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02 June 2019 | 12:30 pm

By Toh Zi Yi

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In this week’s Instabuzz: #ThomasOng clears the air about his Cambodian school initiative, #ChristopherLee becomes the next celebrity barber,#SuperJunior’s #Eunhyuk takes in the sights of Singapore, plus a throwback picture of #RuiEn and #ChenHanWei, and more! Head on over to for the full story.

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Slide 7: Chen Hanwei posts a series of #throwback photos with Rui En

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01 April 2016 | 11:40 am

By Joanna Goh

RBKD: Definitely a must-read for all fans! And a highly recommended article to the rest.

In this 14-page interview done in English with Rui En, we follow Toggle’s lead to revisit Rui En’s 14-year acting career journey in her own words. What a long ride it has been………

In this post, RBKD shares with you our after-thoughts and how to better appreciate this article, sparing you the exact details of the interview so that you may enjoy in its original state at Toggle. It’s like wine pairing you know? :P

Read on for those who prefer to read RBKD’s sharing first, and for those who prefer to head to Toggle first, click here.


English Version: Toggle: Rui En, in retrospect

中文版: Toggle: “超级红星”瑞恩15年演艺路 4大“最”状

RBKD’s insights: Just scroll down :P


Pre-2007: The days of being ‘7 princesses’

Those were the days when “7 Princesses” were the talk of the town. Labeled as the “Ice Princess”, the association has always been a double-edged sword and understandably, non-conformist Rui En wasn’t comfortable with the labeling.

Still, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger; despite being ranked among the bottom few frequently back then, Rui En has certainly come a long way to her current state now.

Witty Rui En quipped, “who doesn’t love Elsa?” Indeed, now we know why even our young cousins adore Rui En? :p

Click to read page 3

Pre-2008: Before having a fanclub

Rui En described the years as ‘fuzzy’ and didn’t think she would have any fans or fanclub. We are really thankful to you peeps out there, for quietly supporting Rui En before RBKD came into the picture. Thanks for the love on our behalf :)

Click to read page 4


A role that got her on everyone’s radar: Metamorphosis (2007)

If each role was a generation, then ASP An Xiaoqian would be the predecessor of our beloved ASP Hu Xiaoman and INSP Ng Tze Keat. When you think of policewoman in local dramas, you think of Rui En. ’nuff said, we are thankful for that.

Click to read page 5

Post-2008: When RBKD came into her life

This page is diabetic and sugar overloaded. Warning: you may need your insulin shots.

Rui En shared with Toggle that everything changed when RBKD started. Quoting her, “they are everything to me and I’d not be where I am without them. That’s just as simple as that.”

Thanks Rui En, our lives changed when you entered ours too.

LOL at Rui En “complaining” to Toggle that RBKD sabotaged her. Who? What? When?! Read on as she shared more about her RBKD. :)

Click to read page 6

The role that proved naysayers wrong: Happy Family (2010)

Xiaodong will always be simply special to fans. *wink*

Click to read page 7

The role she gained ‘acting enlightenment’: With You (2010)

Her first ever acting nomination, her first ever “Best Actress” award at Star Awards. Rui En said she was in a daze when she won, so were we. We are just glad and thankful, how Rui En has grown as an actress especially after this role.

Click to read page 8

The role that left everyone shell-shocked with her transformation: A Tale of 2 Cities (2011)

There were days when we were not used to seeing Rui En in heels and now there are days when we wonder how tall her heels have become. Her transformation and acceptance of more feminine appearance is just like her acting career, always changing, improving and open to changes.

Every role is a result of blood, sweat and tears and like reverse-horcrux, a part of every role will always live in Rui En. Just like Ya Le, just like any other role…..

Click to read page 9


#SA2016SG All-Time Favourite graduate #RuiEn speaks to us ahead of her big day on April 17 and revisits her ups and downs as an actress for the past 14 years. Find out why she thinks Xiao Man from #Unriddle is the defining role of her career. Read the full story on @rbkd

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The role in which she won her second and third best actress: Unriddle 2 (2012)

Fans, you get the answer you have been craving for.

Does Rui En want Unriddle 3? The answer is a big ‘Yes’. Read on to see how would she hope Xiaoman’s character would develop.

It is of course a pity, to note the harsh reality that Unriddle 3 is unlikely to happen any time soon (if it will ever happen) due to high cost and budget cuts. Never give up hoping ya?

Shoutout to Unriddle’s producer Paul Yuen and storywriter Phang Kai Yee, what say you? ;)

Click to read page 10

The first time people saw her in a comedic role: The Dream Makers (2013)

“Crane up, tilt down, zoom in. 最好有点王家卫的feel~”

Everyone loves Fang Tonglin; be it Tonglin on her own or with her bro as Fang Siblings (speaking of which, did you know that RBKD was the one who coined the term when reposting one of their selfies back then?) or with Zhanpeng and Jason. That’s why Tonglin gets the man! :p

From initial scepticism of being an over-the-top performance to eventual well-reception and love for a character so adorable, no wonder Tonglin makes it to Rui En’s Top 3 career-defining roles, after Siqi and Xiaoman.

Click to read page 11

The first time she crossed over to the dark side: Against The Tide (2014)

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, hate cannot drive out hate, only love can.”

Who can forget this? Need we even say more?

There are times, most of the time in fact, when we hope that Rui En can be duly recognised for her respective roles with acting awards. But there are roles, not confined nor defined by the rules of awards, but recognised and acknowledged by the yardstick of the common viewer. This is one of those. Always our Best Actress. :)

Click to read page 12

Where to from now: Rui En’s progression to mature roles

Sure, fans might worry how Rui En has entered the land of no-return after her first ‘aunty’ role in upcoming “If Only I Could…..”

But more than anything else, fans just hope that Rui En gets to try a myriad of roles, defined by their depths and not age. Just like how Rui En do not wish to trap herself to the pigeonhole of being an idol or just become known for a certain type of roles, fans hope that her willingness to try diverse roles can be matched by equally varied range of opportunities too.

Aunty? Woa. Policewoman? Awesome. Goofy? Why not?

As long as you can deliver (and we know you will), by all means, challenge us with your multitude of roles and acting. We have adapted pretty well over the years, haven’t we? :p

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So what motivates Rui En and keeps her going today?

Yup, so now Rui En has 2 cats and Bingo has been renamed muffin. Why huh? :p

Rui En claims that reading interviews of actors and actresses she admires as the fuel to keep her passion burning. Thank goodness for these people, hence you are still here in our lives.

Rui En also gave special thanks to many, including “angels sent from God” and her “Hype family” for always being there for her. Indeed. If you are reading this, you know you are included, you have always been there for her. Thank you for that.

Click to read page 14

Rui En’s legacy: To be able to empower women and young girls

Awards do not define Rui En.

There are those who crave for awards and fame, and there are those who wish to use the awards and fame for greater good.

In Hollywood there’s Leonardo Dicaprio who lent his voice for climate change in his acceptance speech for the coveted golden man trophy he had waited 22 years for.

In Singapore, Rui En shares how she hopes to inspire and empower women and young girls through her acting and everything. Keep it up, girl!

Click to read page 15

English Version: Toggle: Rui En, in retrospect

中文版: Toggle: “超级红星”瑞恩15年演艺路 4大“最”状

Note: The “All Time Favourite Artiste Award” will be given out on “Star Awards” Show 1 on 17 April 2016, Sunday.


Source: Toggle

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26 February 2006 | 10:35 am

  为了进一步认识这位本地新人,记者随芮恩回到她的母校莱佛士初级学院(Raffles Junior College),打听她的过去。

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28 June 2003 | 03:49 pm

By Karen Yip

Local R&B honey, RUI EN, may have ruffled some feathers among Jay Chou devotees. But between celebrating her English drama debut in Ch 5’s Chemistry and preparing her second Mandarin album, who has time to worry about other people’s jealous fans?

LIME: How did your friends react the first time they saw you on TV?

RUI EN: I was the girl running to the ATM machine in SingTel’s pod hi!Card commercial. Nobody thought much of it ‘cos I was already modelling then and appearing in ads. It was the Chinese drama, No Problem, that was a big deal to my friends. They know my Mandarin sucks. They watched it just to laugh at me.

You were Chen Hanwei’s love interest in No Problem. Now you play the main character in new Ch 5 drama, Chemistry. Is it easier working on a Chinese or English production?

English, because of my comfort level with the language. In Chemistry, I play Rachel, the type of girl your parents warn you about! She’s a lot like me, so there’s no acting involved. (Laughs)

For English productions, everything has to be shot very precisely before we move on. The filming process is kinda faster for Chinese productions.

What’s Chemistry about?

Basically, it’s about love and relationships and revolves around four young working adults. Rachel is a radio DJ and her love interest, CK [played by Howard Cheung] is a fitness instructor. Both put up brave fronts and pretend they aren’t looking for love, when they really are. Rachel’s best friend, Stephanie [Mavis Cheong] is dating CK’s friend James [Christian Koh]. Things become complicated when James starts getting slimy with Rachel and Stephanie gets angry.

We hear that in an interesting twist, Rachel and CK wake up one morning in each other’s bodies.

Hey, that’s supposed to be a surprise! Essentially, Howard and I had to act like the opposite sex. I practiced sitting and standing like a guy, even going to the toilet and scratching my crotch! The weirdest scene is the one where we first realise our bodies have been switched. I had to act like a guy who suddenly discovers he has breasts! It was very funny! Filming Chemistry helped me remember that everyone’s got a soft and fragile side – even guys.

Do you have a boyfriend?

No, I have absolutely no time.

You graduated from Raffles Junior College and are now in your final year studying finance at NTU. From experience, are guys afraid of intelligent girls?

No, guys like intelligent girls. They are intimidated by the fact that I’m a celebrity more than anything else.

Do you have any siblings?

No, I’m an only child, a spoilt brat. If I want something, my Dad gets it for me. And he always sides with me against my Mum! When I’m tired from filming and school and I wake up the next morning looking like s***, my dad feels bad. He told me to take a longer time to finish my degree if I can’t cope. My parents are really cool about my showbiz career. They just want me to be happy.

Having entered the working world earlier than your peers, have you become more cynical?

Definitely, especially since many things are fake in the entertainment industry and you do things just for the camera. There are also added responsibilities, like making sure I do my job well. It has made me grow up faster.

Hype Records talent scouts spotted you filming the SingTel ad and auditioned you without knowing if you could sing. How did it feel knowing looks were their first priority when it came to making you a pop star?

I’ve tried modelling and that’s even more based on looks, so I wasn’t surprised at all. The voice and looks matter nowadays for pop stars. That’s just the way it is. I realised that early in my career and it’s just one of the things you learn to accept. I don’t feel comfortable ‘cos I’m a very practical person. If this is what it takes to get things done and to succeed, then okay.

Does it freak you out to hear your songs as ringtone tunes?

You know what? I saw my song ‘Who’ advertised as a ringtone and I paid to get it! I was like, ‘Oh so exciting! Let’s just hear what it’s like!’ You wanna hear? It’s actually very gross!

Jay Chou composed the song ‘White Feathers’ on your self-titled debut Mandarin album and appeared in your album commercial. You’ve played his love interest in his ‘Secret Signal’ music video and was a special guest at his concert this year. Are you riding on his popularity to get noticed?

If you’re familiar with the Asian music industry, you’ll know it’s very common to have an artist take on a ‘junior’ from the same record company. It’s just that I’m a girl and Jay Chou is Jay Chou. He’s so famous, that’s why people tend to notice and wonder about us.

Does that bug you?

(Sighs) People are saying a million and one things about me. I really can’t be bothered. But to these people, I say, “If you wanna judge me, listen to my album first.” At least be fair, don’t get personal without giving me a chance. Generally, Jay’s fans haven’t been nasty. Only once, when some of them went on our company website and warned me to stay away from him. The Taiwanese press blow that up really big, like oh…his fans were gonna murder me or something. It wasnt such a big deal but when I came back home, everyone kept asking me about it.

So what’s the relationship really like between you and Jay?

We are friends but I barely see him ‘cos I stay here in Singapore. We get along when we’re together and he treats me like a boy. I’m very, very sarcastic to him and he always says if I was a guy, he would have beaten me up long time ago! (Chuckles)

Is your image as Rui En, the singer, far off from the real you?

In Taiwan, people think I’m sweet. The marketing campaign for my first album was a bit un-me. My clothes were too sweetie-pie – all dresses and short skirts. I’m looking forward to my second album where I get to be more myself. Style-wise, I’d say I’m a cross between Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani. I hate clothes that are tight, short or low-cut!

What will you be doing next?

I’m almost done with the lyrics for the second album. I’m writing them in English and then we’re gonna translate it to Chinese. It should be out end of this year.

You wear glasses in public so people won’t recognise you. Does it actually work?

Yes, especially if I don’t wear makeup, too. Once, I said hi to an acquaintance in school and she just went blank. When she realised who I was, she went, “You look very different.” I don’t know if she was being nice. Anyway it’s okay if I look gross, that’s the point! I just don’t want people recognising me.

Source: Lime

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18 April 2003 | 01:07 am

A new singer has emerged from the sunny shores of Singapore, and her label HYPE Records has wasted no time dubbing her with the tagline of ‘Hai Pa Ping Fan De Nu Sheng’ (the girl who fears being ordinary).

“I’m a bit embarrassed by that, it sounds arrogant,” says Rui En laughing, “I hope to express to people who listen to my songs, that I have ideas and viewpoints of my own and that they can understand them you know, everyone wants to be special and be their own individual,” says the 22-year-old.

Just what distinguishes the 1.69m tall Aquarian, who dropped her surname Lu and picked up a special ‘S’ sign for branding sake?

Is it the fact that 1 of the hottest names in Chinese pop, Jay Chou, writes songs for this newcomer? Or the fact that she shops largely on the Internet in a conscious effort to own things not easily found in local stores?

Or maybe her poor grasp of Mandarin, which resulted in a funny incident in Taiwan last month when she was there for album promotions. She kept refusing to order food because the menu were not written in the simplified Chinese script taught in Singapore schools.

Besides how many Mandarin pop singers do you know are avid fans of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth and dig books like The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy?

These less than hip reading materials are what occupy her time apart from her shopping, surfing the Internet, sleeping and watching TV- if she manages to find any time at all.

“I guess in terms of lifestyle [I have] changed dramatically, I don’t have time and have no social life, it’s zero,” laments Rui En.

Call back

Her rise to fame though, was pretty run-of-the-mill. Like a plethora of local models-turned-singers like Shirley Yee, Fann Wong and Celest Chong, Rui En was picked from obscurity to star in the memorable Singtel ‘Hi!Card’ commercial in 2001. In it, she ran like the wind to top up her Hi!Card just to receive a call from a guy she’d given her number to the previous night.

From that promising debut, she landed commercials for MPH’s online bookstore and did some photo shoots for magazines. She got her first celeb break when she acted in a MediaCorp Channel 8 drama serial called No Problem opposite Chen Han Wei, after an audition at HYPE Records.

HYPE Records saw Rui Sn’s X-factor in the Singtel commercial, “[it was] her confidence and energy level that captured our attention, but her unique vocals took us by surprise during our face-to-face audition,” said Yvonne Lim, 27, Promotions Manager at HYPE Records. “These days an artiste has to be multi-talented and Rui Sn fits our requirements to a T.”

School blues

Things are a lot less peachy in her day job as a 3rd Year Banking undergraduate in Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

“No, I don’t like what I’m [studying] now, it was a mistake. If you give me a choice now, I would choose to do Arts in NUS (National University of Singapore), because I like writing, reading and especially English Literature. At that time I did pretty well for my ‘A’ levels, and I thought of going into something more prestigious and I realised after a while that I really didn’t like Math, so now I’m regretting it.”

“The fact is if I quit now I would have wasted 2 whole years, that’s quite kek sim (agonising),” she says. Rui Sn had considered quitting, but decided to be practical instead, heeding friends’ advice to avoid regretting her rashness later. “What to do, pia lor (just grit my teeth and strive harder).”

She’ll be the first to admit that balancing work and school is easier said than done. “I tell you honestly I don’t cope (laughing), I try my best…because once you become an artiste, you think it’s so fun and you go get your pictures taken, you perform in front of a lot of people, and after that you go back home and you realise that you’ve got homework to do.”

After a tough initial period of adjustment, “now it just takes a lot of determination and will power, I basically sit down and force myself to do homework.”

Family ties

Even though the self-confessed tomboy grew up with an independent streak, playing with boys, watching wrestling and riding bicycles, as an only child, her parents were understandably apprehensive about her entry to showbiz. “My dad is very liberal, he gives me a lot of freedom but my mom was a little bit worried about me being cheated by all these terrible men, now she’s pretty okay and [my parents] are pretty proud of me.”

“I have always known I like performing [previously] I was in this Singaporean mindset, where I have to graduate and get a proper job, get married and have 5,000 kids, [then] this chance came along and I realised I really want to perform.”

“In Alfa Music, a very small music company in Taiwan, there are very few artistes, so Jay [Chou] and Landy [Wen] really took care of me…especially Landy…[who was] really cool, and I hung out with her. Jay was really nice [too], he helped me a lot and gave me a lot of [criticism and praise]. It’s like having a big brother and sister, it’s really cool for me, because I’m an only child”

The long haul

“In Alfa Music, a very small music company in Taiwan, there are very few artistes, so Jay [Chou] and Landy [Wen] really took care of me…especially Landy…[who was] really cool, and I hung out with her. Jay was really nice [too], he helped me a lot and gave me a lot of [criticism and praise]. It’s like having a big brother and sister, it’s really cool for me, because I’m an only child”

The long haul

She doesn’t have to have the mind of a banker to know it’s a competitive market out there. “It’s really tough, but I think [the path I’m taking] is worth it, I can’t see myself doing anything else at all. I think I would die of boredom.”

Heavy efforts were certainly invested in Rui Sn’s debut album, RuiSn vol.01 album which was released in January here. Singer/songwriter Jay Chou, famed lyrist Fang Wen Shan and composer Lin Mai Ke were roped in to contribute to her album too. She has gone to Hong Kong last December for a brief appearance and toured Taiwan after that, with Landy and Jay giving her pointers along the way.

Her promotional activities include attending countdown shows, appearing on TV programs and conducting radio interviews throughout Taiwan. Though she has yet to achieve success similar to Kit Chan and Stefanie Sun, she is slowly gaining popularity judging from the fans that queue up as early as 6am to attend her autograph sessions. It’s no wonder she’s bound by a 10-year contract with HYPE Records.

“I trust Hype [Records] a lot they explained to me their initial capital outlay is a lot and it takes that long to establish yourself and make sure you are making money for the company I figured it benefits us both ways because I’m really serious about my career. I really want to have a career in showbiz and if they really want me for 10 years to push me, they get their money and I get my career advancement. It doesn’t really scare me because I know I’m being serious about being a singer and actress.”

So far, she has completed a MediaCorp TV Channel 5 English comedy/fantasy/drama serial called Chemistry where she stars as someone who is bitter and jaded about love initially. But after going through a whole series of events, her character Rachel realises that she should give love a chance. “All the characters were written for us, so our characters were very much like what we are [in real life]. Rachel is more sharp, mean and more sarcastic then I am, [but] I’m like her in a lot of [other] ways.” The show is slated to air next month.

For now, however, acting has taken a backseat and it’s just album promotions in Singapore, which is her last stop. She will have to concentrate on her studies soon after. A 2nd yet untitled album is underway which will see her composing lyrics for a few songs. There is no official word on the date of release yet.

Her parting advice is simple, “Don’t fake anything and just be yourself, have your own style.”

If she’s as enduring as she is insistent about being anything but ordinary, we’ll be hearing of her for a long time to come…

RuiSn vol.01 album is available in stores.

Source: Urbanwire

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06 September 2002 | 10:55 pm

06 September 2002


Last spotted playing Chen Hanwei’s go-getting girlfriend on Channel 8 drama serial, No Problem, this NTU business undergraduate also sang its end-title track and the theme song to another Channel 8 serial, Beautiful Connections. After she clears her examinations next month, she will go to Taiwan to record her debut solo album.

Source: The Straits Times

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10 July 2002 | 08:05 pm

1. Page 17




陈泰铭在戏里、戏外的老婆Andrea De Cruz与陈莉萍皆双双有喜,难怪他成天笑逐颜开啦!

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01 July 2002 | 03:19 pm

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27 June 2002 | 05:23 pm

27 June 2002


HOW ironic it is that the title of this drama serial should be No Problem.

There were problems indeed, with misfortune befalling the actresses, one by one.

No Problem also sees the appearance of newcomer Lu Rui-en (the Singtel ad girl) as the girlfriend of Chen Hanwei’s Jinfu, the youngest son in the rice dumpling clan.

Her acting may be a bit raw, but at least she has no problems with her Mandarin. No Problem is shown over Channel 8 every weekday at 9pm.

Source: The New Paper

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