, alongside Shane Pow, Nick Teo & Benjamin Tan.

Title of the new show is “Mr. Flower” and Rui En would be acting as a supernatural being who helps people turn good.

Source: 8 Days, Today

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