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20 November 2020 | 07:07 pm




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16 November 2020 | 10:15 pm


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15 November 2020 | 12:00 pm

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09 November 2020 | 11:00 pm

By Toh Ziyi

8/11: Ben Yeo took Rui En’s first time…

RBKD: 8 Days features Rui En’s first Facebook Live event with Ben Yeo, which included a crash course from Ben on the mechanics of a live stream. 8 Days also notes several memorable interactions, such as when Rui En worried that there would be no one tuning into the stream at the start.

Source: 8 Days, TODAY

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07 November 2020 | 09:35 pm

By Hayden Ng

8/20: Rui En

RBKD: 8 Days features the outfit Rui En wore on her Facebook live session to promote her new variety show – a blazer and mini skirt get-up.

Source: 8 Days

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07 November 2020 | 09:32 pm

By Trini Ng

Rui En hosts her first variety show in 10 years

It’s a year of firsts for Singapore actress Rui En, who recently appeared in her first livestream in a Facebook live broadcast with actor-host Ben Yeo to promote her first variety show in 10 years, Dare To Try.

In the new show, the 39-year-old follows closely five celebrities, Ben included, to experience their lifestyle.

As to how she felt about hosting again after so many years, Rui En said: “I am very happy because the flow in variety shows is different from dramas, but I am still not used to the way of speaking in the former.”

Rui En’s last hosting gig was Lodge With Me: Hokkaido in 2010. Dare To Try will be available on meWATCH soon.

Source: AsiaOne

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