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22 April 2013 | 07:28 pm
The New Paper: Tribute to a Star

Report: Mervin Tay, Celine Chen

On screen, he was their father, teacher and husband. Off it, he was a father figure, mentor and friend.

With the death of a legend, last night’s Star Awards Show 1 had a somewhat sombre feel to it.

Rui En, who repeated the Favourite On-screen Couple award with Elvin Ng from last year, said she initially wanted to change out of her red Dior dress as a mark of respect for Huang.

Huang had played her father on Honour and Passion, and they played neighbours on his second last drama, Joys of Life (2012).

“But my stylist said it was too last-minute, so I added a blazer to improvise,” said the 32-year-old actress.

She said Huang always knew where to find good food, no matter where the location was.

Winning in red: Rui En took home prizes for favourite female character, as well as best on-screen couple with Elvin Ng.

Rui En said it was too last-minute for her to change out of her red Dior dress as a mark of respect for Huang Wenyong, so she improvised by putting on a blazer.

Star Awards Show 1 winners

Favourite Female Character: Liu Yan Zhi (Rui En, Poetic Justice)

Favourite On-screen Couple: Hu Xiao Man & Xie Lang Feng (Rui En & Elvin Ng, Unriddle 2)

Best Theme Song: Cherish (Joys of Life)

Best Director: Chen Yi You (Unriddle 2)

Best Cameraman: Toh Meng Teck (Unriddle 2)

Best Costume & Image Design: Xu Ying Ying (Joys of Life)

Best Music Sound Design: Zheng Kai Hua (Joys of Life)

Source: The New Paper, The Straits Times Communities

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