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19 June 2014 | 05:33 pm

By Cheryl Mui

The National Gallery Singapore has commissioned Channel NewsAsia to produce a three-part docudrama on pioneer Singapore artist Georgette Chen (1906-1993). The role of Chen will be played by MediaCorp actress Rui En.

Titled The Worlds Of Georgette Chen, the English-language drama will be telecast in April 2015 on Channel NewsAsia and MediaCorp Channel 5. It will also be adapted into Chinese for Channel 8.

Said Rui En on portraying the artist: “In her days, it was rare for women to paint professionally. She was a pioneer on many fronts and her quiet strength and love for life will certainly inspire women today.”

Born in Zhejiang, China, Chen received her art education in Paris, New York and Shanghai. She was a prominent figure in local art history for over four decades and is one of the pioneers of the Nanyang Style of art which marries tropical subject matter with Western painting techniques. She taught at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts until her retirement in 1981, and received the Cultural Medallion in 1982.

The Worlds of Georgette Chen debuts 29 April 2015 on CNA and Ch 5.

Source: The Straits Times, The Straits Times Communities

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24 June 2013 | 08:02 pm

Art mirrors life in The Dream Makers

By Mervin Tay

Local actress Rui En (seated second from left) sharing a jovial moment with fellow actress Chen Liping as actors Qi Yiwu, Chen Hanwei, Zoe Tay and Jeanette Aw look on during the press conference for their upcoming television drama, titled The Dream Makers.

Reel life mirrored real life on the set of Channel 8’s new blockbuster drama The Dream Makers.

And it surprised MediaCorp actress Chen Liping with how blurred the line between make-believe and reality can be.

In the showbiz-theme drama, which premieres today at 9pm, she plays a senior executive heading the drama division of a television station.

The drama also stars Zoe Tay, Rui En, Jeanette Aw, Qi Yuwu and Shaun Chen.

Chen, 47, recently mentioned two scenes in the 30-episode drama that were uncannily real.

In one, a memorial service is held for one of the characters who died.

“One week after filming that scene, we were observing a moment’s silence for Huang Wenyong at Star Awards Show 1,” she said, referring to the veteran MediaCorp actor who died in late April.

Chen then launched into an anecdote about China-born MediaCorp actor Qi, who plays a director in The Dream Makers.

“In it, Yuwu is romantically involved with Jeanette and Rui En”, she said.

“In real life, he fell in love with (MediaCorp actress) Joanne Peh. We only have three princesses left and he romanced all of them!”

Chen was referring to the term “seven princesses”, coined by the local Chinese media around 2006.

It was used to describe seven young and popular MediaCorp actresses – Dawn Yeoh, Felicia Chin, Fiona Xie, Jesseca Liu, Aw, Peh and Rui En.

Today, only Aw, Peh and Rui En remained as full-time actresses.

But Chen said the parallels between fiction and reality did not stop there.

Aw and Qi play a couple in the drama, and after they break up, Rui En’s character falls in love with Qi’s character.

“As we all know, in reality, Joanne got together with Yuwu after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend,” said Chen with a laugh.

The Dream Makers 志在四方 is now airing at 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: The New Paper, Lollipop, The Straits Times Communities

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13 June 2013 | 07:52 am

By Gwendolyn Ng

Television’s ice queen, Rui En, is probably not someone you’d think would easily collapse into fits of laughter.

But the 32-year-old actress seems to have shed her aloof-ness for a more cheerful persona while filming her latest local Chinese drama, The Dream Makers.

Rui En is taking on her most comedic role to date – that of a happy-go-lucky variety-show producer – and is relishing it.

“I love it. I had the best time; every day there was a (hilarious) situation… It was the happiest production ever.

My character is so lively and jovial…I hope to take on more of such roles, it puts me in high spirits every day,” said Rui, who was among the television stars present at Tuesday’s press conference on The Dream Makers.

In fact, the role that she plays is so peppy that fellow cast member Chen Liping jokingly described her as quite the “siao char bor” (Hokkien for crazy woman).

Rui En was spotted giggling and slapping Chen on the arm repeatedly during Tuesday’s event, held at Four Seasons Hotel – not the usual stuff ice queens do.

The Dream Makers, a 30-episode series premiering on June 24, is about the lives of the people working at a television station. It also delves into the dark side of the entertainment industry.

The Dream Makers features (front row, from left) Rebecca Lim, Chen Liping, Rui En, Zoe Tay, Jeanette Aw, Jayley Woo, (back row) Shaun Chen, Guo Liang, Qi Yuwu, Chen Hanwei and Ian Fang.

The Dream Makers 志在四方 debuts 24 June 2013 9pm on Channel 8.

Souce: Mypaper, Lollipop, Asiaone, The Straits Times Communities

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05 June 2013 | 04:57 pm

By Mervin Tay

In a way, Constance Song is replacing herself in the new Channel 8 legal drama Sudden.

She was reported to be the one replacing MediaCorp actress Pan Ling Ling, who dropped out of her role as a lawyer due to health problems.

However, at a press event on Monday, Song said she was actually approached by the production team about two months ago. “They called me to ask me about this role, but I couldn’t commit at that point because I was constantly travelling for work,” she said.

This drama also stars Romeo Tan, Rui En, Rebecca Lim and Ian Fang.

Sudden 骤变 debuts 2 September 2013 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: The New Paper, Lollipop, The Straits Times Communitites

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24 May 2013 | 12:46 pm

By Joy Fang

Home grown actress Rui En is often thought of as a no-nonsense tough girl, but she can also be “very girly and vain”, she said.

The 32-year-old goes through a strict skincare regime, both day and night, which involves tonnes of products, she told My Paper.

The self-professed “skincare product junkie and hoarder” cleanses and tones, before putting on a layer of L’Oreal Paris Youth Code, an antioxidant serum and day cream. This is followed by three different sunscreens, for under her eyes, her face and neck, and her body.

At night, she alternates between retinol serums and those with human growth factor. “I end up looking like I’ve slathered my face with margarine,” she said.

The results are worth it, for her skin looks flawless.

No wonder that Rui En, who first found fame in the drama No Problem! and who in 2002 launched a music career in Taiwan with her debut album, is the latest face for L’Oreal’s Youth Code.

She joins the ranks of international celebrities such as Gong Li and Fan Bing Bing, who have all endorsed the product.

But while Rui En goes all out with her skincare regime, she actually doesn’t wear much make-up, other than for work.

“I’ve got make-up on the whole day when I’m filming and the last thing I want off-duty is more make-up,” she said.

She’s humble about how she looks without make-up on.

“There’s a reason why (actresses) wear those huge sunglasses,” she quipped.

Rui En, who nabbed the Best Actress award at the recent Star Awards, does watch her figure.

She works out every day, either running, lifting weights or doing plyometric moves – training that involves explosive movements.

“It’s not because I want to be skinny, but it’s because I like the endorphin rush. It lifts your mood,” she said.

Asked about her style icon, Rui En said she looks up to the late Katharine Hepburn.

The actress was known to be unconventional, choosing to wear pants and men’s shirts at a time when doing so was seen as taboo.

“I applaud her for her guts… She also aged gracefully rather than fight it, which I admire,” said Rui En.

“My message is, people should accept themselves for who they are, rather than try to look like someone they are not.”

Here’s how to get Rui En’s look

Soft Skin

As an artiste, Rui En is constantly under the sun while filming. A diehard sunscreen fan, she says she can’t live without these potions.

To keep her skin moist, she also applies L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Boosting Essence under sheet masks and before she puts on her serum, to allow for better absorption.

Since she started using Youth Code two months ago, her skin is more radiant and retains moisture better. “It really does help my dry skin,” she said.

Flawless Face

The fresh-faced star prefers loose powder instead of thick foundation creams. The brands that she favours include Cle de Peau Beauteand La Mer, which make her face look flawless, she said.

For cheeks, she also loves Urban Decay’s Quickie Afterglow (which is no longer available here). “It’s very pretty, and quite a cult favourite,” she said.

Eye Spy

For eye colour, Rui En likes L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres’ nude palette. To line those peepers, she uses L’Oreal Paris Superliner Waterproof Gel Liner, which she says lasts for hours.

Don’t go for expensive mascaras, she said. Drugstore brands work just as well. Her choices? Majolica Majorca and L’Oreal.

Lip Tips

The actress says that her dry lips drive her crazy. So, she always applies a generous amount of lip balm from French brand Nuxe, which she calls a “godsend”.

“I’ve tried literally everything, including nipple crea, and this is the only one that worked,” she said.

When she wants a dash of colour, she turns to L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse. “I’m in love with these lip stains. I like them because they have staying power, yet keep your lips moist,” she said.

Mane Attraction

Rui En uses shampoo and conditioner from American brand Pureology’s Hydrate and Nanoworks line, which give her thick hair the bounce it needs. It is not available here, so she orders it online. “It”s absolute best,” she enthused.

She also loves Kerastase’s serums. “My hair gets flat-ironed every day when I’m filming, so I definitely have to put on a heat protectant to prevent my hair from drying out.” she said.

Hair masks from Kerastase, which she uses “religiously”, help leave her tresses smooth and radiant.

Catch Rui En at Ngee Ann City’s Watsons (#B2-06-10) on June 1 and Compass Point Atrium on June 15.

Source: Mypaper, Asiaone, Straits Times Communities, Lollipop

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29 April 2013 | 05:45 pm

Rui En in Christian Dior Resort 2013 for Star Awards 2013 Show 1.

This year’s Star Awards was yet another star-studded event not to be missed. With celebrities donning outfits from the hottest brands straight off the runway, to outfits designed by our very own talented local designers.

For Show 1, Best Female Actress Rui En turned up in a red halter-neck dress from Christian Dior’s Resort 2013 Collection, which clearly made her appear classy and sophisticated. When interviewed and asked why she had a Black Jacket on, Rui En then mentioned that it was in respect to the late Huang Wenyong. Rui En’s outfit had been pre-selected some time back, and it was impossible to find a replacement for the event in such a short notice, so she decided to wear a Black Jacket over.

For Show 2, Rui En turned up in a gorgeous Sheer Purple Gown from Christian Dior’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. Rui En was all dolled up and looked like she had just stepped off the Christian Dior runway! On another note, Rui En did mention that this dress was a little too long for her and had difficulties walking in it. Maybe a shorter dress next year?

Source: Straits Times Communities

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22 April 2013 | 07:28 pm

Report: Mervin Tay, Celine Chen

On screen, he was their father, teacher and husband. Off it, he was a father figure, mentor and friend.

With the death of a legend, last night’s Star Awards Show 1 had a somewhat sombre feel to it.

Rui En, who repeated the Favourite On-screen Couple award with Elvin Ng from last year, said she initially wanted to change out of her red Dior dress as a mark of respect for Huang.

Huang had played her father on Honour and Passion, and they played neighbours on his second last drama, Joys of Life (2012).

“But my stylist said it was too last-minute, so I added a blazer to improvise,” said the 32-year-old actress.

She said Huang always knew where to find good food, no matter where the location was.

Winning in red: Rui En took home prizes for favourite female character, as well as best on-screen couple with Elvin Ng.

Rui En said it was too last-minute for her to change out of her red Dior dress as a mark of respect for Huang Wenyong, so she improvised by putting on a blazer.

Star Awards Show 1 winners

Favourite Female Character: Liu Yan Zhi (Rui En, Poetic Justice)

Favourite On-screen Couple: Hu Xiao Man & Xie Lang Feng (Rui En & Elvin Ng, Unriddle 2)

Best Theme Song: Cherish (Joys of Life)

Best Director: Chen Yi You (Unriddle 2)

Best Cameraman: Toh Meng Teck (Unriddle 2)

Best Costume & Image Design: Xu Ying Ying (Joys of Life)

Best Music Sound Design: Zheng Kai Hua (Joys of Life)

Source: The New Paper, The Straits Times Communities

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22 April 2013 | 08:00 am

By Jan Lee

The usually upbeat, celebratory mood of the annual Star Awards Show 1 at the MediaCorp TV Theatre was nowhere to be felt last night.

The ceremony began on a sombre note, as colleagues of veteran actor Huang Wenyong struggled to come to terms with news of his death on Saturday.

The well-loved actor died of lymphatic cancer at age 60. Audience members in the theatre stood up and observed half a minute of silence; a two-minute video montage of his many TV appearances also played.

Actress Rui En, 32, donned a black jacket over her siren red gown out of respect to the late actor when she accepted her award for favourite on-screen couple with Elvin Ng, also 32.

(From left, front row:) Jayley Woo, Kimberly Chia, Felicia Chin, Rebecca Lim, Ann Kok, Rui En, Chew Chor Meng, and Zoe Tay, together with fellow artistes, technical crew, members of the audience and fans stand during a segment at the beginning of the Star Awards Show 1 on April 21 2013 to honour their former colleague, Huang Wen Yong.

Source: The Star, The Straits Times, The Straits Times Communities, Asiaone, Her World, Lollipop

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16 March 2013 | 09:42 pm

By Mervin Tay

Source: The New Paper, The Straits Times Communities, Asiaone

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