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13 December 2014 | 02:09 pm

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s very own Puteri Balqis Azizi has been named best Asian Female Actress at the Asian Television Awards 2014 (ATV 2014).

In a glittering event held at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands on Thursday night, the seven-year-old darling of the screen was crowned queen above her much more experienced peers.

Puteri Balqis won over the judges, who chose her over five other nominees – the seasoned Joan Chen, Rui En (Singapore), Tien Hsin (Taiwan), Kristal Tin (Hong Kong) and Ko Su Chin (Taiwan).

Puteri Balqis, fondly known as Aqish here, had earlier on won the Best Actress award at Malaysia’s Anugerah Skrin 2014 on Nov 7.

The Asian Television Awards is a prestigious event that attracted 1,371 nominations from 14 countries in the Asia Pacific region, vying for 38 awards.

Source: The Star, AsiaOne

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22 April 2013 | 08:00 am

By Jan Lee

The usually upbeat, celebratory mood of the annual Star Awards Show 1 at the MediaCorp TV Theatre was nowhere to be felt last night.

The ceremony began on a sombre note, as colleagues of veteran actor Huang Wenyong struggled to come to terms with news of his death on Saturday.

The well-loved actor died of lymphatic cancer at age 60. Audience members in the theatre stood up and observed half a minute of silence; a two-minute video montage of his many TV appearances also played.

Actress Rui En, 32, donned a black jacket over her siren red gown out of respect to the late actor when she accepted her award for favourite on-screen couple with Elvin Ng, also 32.

(From left, front row:) Jayley Woo, Kimberly Chia, Felicia Chin, Rebecca Lim, Ann Kok, Rui En, Chew Chor Meng, and Zoe Tay, together with fellow artistes, technical crew, members of the audience and fans stand during a segment at the beginning of the Star Awards Show 1 on April 21 2013 to honour their former colleague, Huang Wen Yong.

Source: The Star, The Straits Times, The Straits Times Communities, Asiaone, Her World, Lollipop

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26 June 2012 | 01:56 pm

NTV7 (Astro Ch 107, 6pm)

Source: The Star

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16 May 2012 | 09:35 pm

By Chew Wan Ying

Less is more – that was the approach taken by Singapore’s MediaCorp stars Tay Ping Hui, Chen Liping, Elvin Ng and Rebecca Lim, when they were in Kuala Lumpur recently, along with Malaysian actor Wee Kheng Ming, to promote their drama series Unriddle 2.

Viewers in Singapore knew the twists of the show, however, as the 20-episode drama was shown there in March. It will be aired here on Ntv7 starting today.

Here’s the skinny on the show: It is a follow-up to the popular 2010 crime thriller series starring Chen and fellow MediaCorp actress Rui En as an unlikely duo who team up to unravel a string of mysterious cases.

For the sequel, Rui En, Chen and Tay reprise their roles as CID officer Hu Xiao Man, informer Lin Zheng Yi (nicknamed Da Bao) and Xiao Man’s boss Zhang Yu Ze respectively.

It’s not easy for Tay filming the death scene.

“My character dies very tragically. It was such an emotional scene and this woman here,” he said, pointing at his affable co-star Chen, and continued: “She started laughing and she just went on and on!

“You know she has an infectious laugh, right? So Rui En also started laughing, too. I was lying there and it got to an extent that I was like ‘I don’t want to die already!’,” said Tay with mock frustration, with Chen, 46, laughing loudly by his side.

They sounded cheerful when they recalled the episode, but the shooting process was anything but. Due to the dark tone and heavy subject matters, Rui En was said to have been depressed at one point struggling to get out of her character.

It’s not just the main characters that would make viewers hold on to their seats. Newcomers to the series, namely Rebecca Lim and Elvin Ng, also made an impression.

In what she described as her most challenging role in a Chinese drama series, Lim plays Xiao Man’s junior in the university, a psychiatrist who plays a pivotal role in advancing the plot.

Different from his usual boy-next-door roles, Ng, 31, starts appearing in the eighth episode as Xiao Man’s colleague, a cocky cop who is nicknamed Lang (wolf).

Like other characters, he’s walking the fine line between good and evil, said Ng.

“He seems to have a love-hate relationship with Xiao Man. You’ll never find out his true agendas until the very end. It’s intriguing to watch,” said the actor.

Source: The Star

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16 May 2012 | 10:26 am

NTV7 (Astro Ch 107, 10pm)

Unriddle 2 – This gritty police drama is apparently so popular that it became the very first Singapore TV series to trend in Singapore on Twitter hours before the telecast of its pilot. Picking up from where the hit 2010 drama Unriddle left off, Unriddle 2 traces the lives of crime-fighting duo Lin Zheng Yi and Hu Xiao Man, who work together in the Criminal Investigation Department to solve a variety of perplexing cases.

Source: The Star

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16 February 2012 | 09:27 am


Yahui knew she wanted to act when she was as young as five. Her dream came true when she won the Miss Telegenic Award at Singapore’s talent scouting competition, Star Search.

“Joining Star Search was a dream come true. It was pretty tough as I did not have an acting background but I had a feeling that this would be my shot. I love acting. The thrill of portraying different characters and the challenge of ‘throwing’ myself into each character … it’s what I love,” says the actress who lists Rui En, Chen Liping, Huang Biren, Meryl Streep, Shu Qi and Blake Lively as some of her inspirations.

Source: Thestar

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