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11 December 2004 | 05:46 pm
Tomboy Tay is a hoot

11 December 2004

Playing against type, glamourpuss Zoe Tay is quite funny as a hooligan. But will this role gain her thespian street cred?
Channel 8 Weekdays, 9pm

Awards or no, we say Tay’s tomboy turn in this Channel 8 drama is well worth a watch.
As the ringleader of a group of hooligans, the actress seems to enjoy unleashing her character’s loudmouthed brashness.
Also putting in pleasantly surprising performances is the fresh-faced pair of Vincent Ng and Rui En.
The latter plays Tay’s step-daughter and the former plays her boyfriend. They make an unlikely couple, with the brawny Ng covering up his muscular physique for once to convey his character’s loveable geekiness.
Rui En’s character is an outspoken puppeteer, and the role showcases the actress-singer’s bubbly persona.
But all in all, a fun show to follow. Watch out for the finale next Tuesday.

Source: The Straits Times

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