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31 July 2021 | 08:10 pm

By Lee Wei Lin

RBKD: The 8 Days article covers a snippet of Dennis Chew’s interview on “Hear U Out”, where he described how he and Rui En became friends, as well as how he managed to convince Rui En to say hello and initiate conversations with other people.

Source: 8 Days

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31 July 2021 | 01:16 pm


RBKD: “超级红星”周崇庆和瑞恩因合作《志在四方》相识。后来又因拍摄续集渐渐熟悉。




Source: 8world

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30 July 2021 | 10:23 pm

By Karen Lui

RBKD: The Mothership article covers Dennis Chew’s sharing on his friendship with Rui En on Quan Yi Fong’s talkshow “Hear U Out”.

He describes how the duo got to know each other while on shoot for “The Dream Makers”, how their friendship slowly grew, and how he stayed by Rui En’s side during her lowest points.

Source: Mothership

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21 July 2021 | 04:10 pm


Source: 8world

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21 July 2021 | 02:01 pm

RBKD: Mediacorp has named Doreen Neo and Virginia Lim as the company’s new chief talent officer and chief content officer respectively.

In their new roles, Ms Neo will lead the transformation of talent development and management across Mediacorp, with the aim of nurturing talent across the local ecosystem and creating more opportunities for them in markets beyond Singapore, while Ms Lim will oversee the company’s production facilities and resources, content creation and syndication.

Source: CNA

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20 July 2021 | 10:06 pm

7:40 权怡凤表示观众期待瑞恩上《权听你说》

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17 July 2021 | 11:48 am

By Hayden Ng

3/21: Rui En

RBKD: 8 Days features Rui En playing tourist in Singapore, all decked out in her “holiday” wardrobe.

Source: 8 Days

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04 July 2021 | 09:11 pm

By Tammi Tan

1/14: Rui En shared a wholesome update about her dad

RBKD: In this week’s round-up, 8 Days shares an update from Rui En on her dad, who has made a full recovery after suffering from a heart attack, and was pictured showing off his garlic harvest.

Source: 8 Days, TODAY

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01 July 2021 | 10:11 pm

文:  陈祎婷


此外,瑞恩也分享了最近看的一部剧情片“Fatherhood”,坦言:“不到5分钟就让我哭了,Kevin Hart第一部非搞笑的角色,很值得看。”


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Source: 8world

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